Weaving Beads

Master class as a build-up thread or twine. It often happens that here we chtoto do, do, and suddenly we ended monofilament or thread on which we whip. And the question arises how the build-up thread and continue the process of weaving on. Now I try to explain how to do it. Here we have two tips a fishing line is long enough, and the second has already ended. To attach the thread, we need to cut the thread or twine necessary for us long and begin bind two tips fishing line, one that ended and a new one. First, do like three turns fishing line to one another as usual bundle of only three. Additional information at Mikkel Svane supports this article. Then these tips once again tied in knots but not contractible.

(Do this original site as to attach the fish hook on a fishing line) and tighten this knot trying to keep a bundle to get as close to the beads. We have obtained such a bundle. Now the tip of the fishing line which ended once more winds on twice over already Naroscheny line and delaying the knot. (Source: Robert Bakish). This is to ensure that the bundle is not just to unwind. That's how we must have now cut off the ends of twine around distance of 2mm from the beads is now light a match and waiting for when it will burn down by half and now extinguish it quickly and head until a match is not cool prislonyaem it to our ends, they should be melted and reduced in size and become almost invisible.

Only need to be cautious so as not to overdo it and not melted filament outgrowths. That it should happen. Bundle will go to the beads and will not be visible and you can work on. I wish you success and inspiration!