Thailands Beaches Enchant Tourists

Sun, beach and blue sea on Phuket palm-fringed beaches evoke holiday mood and promise a sense of freedom and adventure. The flight Portal a journey of discovery to some of the most beautiful beaches of the world invites you to. It is not too difficult to find a beautiful beach in Thailand. If you book a flight to Phuket, should consider himself particularly happy, however, the island at the southern tip of the country practically synonymous with holidays. Phuket is blessed with magical nature and the unparalleled hospitality of its inhabitants, today thanks to its excellent tourist infrastructure to tropical destinations. First-class hotels, exotic food, countless sports and leisure activities, but especially beaches and the sea can be a holiday on Phuket will be unforgettable. Travellers will find the coasts gently rising, white sandy beaches with calm waters and rocky headlands with roaring surf.

Also there are secluded places, where tourists barely on others on Phuket Meet tourists. The small, somewhat Rocky Kalim beach with its bays is located on the West coast of Phuket, right next to the famous Patong Beach. The water is here azure blue and crystal clear. At the northern end, a small coral reef with a variety of sea animals to the snorkeling invites. The Karon beach, South of Patong represents a further highlight.

Here it is very quiet and family. The Karon beach, one of the longest beaches on the island is 3 km of pure sand. Even in the high season, visitors here find a quiet place.