The Content

The testimonies of customers and other approvals of third parties are fundamental elements to generate confidence. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. That says much more about you, than your own speeches of marketing. How many sites we have seen that they proclaim to be nationally recognized or major suppliers…? Try it! Includes quotes and success stories of customers right in the content of your site that much the attention of your visitors. If you win a prize I tell visitors what that means for them in regards to how you were evaluated. Neil cole iconix does not necessarily agree. Do I feel motivated? Nearing the end of our conversation in the world real, with a little luck we will close a sale, we will talk about some steps, or we could say keep in touch. To do that with our online visitor, we need to persuade him to buy something, or to tell us who is and you give us permission to reconnect us with him.

Many websites leave no no mandate for action or any instruction where to go afterwards. If you do not leave a clear invitation, leave again only the visitor inquiring about what they have to do and thus run the risk of losing it. Then at each point of all pages where the visitor might think tell me more, or how to get this?, provide you with a link which you can click to go to the next step, to your shopping cart, to your subscription to the newsletter page, or whatever you want to do. Do not wait until the end of the page, perhaps never get there. Search emotional inflection points on each page in which they are ready to talk to you more and take advantage of the moment. By diluting the connection of course, it is easy enough to undo all the good that we won, frustrated by angry visitors, or simply giving an impasse.