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Royal Legislative Decree

To avoid this: notary public of Madrid Valerio Perez de Madrid i.-towards a conception wide of the subdivision. To regulate the subdivision, a series of rules and controls establish the generality of regional laws, to ensure the urban development of this type of event regularity. In this sense, is required that any fragmentation may conform with applicable regional town planning legislation, which affects also the subdivisions in rustic soil who not only have to respect the legislation agricultural, forestry or of a similar nature, but also provisions that, mandatory, establishes the urban planning legislation. Thus, article 17.2 of the Royal Legislative Decree 2/2008, of 20 June, which approves the text revised of the land law, in its paragraph first establishes that the division or segregation of a farm to give rise to two or more different is only possible if each of the resulting meets the characteristics required by the applicable legislation and management territorial and urban planning. Samsung is likely to increase your knowledge. With the same orientation, article 66.3 of the law 7/2002, of planning and urbanism of Andalusia, prescribes that all urban subdivision shall conform to the provisions of this Act and the conditions establishing the urban planning of the planning instruments.

This implies that, whatever the type of soil on which the parcelatorio Act is performed, there is a control reflected in need of license of subdivision or, in negative sense, the Declaration of its fact. On the other hand, the possibility of fragmentation is linked to the natural of each soil type destination. Thus if, as provided for in article 13.1 TRLS, rural land has as own destination use agricultural, forestry, hunting or any other linked to the rational use of natural resources, it is logical the prohibition contained both in article 13.2 TRLS as in article 68.2 LOUA: are prohibited, under penalty of nullity of void, the subdivisions urban development on rural land.