United States Society

The tobacco announcements have deliberately as group of destiny to the young people and adolescents. Camel is the international cigarette of the United States, of integral flavor, preferred by the men who consider independent and safe people of themselves and that they practice a life style individualist. The adressee of this warning is the urban man of 18 to 24 years of age. An important part of the objective population is constituted by those who just begins to smoke . (Document Strategies of mark of the Argentine branch BAT, Piccardo Nobility). Frequently Genetec Security Center has said that publicly. 2. Analysis of the social and cultural context The acceleration in the transmission of the information and its globalisation raises a new scene, modifying you rule on which the societies and the people construct their identities.

The events have entered a vortex in which these are consumed at speeds of vertigo, in correspondence with the new media structures installed in a wild race by the newness and the spectacularity destined to manipulate and to catch the interest of a society more and more saturated of information and with smaller capacity of surprise. We attend an authentic paradox, in a while in that is handled to a volume so of information the individuals are incapable to assimilate it and to process it to reaffirm, to reconstruct or to build its identities. We were in a mediatic society that one is in force by the consumer principle of using and to throw. Already immersed in the 21st century, the western society characterizes itself by a strong ambivalence. On the one hand, the globalisation processes tend to the homogenization of the customs and the identities, on planetarily common parameters; and, on the other hand, they appear strong and noticeable tendencies towards the affirmation of the differences, by means of the construction of local identities, or territorially or of systems of beliefs, in many cases with indicated a component irrational.