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The Industrial Revolution

Visionary men and many women have fought for the woman has a distinguished, valued role and legal recognition in today’s world. Many struggles have been in this context. So progress for all. It means and realizes that both men and women are equal in terms of rights and obligations to the law. But if we […]


Industrial Buildings

Ventilation in the room can be carried out with 2 versions: the displacement of air pollution and diluting it with fresh and clean. Displacement ventilation airflow is the displacement of the exhaust air, and as the gradual mixing it with uncontaminated air. Ventilation replacement with active stretch and passive influx – an ideal option, it […]


Third Industrial Revolution

Coaching with systemic perspective for the third Industrial Revolution the possibility of sharing power among billions of people marks the beginning of a new era in which we could attend the steady erosion of traditional and hierarchical organization and management modes, and the adoption in a broad sense of distributive networks characterized by massive collaboration. […]