The Industrial Revolution

Visionary men and many women have fought for the woman has a distinguished, valued role and legal recognition in today’s world. Many struggles have been in this context. So progress for all. It means and realizes that both men and women are equal in terms of rights and obligations to the law. But if we reflect a little more, the reality is that we are not equal.

Women focus our priorities around offspring, the domestic supply and much more. The man is responsible for being a provider of material things, but in general, little is with the children and their problems in the environment family. Neither good nor bad. Obviously there has been a change. Every day parents are more involved in the upbringing of children. They are attentive to the needs of their offspring. But what does seem a reality is the way in which each of the representatives of the couple, in families, considers that it is the allocation of the functions that each who touch you play.

I do not think that there is a crisis of values. What I believe, and I’m sure, is that there is a confusion in the allocation of roles. Who does what and how does? When roles were very well defined and social structures also. Distortion had no place. Thus was and point. There was no questioning. However, many women decided to not continue with a target tied only to the private world and motherhood. To recognize their own needs, desires and longings. They struggle to have a role in the public world. Of course, that move them, everything tends to be modified. Family structure, the social, the labor, the school. But it is also true, regardless of their desires, many went to work to compensate for household expenditure along with his men. The Industrial Revolution realizes this. Not only the women joined the workforce alongside his men, also children as soon as his age permitted it.

Industrial Buildings

Ventilation in the room can be carried out with 2 versions: the displacement of air pollution and diluting it with fresh and clean. Displacement ventilation airflow is the displacement of the exhaust air, and as the gradual mixing it with uncontaminated air. Ventilation replacement with active stretch and passive influx – an ideal option, it is assumed that clean air is delivered evenly in the room through one of the inputs. Dirty air is the same axial fans, who are at the opposite end of the building. In theory, this scheme is best suited for larger rooms, but in real life with her performance revealed many problems that hinder proper operation of the ventilation system. Firstly, the construction of existing and inlet openings for air, and their aerodynamic characteristics are not always satisfy the theoretical laws of distribution and movement of air.

Secondly, the amount of exhaust fans must be recalculated. Above described problems gave rise to improved methods of ventilation and new ones. Ventilation mixing and dissolution – forced ventilation. In such a case requires not only the passive influx of clean air, but also active. Is also required regarding the performance exhaust. Actively the supplied fresh air dilutes the contaminated air, mixing it. Centrifugal fans in the room pressurized to help improve the indent of dirty air.

However, they also impede the flow of clean air in the room. Therefore, when designing the ventilation system is necessary to accurately calculate the ratio of the inflow – Stretching. The choice of ventilation equipment. Fans provide the necessary ventilation in rooms with forced-air ventilation. There are several important factors determining the choice of fans: – Type of fans – the electric motor, casing, impeller – Performance Fan – noise – the type of ventilated rooms. Fans come in 3 types: ceiling, axial, centrifugal. Centrifugal create more pressure with less noise, in contrast to axial flow fans. However, the latter have a greater performance ceteris paribus. Installing the complex in the manufacture of centrifugal fans worth more than others. However, the quality level of ventilation is much higher. Well-organized procedure collection of ventilation and the design schemes of ventilation and their installation will ensure correct air in the room.

Third Industrial Revolution

Coaching with systemic perspective for the third Industrial Revolution the possibility of sharing power among billions of people marks the beginning of a new era in which we could attend the steady erosion of traditional and hierarchical organization and management modes, and the adoption in a broad sense of distributive networks characterized by massive collaboration. Jeremy Rifkin systemic Prospeccion of renewable energies the second Industrial Revolution is touching its end. The internal combustion engine powered by petroleum was the attraction of capital and the reinforcement of the process of economic and social growth from half of the last century, which had as limits the current global crises. Fortunately the renewable energies are arriving in time to mitigate the anthropic impact produced over the past two hundred years by fossil fuels, that we can symbolically represented by the following chemical equation: C + O2 = energy + CO2 where carbon reacts with oxygen and produce energy more anthropogenic carbon dioxide. The production of renewable energy revolution begins to converge with the revolution of information and communications technologies. This convergence marks the beginning of the third Industrial Revolution constitute a process of economic and social effects that can compensate for the current crises and be their enhancers in the coming years.

First stage production of the different types of renewable energies, who already receive the name of distributive, solar, wind, hydraulic, biomass, geothermal and tidal power form the first stage of the third Industrial Revolution. Although it still represents a small percentage of global production are experiencing rapid growth. You are investing billions of public and private capital intended to research, development and market penetration. In this scenario, Governments, employers and the population in general will seek the way to reduce the carbon footprint and will try to be more efficient and independent from the energy point of view. Second scenario while renewable energies are everywhere, unlike coal, oil and uranium which are highly concentrated, and that new technologies will enable us, more and more, get them more cheaply and efficiently, need infrastructure to store them.

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