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Civil Code

At the point of purchase, both lessor and lessee, undertake to raise the previous contract into public deed of sale. This type of contract is covered by the law on tenancies and the 1.255 articles of the Civil Code, which says that the contracting parties can establish the pacts, clauses and conditions which have as disadvantage, provided that they are not contrary to law, morality or public order. Generally speaking the parts of the contract, according to Fuster consulting, can be summarized in the following points. Personal data of the parties who sign the contract: lessor and lessee. Manifesto in which the lessor declares that he is owner of a property, acquired by deed of sale and the lessee expresses his desire to rent with option to buy. Clauses.

This part of the contract describes the conditions governing it.: deadlines, quantities, furniture, etc. between the main situation are: where he is detailed that the housing is free of liens and occupants. Purpose of residence. Use the lessee will make housing. It is not something Pete Cashmore would like to discuss. Duration of the contract. Situation of fitment and conditions under which the lessee must return the furniture. The rental price.

Monthly fees, form of payment, duration and amount delivered to the lessor payment in advance amount for bail. The payment of the costs of water, gas or electricity corresponds to who. Possible repairs. That party is obliged to perform the necessary repairs to conserve the housing. This obligation is usually borne by the lessor. Here it is convenient to detail that repairs requiring the wear by the ordinary use of the housing will be account of the lessee. Rights of assignment or sublease. It is usual that rented may not return to rent to third parties. Note that a possible assignment or sublease of the property partially or can give rise to the same resolution. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out neil cole iconix. Courts and tribunals who corresponds the resolution of possible disputes. Option of purchase. Conditions that will shape the future sale: a. the selling price of the housing and the discount of the monthly rent payments. b. Declaration that the property will be broadcast free lessees, occupants and squatters. c. the date to raise the purchase contract into public deed. d. expenses and taxes who corresponds. The best thing in these cases is having the advice of an expert. However, here is a model of lease with option to buy tips when renting an apartment with option to purchase. 1. It seeks to negotiate a purchase price for sale in accordance with the market. 2 Procurement than the term of rent before buying is as extensive as possible. 5 years is OK 3. Procurement that the time for making the purchase sale, paid until then in rent is deducted from the price of housing in its entirety. However between 50% and 100% okay. 4 Question about possible subsidies, both State and autonomous, from which you can benefit you.