Month: April 2013

Crusher Industry Steps

Crusher industry steps into a gloomy period Numerous uncertain elements in the market economy lead crusher industry to step into a gloomy period and naturally slow down its developing pace. Meanwhile, that has evoked the realization of the crushing manufacturers to innovate and reform to seek a way out. Many experts point out that the crushing equipments with high performance and innovativeness is bound to become the mainstream in the market. They should achieve the innovation in the aspect of technology and products, make differentiated and unique products and promote core competitiveness. Only in that way can they finally gain the most market share.

The main shaft is an extreme vital part of the gyratory crusher, it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure a normal operation of the crusher. The foregoing fracture accidents of the shaft told us that they mostly occur in the upper Gewindefreistiche, the lower part matching with the cone and the interface of two different diameters. The factor that caused the fracture is due to the crushing of oversized pray at the discharge opening and too fast discharging. The products granular property accounts a lot in Crusher s operation, model selection or the next manufacturing and processing as well as flow design and calculation. Elements influencing the granular property: property materials, weekends content during feeding, the type of a crusher and operation etc. Similar to granular property of the gyratory crusher products, it can be selected according to the grain size characteristic curves in the instructions of the gyratory crusher. The combination crusher selects the appropriate ways of applying force according to the particle size, nature of materials and the requirements of productions in order to get the best crushing effects with the most appropriate and the least time and energy consumption.

The combination crusher mainly shows the its characteristics during the crushing operations from the following aspects. The crusher will use the crushing and impactive way of applying force in face of the pipes with larger particle size or the medium hard material. At this time, there will be teeth on the surface of the crushing equipment tool which is favourable for operations. The crusher will use the crushing, impactive and milling force in face of the material with hard material with smaller particle size. There will be no teeth on the surface of the tool at this time. The combination crusher will use milling, crushing force in face of the powdery or pulpy material and impactive. There will be sharp teeth on the surface of the crusher tool. The crusher mainly use the crushing force for the abrasive material. At this point, the surface of the tool is smooth. The material is made up of a variety of components, which can make a variety of force used in combination.

FTA Satellite Channels

Basically a FTA system used for receiving a parabolic antenna, a LNB coaxial cable and a receiver sep top box, better known in the jargon as deco, these items are still not very easy to get, but several countries are now pointing to this technology for telecommunications since there are not many problems with the distancesfor example a House away from the city would not have complications to take the signal emitted by the satellite, there are satellites transmitting at this time for almost all America South and with a system of these serious almost the same take it from Argentina to Venezuela. The FTA system installation, is not very complicated and is not necessary to have much knowledge in telecommunications, simply point the antenna to the desired satellite by moving it to pick up the signal. Satellites transmitting FTA are many and are scattered to orbiting in the belt of Clarke, named after who discovered it, in this belt are satellites are kept quiet in a single position, for this reason it is not necessary to move the antenna again and you see behind the satellite, these satellites are those called geostationary. The number of channels that can be viewed with a free satellite TV system is very wide, but depends on several things. The number of antennas connected to deco the size of the number of channels antenna having each targeted satellite is true that there are people who come to have thousands of channels, because many antennas connected to your deco and of different sizes, but this would make a good investment of money. Also if we seek us much on this subject we find the true meaning of the FTA has subverted, as nowadays many people may become your decos decode large number of payment channels.

But if it is illegal and unethical. Finally is important say today is this much talk in the world of the new digital television terrestrial (DTT) which I do not well, seems to me that it should promote more FTA, by with single DTT would signal those who are a few kilometres from digital tv transmitter. In contrast with FTA, as I said before is possible to cover large areas of the Earth with a single satellite, if set free most of the channels in one of these satellites could see a large number of channels provided that we are within reach of the footprint of the satellite.

Achieve Better Results

The triple convergence is a concept managed by Thomas Friedman in his book the world is flat, which explains how the combination of three key factors contributed to the productivity in the process of globalization and consolidation of value networks. Similarly in a forecast process there are three key factors which contribute greatly to achieving better results in the demand forecast to the converge, these factors are: Software people process n Software in their infancy companies elaborated the forecast manually (pencil and paper) to subsequently migrate to electronic spreadsheets despite the limitations that these present. As part of this development many companies are currently evaluating software specialized in the subject, to enable them to have a better prognosis-based and whose collaborative capabilities ensure you able to fully model the reality of the business. People in technology today has helped replace many of the routine operations than in the past They executed people, and in fact in many cases the introduction of new technologies involves replacing personnel in companies. However it is clarified that the best forecast processes carry implicit two components, the quantitative which is supplied by the software and the qualitative which is supplied by human knowledge and in no case a software tool can replace the knowledge and experience of human beings. In an article for the CIO magazine, Ben Worthen said the demand forecast sounds like an exact science, but if you look carefully people are half of the equation in the process. Another fundamental aspect when analysing the human component is the ability of a company to develop a structured organizational learning process, however not all organizations sense as enhancing human talent or they consider important this factor within the business outcomes.

Process in 1989 the historian Paul a. David in his essay computer and Dynamo, productivity paradox contemporary, seen in a mirror not too distant signals using a historical precedent that although the light bulb was invented in 1879, had to wait several decades until the introduction of electricity and see its enormous economic and productive impact. In the case of electricity says David advance more decisive occurred in the design and administration of the warehouses and production lines. According to the experience many companies despite acquiring a good prognostic tool, have failed to see its benefits. Part of this problem is the fact that introducing new technologies is not enough by itself only, the achievement of better results involves combining the technology with a good design of a formal process of forecast. The design of the process should include the existence and reliability of entries in the process, frequency, their tasks and decision-makers. In conclusion the proper combination of these three factors will help ensure that the forecast is reasonable, realistic, reviewable and which represents the demand completely; Once this is achieved the companies may build competitive advantages based on an adequate estimate of the demand.

Central Basic

Incentives and institutional support shall convert into individualized basic rents, permitting develop the fruit of agricultural work as a benefit, as well as promote other rural activities in benefit of the environment. Also to avoid speculative manoeuvres, with products or land that negatively affect the environment and unbalanced the economy to the detriment of those who have less media. measure subtraction is the central axis of the necessary agricultural reconversion, whose application will allow to extend far beyond, to give rise to a sociological change in rural areas. I insist on the different nature of the basic income, with respect to the public attention, have no because see is limitted. Such may be directed towards health, educational services or transport decentralization once secure the population, and the means to do so is to give the possibility to live in relation to the capacities of the environment. The average agricultural productivity has increased enormously in the last fifty years. The improvement of the sector has paradoxically, meant the end of their social development. Fact that we have to keep in mind for the rest of the economy.

Since what they were doing before 20 people in one week, today one in half a day of work. It is perhaps the area where technology has most changed the economic relations of production. Agricultural machinery has revolutionized the cultivation of products, as well as the chemical treatments of the crops for which persist or are not lost due to illness. Which continues to advance. Moreover the cold stores and other utensils that seem normal to us have caused a development without precedent, something that made our grandparents from a world to another completely different. Attach social forms to these characteristics is what dilucidamos. It is clear that the production is not only maintained, but increases. Public services are derived from taxes, but it’s not about these where has taxing or taking to enable basic income, it would be put at risk a social conquest that improves and, at times, threatened by a more extensive policy of privatisation.