Month: November 2015

Industrial Engineering

Thus, with respect to the RB, the theory learned (and the consequent logic) does not fit with the phenomena of the real economy. Recently, the chemistry professor at the School of Industrial Engineering and vice dean of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Gabriel Pinto, is determined to involve learning of chemistry to everyday life. Notes the need necessary to link the teaching to issues directly related to the student’s environment. The theme that comes from afar it seem, as we quote two thousand years ago, Petronius, in his book The Satyricon: “The reason why young people leave school so ignorant is because they have not understood anything contact of any use in everyday life. ” During talks in Moralzarzal (Madrid) with this teacher, my brother Gaby, said that when he called the University did not know that NH3 was referring to ammonia, which is CSO4 2H2O plaster, NClO bleach or Na2O. CO. Na2O glass.

Still arrive at their School students who do not know that not all are known as plastics, glass or window glass is not, however, the ice is. a It is sad that when many teachers described their work if asked to apply their findings are going to pay more. Joseba Arregui wrote a very interesting article which raises the debate on nationalities as a problem nominalist, in differentiating “nation” as a word or reality.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is used in various industries. In fact, the sheet metal has become the foundation of most modern industries: automotive, oil and gas industry, aircraft, machine tools, construction. Therefore, the sheet metal is expanding rapidly, and new technologies to make this process cost-effective, fast and efficient. Processing Sheet metal is carried out by different methods – it all depends on the final result, which is scheduled to receive. Widely used cutting, cutting, different strain.

Through this you can get details of various forms, including complex, which will have high durability and reliability. One of the most modern methods, which is held sheet metal – is laser cutting. This method has high indicators of accuracy and quality, is used for cutting metal, as well as other operations. He has quite successfully used in small-scale production. However, the traditional method of sheet metal stamping also did not lose their positions. When using modern equipment it is no less effective and widely used in various fields. One major advantage of laser cutting – it's more smooth and accurate processing of the region. However, despite this, any sheet metal should be completed by grinding.

This process allows you to remove all the bumps and burrs left by cutting. At the same time remove scale formed on the surface oxide film and other substances that can lead to tons of product defect. It may surprise, but resurfacing, and laser cutting and other techniques can be used not only to large-scale industrial production. Sheet metal – it is also a form of decorative art. In particular, the sheet metal lids used for the decoration of houses: with it set up yo-yo, metal decorative elements for roofs, facades and doors, gutters and more. In turn, the sheet metal grinding on the surface to create a product specific patterns that give it required on a plan view of the artist.

Steel Industry

In 1997, the export phase began with a huge Success: German automotive industry literally overnight, switched to full galvanic coatings of metal bodies to protect their surfaces with protec. In subsequent years, many companies in Europe, Russia, Japan, Latin America, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and China followed suit. Top industrial companies, manufacturers of agricultural, automotive and construction equipment, lifting equipment, as well as shipbuilding and Steel Industrial Company discovered protec. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. From theory to practice Inventor protec, Hans Hoffman: "Invention – is searching and finding. Thousands of users are looking for means of improving their manufacturing processes. We analyzed their needs and developed new solutions in close cooperation with them. " In 1997, this example led to the development of another product – balm for the welding wire. It removes impurities from the remnants of welding wire and ensures a good and stable friction characteristics.

To ensure proper application of balm, in 2002, was invented and patented a special station – Tribo Cleaning Station. To date, this system protec is used worldwide for the treatment of welding wire. Wire made of carbon, stainless steel, spring steel, copper and brass excellent cleaned and covered with a protective film that promotes uniformity of the wire and improves the quality of the weld. A few words about the inventor Hans Hoffman Products protec make us look at the history of their inventor – Hans Hoffman. He was born in 1945 in Jena (Thuringia). From childhood he was interested in technology. In 1966 he graduated from engineering school in Salzburg. After a few years, gaining experience in a fairly well-known German companies in 1975, Hans Hoffman organized an independent wholesale products for welding.

For the past 20 years he worked as a partner with the company Abicor Binzel. In 1989 he received his first patent, after which was followed by many others. Especially we want to allocate tips with silver coating, which became popular throughout the world under the name of Abitip Plus Abicor Binzel. For his invention of Hans Hoffman received a medal Kaplan (Austrian Medal for innovation and invention).

Corrosion Fog

In the area of environmental simulation, there is a procedure in which industrial materials for corrosion resistance are tested against saline atmosphere – the salt fog test, or salt spray test. Current standards under which the salt fog test is carried out, DIN 50021 SS (Standard), DIN 53167, DIN EN 60068-2-52 (cyclic salt fog), DIN EN ISO 9227 and DIN EN 60068-2-11.Wahrend a specified test period is the candidate in a special chamber in storage, in which it is exposed to a salt fog atmosphere. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steven Johnson. This simulates in a concise form, the stress of the specimen by salt solutions (road) during his lifetime. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Geoffrey Richards and gain more knowledge.. Current maturities of a salt spray test are in the range of about 1996 -1000 hours. The test parameters are well defined.

