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Industrial Revolution

Nor the Bial nor the sender whom the awful spectacle offers, to the Brazilian family, in the hour it supper, can be the only one made responsible for the bizarrice of the program of bigger hearing of the Brazilian television. Its endorsement comes of the hearing that the people confers to it. This is a simple mathematics. To express, to spread out and to interchange ideas had always been intrinsic necessities to the society. The liberty of speech is a right preceituado for the Universal Declaration of the Right of the Man (1948).

Our Constitution (1988) cultivates to be ' ' it exempts the expression of the intellectual, artistic, scientific activity and of communication, independent of censorship or licena' '. Under these two principles attribute the media in general to it e, in particular, to the press – the paper and the socioeducativo duty to intermediate the flow of the informacionais messages so that, freely, it can the man form its judgment of value, ahead of the facts. The press – word whose meant it comes of ' ' it presses mvel' ' – it appeared has many millenia as a device to supply the necessity information human being. The establishment of a social function to the press was given from three great revolutionary and paradigmticos movements: in Germany, for return of the 1495, with Gutemberg, subsidizing Reformation Luterana and popularizao of the Bible; in century XVIII, during the Industrial Revolution; e, in fact, under a libertarian license, for occasion of the French Revolution (1879), with the emerso of the revolutionary and opinativa press next to the bourgeoisie, at that moment. The last century saw to appear a new and powerful diversification of the informacionais canals brought by the radio and the television. In attendance to a rising consuming market, the propaganda and the marketing had started to influence, ideological and economically, in the miditicos apparatuses, inaugurating a culture (and a consumption) of mass, in which consumption and consumer had become white of its messages. .

Industrial Revolution Direct

In view of a problem as to standardize and to qualify hand of direct workmanship, inside of its sectors, involving the processes and the people, can influence in the improvement of the productivity, adding real values and controlling what really necessary and are being produced. The main objective is to analyze the process of standardization of the products offered in the Panificadora, mainly the French bread product that is the car head of the company. Already the specific objectives are: to describe as it was the standardization process, to verify the importance of the standardization and to verify as it is the process of Training and qualification of the direct man power aiming in last instance a sustainable growth with the creation of a sistmica vision of the company. Thus, all these actions focadas and told here for the implantation of a standardized system will indicate forms and will give tools so that the organization reaches better resulted and profits, that will definitively influence the increase of its productivity. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION 2,1 Processes of Standardization of the Products the first form of organized production had been the craftsmen, since they established delivery stated periods, consequently establishing priorities, took care of preset specifications and fixed prices for its orders. With the great number of orders, they had started to contract assistant. The artisan production started to enter in decay with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

With the discovery of the machine the vapor in 1764 for James Watt, has beginning the process of substitution of the force human being for the force of the machine. The craftsmen, who until then worked in its proper workshops, had started to be grouped in the first plants. This true one revolution in the way as the products was manufactured brought obtains some requirements. For example: Standardization of the products; Standardization of the manufacture processes; Training and qualification of the direct man power; Creation and development of the managemental pictures and supervision; Development of planning techniques and control of the production; Development of planning techniques and financial control; Development of sales techniques.

Industrial Revolution

With the expiration of the bourgeoisie, having its beginning in the French Revolution, initiated in the end of century XVIII the Industrial Revolution. The American rebellions against the absolutism they had been consequences of the French Revolution where the bourgeois ones searched liberalism and politician economic. ' ' The more the world fought against the Old call Regimen, more the Portuguese Crown strengthened its secular methods of settling in Brazil. The new ideas penetrated in the Colony although the rigorous control of the administration, whom it searched to hinder its propagao.' ' (ZIRAVELLO. ' ' BRAZIL 500 ANOS' '. The Inconfidentes and its ideals, 1999 P. 266) At an initial moment, from 1750, against the absolutism in Brazil if it searched the act of the freedom politics, economic and cultural, picture of this is the inconfidentes (said as those that traem the confidence of the Portuguese Monarchy) that they had conspired against the Portuguese cut in search of the freedom. At the same time where the cut and the Church Catholic withheld the power, in one another picture the social inaquality existed, each more including time together with the immobility of the economic growth of an individual that did not belong to the clergy, or one bourgeois family, was the beginning of a beggary and people who if subjected in exchange for to an enslaved work not remunerated the subsistence.

One of the main insiders told in the history of Brazil, Tiradentes, if asked as a religious culture formed and at the same time people so well could exist who did not have what to eat, passing hunger and cold in the streets on behalf of a faith that belonged only those that they withheld to be able Monarchic. It appears then, the practical one of liberalism, in a defense of the bourgeois economic freedom. But they would have freedom the remain of the population that did not withhold active participation in the economic society of Brazil? ' ' We still mention ourselves to the civil laws guaranteed by the Constitution as being ' ' inalienveis' ' , and inclining to believe us it that they, therefore, will remain ours perpetual.

