Month: March 2013

Only Obesity Surgery Option To Lose Weight

Obesity is a problem that affects many Mexican, but more serious is the fact that even knowing that we have about weight not do anything about. One of the problems that cause overweight is diabetes, which is becoming a storm for many because children now also acquire it. The envelope not only weight causes diabetes, also brings even more serious consequences such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer and even premature death. Now many are turning to surgery of obesity as the only option to lose weight, as there are extreme cases in which the diets no longer work. With the recent technology found that obesity surgery reduces by 40% the mortality of patients with obesity. Before people didn’t believe in obesity surgeries because they thought that the rebound was inevitable, now with obesity surgery can be sure that the patient will be losing weight steadily pro around 1 year and half, the future the patient you have to build. If you wish to practise a surgery of obesity the Prime thing to do is go to a doctor, who will tell you first that nothing if you are a candidate for some sort of these surgeries, if you’re candidate he already tell you that it is what you need to do. Obesity surgery is practiced successfully in many health centers, if you are looking for one will not hesitate in going with the specialists of Monterrey, undoubtedly are the best. Original author and source of the article

National Development

Negotiation cone crusher made new industry modelbroken machine more than cross-industry exhibition in the field of outstanding performance The recently promulgated by the state support for water conservancy facilities and protection of housing construction policy there is a certain role in boosting the construction machinery industry, the inflection point has come remains to be seen, an industry long term rapid growth is not sustainable, need to be adjusted and return to the rational.China in recent years, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry in technology development and technology change the climax of the is was.Such as high air temperature of ball mill the blast furnaces in the iron and steel enterprises, the operation of the thermal air flow and blast furnace large; in steelmaking and continuous casting, converter and electric furnace steelmaking technology advances, in particular the continuous improvement of high power and ultra-high power electric furnace.In the building materials industry, such as float glass production process of continuous development and the large glass melting pool, and the introduction of foreign advanced pit furnace and so on.All of this prompted the development and application of new refractories.An important part of the construction machinery manufacturing industry, for example, Fly Ash Dryer before the country repeatedly issued the policy to support the remanufacturing industry.Recently, National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on the deepening of the remanufacturing pilot work, the type and scope of the product will expand remanufacturing, continue to organize and re-create the pilot, and increase support for efforts.Especially the development of ore equipment industry, the object will be our key support in the next few years.For refractory materials processing and domestic brands of Zhengzhou to Gaia Machinery Co., Ltd. production of a variety of gravel crushing and milling devices, such as coarse jaw crusher crusher series mobile crushing plant, in broken crusher series mobile crushing plant, for mineral processing, chemical, cement, refractories, abrasives, building materials and other industrial sector, energy-efficient mill, the PE jaw crusher, PF counterattack crusher counterattack efficient system of sand machine, crushing. The following hardness minerals, rocks and refractories.Broken machinery more excellent effect than normal, especially in refractory and mining industries.In recent years, is widely used in crushing steel grit and other industries.Various types of crushers have different specifications, different use.At present, the processing plant coarse crushing with a crusher or cone crusher, crushed in the standard cone crusher, crushing the short head cone crusher.The Zhengzhou silah development of the impact crusher (counterattacks broken) for crushing ore and medium-coarse-grained bulk materials, widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy Cone Crusher and chemical industries.Impact Crusher is the most widely used crusher has the advantage of big crushing ratio, uniform particle size of the finished product, low running cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc.

Automotive Industry Management Software

Elche (Alicante), 10 May 2011. -the crisis that prevails in the automotive sector is causing buyers to use other channels to get advice and buy vehicles. The Autobuga franchise has been able to detect that this situation a business opportunity can be generated via the Internet and has launched a management software in automotive. Thus, Autobuga is a tool that assists in the purchase and sale of vehicles, to do business easily. The automotive market is every day more competitive as individuals themselves are going to be competing. Therefore, the purchases and sales must cooperate among themselves to ensure a successful transaction.

This software offers a list of cars to customers in more than 100 agencies a mouse, at the time that automatically updates the web page and sends new vehicles to more than 25 vehicles sales portals in a single step without having to load the photos and information of each one of them. According to the Manager of Autobuga, Jose Ramon Martinez, the years of competing between purchases and sales already have been completed and now the future is to have a great network of partners to sell products in a quick and effective way. Internet, source of information according to a study presented by Google, Internet has become the source of information most commonly used by new vehicle buyers, surpassing even the dealers. In fact, 72 percent of these buyers use the network for information and more than one-third use it to find dealers. In addition, it has become the starting point of your research, the place in which the future buyer starts his search and where spent virtually the entire process up to the purchase. Similarly, 76 percent of those who have purchased a new vehicle prior to the survey have sought information on the Internet. In the continuity of his search, 74 percent have used it to compare cars and 40 percent had used the Internet to take the final decision against 4 percent of television and 5 percent of automobile magazines.