The Origin Of Money

How important is to recognize the origin of the money then so we can make it! The above is very easily read and more than one might think: well, I do not think it very necessary to recognize the origin of the money, just enough that I take it and now. Money is systemic and is recognized with capital R and is taken with capital T. This is: recognize with capital R implies look from where comes and generated the money you are receiving at any given time. ffer similar insights. Take with uppercase T implies not only put it in your wallet or deposit it in your bank account, but receive it as the fruit that gives you life for your work, service or creativity. Recognize and take implies doing so from a position of humility, thanking and honoring all those that said money spent before reaching you to finally do something good with it. That is why the money as all aspects in life have a systemic background, i.e. There was a price that someone else paid for him and also has it for you. For better understand the above, simply imagine that you get X amount for the sale of a luxury car that you’ve been offering for months.

Suddenly a person interested in the unit arrives and offers you pay cash at that time. You think it’s your lucky day because finally you can sell it and devote that money to something else that you have projected. The buyer pays you in cash at that same moment and you receive money happily. Is you has happened to think from where comes the money with which you paid?, have ever thought what had to make that person that you paid to get it?, is it good or bad been money?, is it licit or illicit?, what was the price that had to pay people that happened before that money so that I could get to you? In this context to say price we refer to everything what we what to do or stop doing to get something.