Industrial Revolution

In accordance with Neme (2000) in the antiquity consists that contracts of marriages were cultivated when the girl if found between the 13 and 14 years of age, has seen that the life expectancy of the citizens of this time was inferior the 25 years of age. As it describes this author, in middle of century XVII, they had started to appear stories, in medical literature, of very precocious pregnancies, as the case of a girl who gave the light to the six years, in 1658, and of another one, that in 1884, gave to the light to the seven years, for natural childbirth, the two embryos of the masculine sex, stillborn, here in Brazil. It has that if to consider, as it emphasizes Neme (2000), that events as these are bonanza and translate situations of sexual precocidade endcrina associate the clutters of genetic nature. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robotics expert . In the end of century XVIII, in the great decurrent occured changes of the Industrial Revolution in the Europe, an ample field to the women confided, in some sectors of activities until then only exerted for the men. These changes had been dividing the women, to the few, between the profession and the maternity, increasing in elapsing of the centuries the age for the first pregnancy (HUNTER, TRAJANO and BASTOS, 2009). However, until at the beginning of century XX, the pregnancy enters the age of 12 the 19 years still was considered habitual event for the cultural standards and the effective customs.

In 1922, for example, Harris defined the age of 16 years as the moment ‘ ‘ timo’ ‘ for the birth of the first son (NEME, 2000). Only from the third decade of century XX, the tax of fecundidade of girls with inferior age the 19 years was diminishing, in the majority of the countries, becoming the pregnancy in this etria band badly seen by the society (PEAR TREE, 2009). However, as they tell to Heilborn et al (2009), from the second half of century XX, when the process of separation between sex and procreation had beginning, a deep transformation of the customs affected behaviors of men and women, where the preservation of the virginity until the marriage was losing its meaning moral..

Industrial Concrete

Liquid concrete floors Industrial floors can be laid with the help of technology fills floor – sometimes referred to as flooded floors. Coating produced by this technology, called filler concrete floor. Filler concrete floor looks like linoleum, but feels like a smooth tile. Credit: Peter Asaro -2011. Self-leveling floor can be of different colors. In our study we used the existing colors and custom-made – individually customized. The thickness of the liquid concrete floors of different types can vary from 10 to 50 mm. We also recommend that the optimum thickness of 20-25 mm, at which the material retains its strength characteristics and the customer does not do too much.

The technology of liquid gender is most often used in areas where the floor are increased requirements: chemical stability and abrasion resistance (including high humidity), the need for anti-static protection or special hygienic requirements. This is, first of all, relates to a self-leveling floors in industrial premises, garages, ramps as well as in offices with high traffic. Online there are a number ‘Regular’ colors bulk of gender, as well as almost any color upon request. Self-leveling floor-leveling floors made strictly on the technology are not afraid to shock – dents and cracks are formed. Also, they are not afraid of changes in temperature. How to evaluate the material filling the concrete floor specialists – is nontoxic and nonflammable surface. Moreover, all types of liquid coatings, both in Europe and in Ukraine, from compulsory certification. The advantages of liquid Concrete: a familiar look, shiny, monolithic bulk of sex, self-leveling floor unit, which guarantees longevity (at least 40 years), moisture resistance and high chemical resistance, hygienic and easy to clean – it is possible to wash with plain water without handling the special trains, technology assumes a high floor filler adhesion to virtually any reason, fire safety, toxicity, ease and speed device in a number of our products, this stuff is brand Betamiks.

Mantis Stereo Viewing Systems

Metav tools expands its product range to the Mantis stereo viewing systems by vision engineering. The best supplement for inspection work in the laboratory and the production. Metav tools expands its product range to the Mantis stereo viewing systems by vision engineering. The best supplement for inspection work in the laboratory and the production. Peter Asaro may not feel the same. At the beginning of August, 2010, Metav has tools the Mantis series of the company vision engineering included in the product portfolio and completes the range of optical inspection devices continue to.

The Mantis family of products is a comprehensive program of patented optical stereo viewing systems without eyepieces for both simple and sophisticated control and inspection tasks, such as a quick check of the surface, detecting inclusions, burrs, etc. Mantis is used successfully worldwide and has established itself in the growth segment up 10 x as the industry standard. With the new generation of the Mantis, a product family with modern optical layout and material developments, is demanding users and balanced LED lighting available. The optical viewing system offers a nearly endless number of applications and is particularly suitable for applications in mechanics, precision mechanics, electronics, plastics, medical components and much more. The compact system available with optional magnification up to Max x 20, a high-performance LED lighting unit, with long working distances, large crops and as usual the selection between the flexible universal swing stand or a table-top tripod. You convince yourself of the incalculable benefits of this okularlosen microscope on…