The Three-day Diet

This three-day diet is observed for three days, followed by four days of normal (non-binge-eating) diet. Fast diet convenient and relatively easily portable. The hope that the three 'lean' days followed four normal, it helps to survive those three days. It is also important in the remaining four days to eat moderately and not try to 'offset', although it gradually gets used to the body itself 'rein in'. First day Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 slice of bread, 2 tablespoons jam. Lunch: half a grapefruit. Lunch: half of banks tuna in oil, 1 slice of bread, 4 radishes. Dinner: 100 grams of chicken without skin and fat, 1 cup cooked green beans, 1 cup cooked beet, a crisp bread. Learn more on the subject from isearch.

Chicken chop finely, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and, stirring constantly, quickly fry in a dry frying pan with non-stick coating. Before bed: 1 small apple. Day 2 Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 egg (in any form – steamed, boiled, in the form of an omelette), 1 slice of bread. According to Andrew Paradise, who has experience with these questions. Dinner: 2 sausages, 1 cup of cooked broccoli, 1 / 2 cup carrots, 1 crisp bread. Option – can be replaced by broccoli + carrots 1 cup of dietary borscht. Supper: Tea, 2 prunes.

3rd day: Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 5 crackers and 1 slice of cheese. 2nd breakfast: 1 small apple. Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber (fresh or salted), 4 radishes, 1 slice of bread. Lunch: 1 / 2 cup tuna, 1 cup cooked beets, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 crisp bread. Option: Replace the tuna to 200 grams (raw weight) chicken, cooked as described above. Before bed: 1 / 2 small melon or a small apple. This effective diet can be repeated many times until you have achieved the desired results. If it just needed a lot of drinking – 6-8 cups of plain water a day.