One commonly used concentration of sodium chloride solution of about 5% at a pH of 6.5 to 7.2 and a temperature of 35 C. In order to determine how susceptible the material or the Corrosion layer of material over the salt solution is, the check at intervals of about 24 hours interrupted and the specimen is out on corrosion untersucht.Ein possible parameter for the quality of corrosion protection materials with chromate passivation and the test time (measured in hours) to for the first occurrence of Zinkkorrosionsprodukten (white rust), while the quality is of the entire layer in hours test duration to onset measured by red rust. The examination of the underlying standard ultimately decide whether the materials are kann.Salznebelprufungen meet the necessary criteria, especially useful when products are used on the high seas or in the immediate vicinity of the sea, because there on the salt load is greatest. In the field of Automotive is the salt fog test and its use has become part of the salt spray test Standardprufumfang.Neben other methods exist in which the materials with other media be sprayed or hide. The CASS test (DIN 50021 CASS) comprises the DUT kupferchloridhaltigen a saline solution, not water, but dilute acetic acid is used as the basis. By the consequential reduction in PH-value of only 3.1 to 3.3, this leads to additional corrosion of the material. When Kesternich (DIN 50017) is the corrosive climate of moist sulfur dioxide.

Industrial Pumps

To date, industrial pumps used in various fields of manufacturing and agriculture. I must say that the choice of industrial pump depends on the purpose for which it is applied. From this it follows that Today there are several types of industrial pumps, which are distinguished by the method of moving fluid. Then we'll talk about them in more detail. Often move to uniform fluids are used as called centrifugal pumps. Surely you can guess the principle of their action, but we still all some clarity to this issue. Centrifugal pumps operate on the principle of centrifugal force. Because of this it is very easily move the homogeneous liquid.

There are many companies that offer ready-made centrifugal pumps. In addition to centrifugal pumps, there are many other industrial pumps, which actively are used to today. A striking example can be rotary, gear, impeller, cam, and peristaltic pumps, which we'll continue to talk in more detail. Today, there is the concept of volumetric pump action, but what is it and what they eat? Pump the volume of work on the principle of forced displacement fluids. Here is forced displacement of certain portions of the fluid Working directly to the camera penstock. Provides a working volume of the chamber changes, in other words is the forced displacement of fluid. This movement is not uncommon called mechanical. Interestingly, the bulk of the pump contribute to the persistence framework fluid. Although at first glance it might seem that this structure may be compromised.

Industrial Group Ltd

The plate slides into the cavity between the remaining part of the reed sensor, rocker and corners. Plate, angles, plate, Reed and magnetic parts rigidly attached to UZKL with screws on metal. Assembly and installation of the proposed integrated products are easy and convenient, fast. Group of 2-3 cable operators, ensuring that all necessary tools and equipment, and installs UZKL and address signaling (block D1K sensors and IO 102-20) in 16 wells for 1 week. All operations, including the installation of the cover with the finished product in a well run with conventional power tools (drill, screwdriver, etc.), gas-welding unit and a diesel generator (for direct mounting on the well). Important dignity that Boris highlighted in the one of our meetings – is that the assembly UZKL with alarm on the cover itself is quite possible to perform in a cable plant in the studio, but not in the rain or snow. Installing the same product directly to the well and connect it to loop signaling – a transaction in any case exit, but they take a few minutes.

It is no accident because cable operators fell in love with this design. Says Andrew Ulrich, Y.: ‘In order to maximize simplify the work associated with installation of the manhole cover on UZKL CCF, PPE OAO Uralsvyazinform ‘consult the manufacturer of covers to consider the question of their production to a previously prepared hole with a diameter of 36 mm, designed for mounting UZKL. In the long run, it probably makes sense, and the manufacturer UZKL out products with pre-mounting holes for the sensors. Thus, the number of assembly operations will be reduced to a minimum. ” The cost of the solution. UZKL according to the manufacturer for the year 2008 is about 1,500 rubles., Tamper – 100 rubles.

on our price list, and mounting kit – 300 rubles. The sum of 1900 rubles. That more than 2 times less retail value hatch. In this case the decision, unlike the others, and ensures the protection of the well, and accurate targeting, and reliability of locking the top hatch, and ease of installation and speed of deployment. That is why colleagues of the “Uralsvyazinform” expressed a desire to continue to massively install such devices on their networks.