Month: May 2012

Adobe Flash Player

The most striking advantage of using Flex – it's incredible popularity of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe has said that 90% of Internet users today have installed any version of Flash Player. Reaching such a large market means that developers can reach almost every customer, than with any another operating system. Vs. If you want to develop more flash effects on the site, the training may take considerable time and effort. As you know, now more than 90% of users have installed on their computers Flash Player, to browse SWF files. You should be aware that their views can slow or even halt the performance of older computers.

You should not forget that when you develop a site based on Flex. Flex vs. Flash. Is there a difference between Flex and Flash? Flex provides the ability to create SWF files that can be viewed in Adobe Flash Player in any browser. Just that Flash was created for animators and illustrators, so they were able to implement any ideas for the Web Space, Flex was designed with the same goals. But Flex can be called a "big brother Flash. This is the same technology, but it allows you to create more complex applications that can create software engineers, not designers.

To better see the difference, you can spend close analogy with the construction of the house. Building a house in Flash. You hire molars, roofers, builders, etc., give them simple tools and say "build me house ". Perhaps they do, but construction takes time and a good home is unlikely to succeed because you will not have a crane or a bulldozer. Building a house in Flex. You hire the same people, but also get the 3 cranes, bulldozers and four Five construction workers who do not have to pay. The house looks the same, but it is built faster and better, and besides, you get a bigger set of functions that you would not have received from the builders with simple tools. The future of Adobe Flex. Today's Internet has gone far ahead in the main this is due to the development of RIA applications that quickly reach the right audiences. This suggests that the future of the Internet and will not stand still. Power Flex, supported by the resources Adobe, can become the basis for future development of the global network. To view the original article you can visit the company Scope of Ai Tu. For further information about Adobe Flex.

Microsoft File

For example, the file x86_Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package configuration change will remove the built-in games, but at the same time free up some precious space on your hard disk. Some components can be selected settings. For example, Internet Explorer'u allowed to set the level of filtering. I think it is worth recalling superfluous caution when creating a new answer file. Although Microsoft err by entering a menu of seven items of the equation evaluate Insert Pass: windowsPE, offlineServicing, package (s), specialize, auditSystem, auditUser and oobeSystem. Choosing the fourth line, you get a label in the panel UserData answer file in the properties which you can specify the license key of the operating system. If you do not remember randomly drawn Registration number, use the tool – for example, TuneUp Utility.

In the same menu, do not forget to set the mode WillShowUI never. And so on. Filling lines speak for themselves, such as Organization and Full Name, should not cause some difficulties. It is better to let immediately divide hard drive! sawing pancakes manipulation is done on a 'like two fingers on the asphalt. " Insert a new disc in Disc Configuration menu and set the necessary options (CreatePatitionsModifyPartitions). As you have guessed, allows the user to change the type of file system, the size of the new local disk and the name of a single capital letter. You can also fill a utility that will be installed along with Windows. Create a folder soft (which then must be placed in the directory of the future distribution) and it throws all the necessary programs and supplements.