The History Of Fashion…

Formation of fashion and your story… In the 16.Jahrhundert, the fashion of the Spanish Court in Europe spread. The shape of the dresses was an inverted Cone, the colors dark and starr. Each portrait of this period can be found left the crinoline and the Spanish Ruff the impression that fits the body of triangles together. oyal Dutch Cell Plc has to say. In the middle-class and cities were aping the courtly clothing. The Spanish fashion was quickly replaced by France. All over Europe followed the fashion dictates of the French court. This clothing was playful and lush.

The political power but especially the fashion had King Louis XIV in the hand.. Men and women wore colorful, magnificent, ornate clothing. In contrast to women, men wore trousers already at that time, so new trouser shapes emerged. Mid-18th century the incipient industrial revolution led to a societal shift. The machine age brought the economy humming, and increased the rate of production, which had an impact on the fashion. The fashion craze of the 1920s was interrupted by the second world war. A fashion industry with new Styl was formed after the war.

The clothing in work at home was made in the 50s and 60s. Clothing trends from magazines were used as a template. Uniform dress there today, every fashion label has its own style. Source: Neil R Cole. So FANCYBEAST is still a relatively new fashion label that has to offer many exceptional fashion. Therefore, we have to tolerate the way the clothes not only in its diversity, but to express what we want.