Month: December 2012

System Of Racial Quotas

Years if had passed since then, and still today the controversy persists. The idea is the following one: we have a slavery past that exactly after its abolition, took the population afro-Brazilian the levels of income and conditions of life, at least precarious. The temporary character of this politics, as well as its proposal to correct the one badly biggest one, was the great justification for its acceptance, despite the politics of quotas keeps in itself many imperfections. The analysis of the general panorama of the concernentes questions to the affirmative actions and ‘ ‘ program of quotas raciais’ ‘ I demanded and perpassa for an analysis of the ethnic group black Brazilian and all its grouped load of historical data, partner-cultural politicians and since the Brazil-colony. The black composes a great part of population contingent Brazilian it is also the group that more represent the peripheral areas, the life in respective misery and all nuances derived from this picture: ‘ ‘ deseducao’ ‘ , alienation, violence and crime’ ‘.

The rotulagem reproduced in this society has as white the identification factor, or discrimination, apparent, the color, the typical traces and destarte, is pointed and delegated it the black individual certain stigma for its condition human being. The affirmation of the black as independent individual, exempts, capable to provide it proper itself, was disfarada by the decoy of the golden law, freed that them of the slavery and desumano treatment degradante e, in fact, the Brazilian government did not act looks with to give it to citizenship and life to the blacks so that thus they could autodeterminar and conquer its due space. This is ‘ ‘ debt histrica’ ‘.

The System

Ahead of this context also the error can be considered reflected of one politics of precarious health, of the lack of more frequent and more operating a fiscalizador agency and authorities in the hospitals to evaluate the conditions of the work identifying problems and preventing errors. We have conscience that the philosophy of the nursing is not to cure, but simply to take care of, therefore the cure is of medical ability, to also prescribe drugs, and ahead of the fatdica situation, when the professional to miss, to execute inadequate function the situation goes to be distinguished and this they go to be punished, after all the system is in crisis, then the care also. I think that nobody would like to make a mistake, but in the presence of the error ' ' They only look culpados' ' , also we must know the causes of the error, what it led to happen, after all does not have missed hour, missed person, when we take care of, only responsibility. Of this conturbado universe that afflicts the people very the human being is estressado of nature, consequence of the mental and physical exhaustion, therefore to exceed overtime as 24, 36 and 48 consume, diminish income, colaborante factor for such, therefore the attention and the concentration are primordial to act in the practical one of care. Reason (1990) cited by the IOM (2007, p.54) defines error as ' ' the occasion where a gliding sequence of physical or mental activities does not obtain to reach the intended result, not being able these imperfections to be attributed acaso.' ' In accordance with this author, can to speak of error when intention exists, what it means that when we are before a not deliberate behavior, we are not before an error. When an error occurs, the immediate reaction is to look for to identify ' ' culpado' '.