Month: January 2013

Indispensable Tool Vendors

One of the main advantages of dry ice in front of other inorganic substances substitute is mobility, that is, simply speaking is that it can carry. This greatly simplifies the implementation as ice cream, and various soft drinks. As I wrote earlier, the dry ice – a solid carbon dioxide, which turns into a gaseous state bypassing the liquid state. Because of this do not form puddles of water, and CO2 that is released in such concentrations are not dangerous. However, the process involves creating a huge pressure, so that the task of creating a production process has not yet been resolved. This is a relatively new technology using pellets of solid CO2 (Known as dry ice). Mainly it is used for industrial purposes and has a wide scope. Attention! but there is one that is associated with dry ice: 'bare hands' such ice is better not to take, it is too cold. 🙂

Industrial Engineer

Success has many who claim to be her father but the failure is completely orphaned. John Kennedy globalization in recent years, has given way to relevant changes in the production systems of many of the global scenarios, where successful companies show new products processed with the advance of modern technology and where, production processes are coupled to indices that guarantee quality assurance and efficiency of the human resources involved in them. Such facts, make enterprises at present must have a good engineer industrial, capable of providing the required expertise to ensure beneficial production processes, optimising low costs, as well as products that are demanded in the highly competitive scenarios. This forces the faculties of engineering, especially the school of industrial engineering, restructure their curricula, update them and work towards the definition of a profile of the industrial engineer to the Venezuelan scenario our case demand and that has left large gaps, all this is necessary in order to give companies the necessary knowledge allowing them to be efficient, competitive, more before a reality which requires productivity, yields that involve the business sector to exit avante demands, not only of globalization, new economic openings, but the requirements that the Bolivarian revolutionary State itself has begun. There are many challenges, which are currently presented and changes where companies must have professionals trained, able to deal with them, generate changes, transformations that collaborate with the operability expected by enterprises to the current reality. It is necessary to offer a new profile of the industrial engineer capable of handling new industrial technologies with production processes that ensure quality, minimization of costs, products that meet the needs of consumers and which offer companies the possibility of supplying their markets, as well as the ability to venture into others. The characteristics of business scenarios in countries that have been prepared for this purpose, as well as companies involved in these scenarios, invite industrial engineering schools to review their programs, eliminate those subjects that have no reason to be in the present tense and are you passing to new knowledge that bring results, benefits, in a shorter time than what you have planned to form themtrain them.

Industry Crusher

Crusher industry improves market share by innovation The development of crusher industry is rapid; in order to improve the market share of mining machinery, many domestic enterprises vigorously take technological innovation, largely driving the development of the crusher industry. We understand that the famous domestic brand of mining machinery Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. develops a variety of new crushing equipment, such as PE jaw crusher, PF Impact Crusher, hydraulic sand maker, they are spoke highly in the industry, and has played a huge role in promoting the development of the industry as a whole. With sophisticated technology to pave the way, it can be said that Hongxing machinery enterprises Governor to good market conditions. From 1998, Hongxing began to introduce foreign technology and later, it made independent research and development; after a short period of nearly ten years of development, Hongxing machinery has already occupied the main gravel crushing machinery production and export base, its equipment are exported to all over the world! From the perspective of technical innovation of domestic mining equipment, Hongxing Machinery provides major technical equipment and engineering design for mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, environmental protection, national defense and other industry. The characteristic of Hongxing occupying market share is through constant technical innovation to progressively realize guide the market by technology and then lead the development of the industry. Hongxing machinery through technological innovation to constantly improve the scientific and technological content and added value of enterprises and products, forms its own advantages and characteristics; the enterprise walks out of the plight of low-price competition; through researching and developing new products with independent intellectual property products can enhance the center of the core competitiveness. In fact, only through technological innovation can we constantly get rid of competitors and market share improves.

Industrial Property

The property intellectual and Industrial designates all the creations of spirit that a natural or legal person can avail himself, and which bring a potential financial remuneration in general and non-exclusive manner. By creating spirit, you have to understand all the inventions that have emerged from the imagination of their authors, such as e.g. literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, drawings and models of which is used in trade, as well as the domain names, brands and patents.The creator of the work has two main rights about the same: the moral right that allows to identify the author of the same and the patrimonial right that allows to obtain, among other things, compensation. Thanks to these rights, nobody can be attributed unduly the work of another. Without them, no creation would be protected, which would be a problem for those who write books, compose songs, rolled films or paint pictures. On the Internet, the digitization of content and its communication has subtly altered the exercise of the rights of intellectual and industrial property. The structure of the network allows that millions of people have access, sometimes illegally, to content of legitimate owners, and they may commit violations without too many scruples, because of the ease of appropriation and dissemination of content. In this regard there cite the dissemination of videos of series like Simpsons yet unpublished that occurred in 2007 in the You Tube website. With the system of cut – paste, appropriating a content such a text, or even a brand logo, is not a difficult task, and social networks allow to disseminate these contents taken, unless you can impute liability direct to these websites, not knowing their owners the infringement nor have participated in the same. It is manifested by both the relative weakness of the protection of intellectual property in the network, but you must not forget that it can also cause problems for the protection of the Property industry on-line.

Spanish Federation

With this firm is establishing a framework for concerted action between Turespana and ICTE, as an institution that brings together the Spanish tourist business sector in terms of quality. The Secretary of State for tourism, Joan Mesquida, and the President of the Institute for Spanish tourism quality, Mirones Miguel, have today signed the new cooperation agreement between the two institutions that will serve for the support and strengthening of the Spanish tourism quality through its reference, the Q mark. Both sides have stressed that through this signature it supports and consolidates a model of public-private collaboration around the quality tourism and that he was already signed originally in 2006 and now is renewed. The main objective of this agreement is to continue with the collaboration and work that has been done the SET and ICTE on dissemination, extension, adequacy and management systems, procedures and processes in the field of the quality of the tourism sector, as well as the incorporation of new sectors. ICTE extend and disseminate the Spanish tourist quality system between enterprises and tourist administrations of the sector, responsible likewise for technical support and training to companies and professionals related to the SCTE. The signature includes a monitoring table, which will evaluate the development of these works and shall establish the measures necessary for their empowerment and effective compliance, which shall consist of the SET and ICTE. More than 2,600 establishments in 20 tourist subsectors currently boast the Q for tourist quality. ICTE, chaired by Miguel onlookers and representative of the Spanish business sector on issues of quality tourism, is formed by the main national tourism associations, the State Secretariat of tourism, the autonomous communities and the Spanish Federation of municipalities and provinces, who awarded the Q for tourist quality, promoted by the Secretariat of State for tourism Spanish quality brand. Original author and source of the Article