Month: September 2011

Modern Security System

What is immobilizers? This is an electronic alarm system. The essence of the immobilizer is that using it becomes possible to lock the engine and other vehicle systems. It happens by opening (closing) of several electrical circuits. Thus, in your car at the same time cease to operate the starter, ignition coil, electro-mechanical petrol pump, onboard computer and Other automotive systems and components, making it impossible for the probability of stealing your car. Of what is immobilizer. Basis of its usually a few relays and a central unit, which includes microprocessor that controls the work of the immobilizer.

Relays can also be installed inside and outside the central unit. The most common now, and, accordingly, the cheapest, the types of immobilisers are fitted with contactless relay. They work on the following system: after the ignition was turned off for 10-15 seconds works lock 1.3 electric control systems of the car. Therefore, if you want to have a car, you must a touch pin jack, or bring an electronic key to the transponder (antenna). Scheme of the modern form immobilayzerDrugoy immobilizers, in addition to the central unit, cables and antennas, equipped with one relay Managed by a pulsed signal for full-time wire-tag (a little black box) and card (the white plastic rectangle shaped like a plastic card). The algorithm works is simple, when you turn the ignition the presence of cards or tags can recognize the system: the owner of a car trying to start it. If yes, then you can safely continue your journey, no, then a few seconds later the siren will work. Which greatly reduces and time and the probability of stealing your car for a thief, especially if your machine is additionally equipped with more and means to further notification (pager, gsm terminal). If the hijacker, "will ask you to leave" is of the establishments car, along with the driver leaves the vehicle cabin, and the tag is happening motor brake and a full stop. The same equipment immobilizer requires a signal-emitting diode. Accordingly, potential hijacker notified in advance about the presence of the alarm system in your car, and the owner sees the work is able to immobilizer.