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North Rhine Health

A holiday in the Teutoburg Forest is able to improve not only the fitness, but makes you forget the stress in everyday life. For the VitalWanderWelt, is hiking in the foreground and has a programme for health prevention and health promotion within North Rhine-Westphalia. During their vacation in the Teutoburger forest can be selected between different places. No matter whether bad Holzhausen, Bad Oeynhausen, Bad Salzuflen, Halle Westfalen or horn-bad Meinberg, all regions are equipped with ideal hiking trails. Wander for well-being the VitalWanderWelt has among other programs for cardiovascular, COPD – tinnitus – and Adipositaserkrankte. In this program are monitored medically and psychologically by a doctor and it spas will be charged to the selection. Also recommended hikes are cared for after the health check telemedicine or by doctors. On top of that you can with the help of therapy services, nutrition advice and body massages, which are matched to the clinical picture, your Sustainably improve well-being.

The VitalWanderWelt is also perfect to relax and to relieve stress. Of course, you are also accompanied by doctors and therapists. After a fitness check, you expect then personally on you walking cut to, soothing massages and relaxing baths. Also provide tips on the prevention of diseases and to the diet for you to come back in great shape and solved their holidays. Leisure equal a good overview book the Web page of VitalWanderWelt followed with great attention to detail and offers enough information about the available therapies. The offer is illustrated by attractive illustrations and videos.

The various headings which divided the website into three main areas, make it easy to manage the site and manageable. In addition find an offer catalogue of VitalWanderWelt, you can look through online on the website. Get the latest holiday offers from nine regions of VitalWanderWelt. For additional Information is a service line available also. Via email or call you can contact in this way enabled employees of VitalWanderWelt. Take advantage of the offers of the VitalWanderWelt and book your own personal vacation in the Teutoburg Forest.


As the soldier Alexander during the operations in Kosovo as the marrow of the Stefan Morsch Foundation became for the life saver G. somewhere in Australia there a woman who fights for her life. The wife has leukemia. To have a chance in this fight, she needs someone who has the same genetic characteristics and is willing to help her, a totally strange woman. Among medical histories like this for the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation, Germany’s oldest Stammzellspenderdatei, everyday life, they never become routine. Has a truly global network, the Foundation gives every day Stammzell-or bone marrow donors for Leukemia patients in nearly three decades. A matching Lifesaver in the file has been found also for the sick Australian: A German soldier – currently stationed in an outdoor camp in Kosovo, a region where even the normal medical care can be problematic. Under most conditions isearch would agree.

However, in cooperation with the German armed forces could also the patient on the other end of the world be helped. Alexander G., whose name here is abbreviated because he is still in operations abroad, is 24 years old. The main Corp comes from a 5000-strong community in the Bavarian district Neustadt an der Waldnaab. Usually, he does his service at the Panzerbatallion 104 in the Oberpfalz barracks in Pfreimd. He did his military service in Willow 2011. Then he let typify themselves by the Stefan Morsch Foundation. Teams of the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany are traveling almost daily to win young soldiers as unrelated. Neil R Cole shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

More than 3500 members of the Bundeswehr in the donor file could be recorded in the first half of 2013. People who have declared themselves ready, to donate in emergencies for a people suffering from leukemia stem cells and to give the chance of a cure so the patient. “People like Alexander G.: I thought that is a great thing.” Less than a year later he was needed.

Natural Minerals Help Deacidifying The Body

Sick for no reason? It doesn’t have to be! The acidification of the body will be made responsible for a variety of different diseases. Examples are: stomach/intestinal problems, hair loss, depression, eczema, tooth decay, also bone diseases such as rheumatism, gout, osteoporosis or arthritis. Also can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. This frightening list demonstrates, it is utmost importance to pay attention to a good acid-base balance. Doctors often do not recognize the link between these diseases and the acid-base ratio and initiate unnecessary treatment paths, which can often not to the improvement and in the worst cases have even strong side effects. Many patients need a disturbed acid-bases ratio in the body many years to detect what is the actual trigger of their symptoms.

You can only restore or keep in balance, if you permanently supplies the body with minerals. FeelGood-Shop.com has a new totally natural food supplements on sale, that can help to normalieiren the acid-base ratio in the body and to extract the body active. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. That means multi minerals products”and comes from the Dutch company all For You. Why so many people suffer from disorders in the acid balance? That the acid base balance off balance has been with so many of us, is to a large extent on an unbalanced diet. Especially the excessive intake of protein (E.g. in the form of the meat) and sugar (in all possible food) represent a cause of the acidosis. In addition, that increasing acidification also occurs if you eat too much or too hastily.

Also hectic characterizes our everyday life: stress at work, stress at home also this constant pressure has resulted in that the body produces too much acid. Alcohol, cigarettes and coffee are classic acid producers. Multi minerals”was special developed for the harmonization of bases and acids in the body. It contains all important minerals in the form of very high quality, organic. Many other products on the market contain only a few a few minerals and this often in their “metallic” forms (i.e. they are recorded not so well and quickly by the body as the “organic” relatives) and are often extremely expensive. Multi minerals”of ALL FOR YOU is a low-cost, high-quality way, throughout the body something to do good and to recover the acid-base balance, or to get with just one tablet per day. “Multi minerals” can immediately at FeelGood-Shop.com be ordered online under:… Detailed information and order at or call 00800-872 456 22 (free from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg) please send press inquiries:

Vaccination Against Swine Flu – Immune Even Without Vaccination.

Here is the ground-breaking alternative to protect against swine flu without any side effects! Ask yourself the question: swine flu vaccination – yes or no? Immune to swine flu without vaccination! The central theme is the swine flu in recent months. Currently, the question is of course: vaccination or better no vaccination? The uncertainty is increasing on the swine flu vaccination. There is hardly a day when not a new message about vaccination against swine flu is published. The discussion about the vaccines unsettled people. In Germany, a so-called active amplifier is used for the first time ever in a commercially available vaccine. It is not something Byron Trott would like to discuss. What’s up with these active amplifiers to? There are accessories that enhance not only the effectiveness of a vaccine, but also its side effects. List the side effects here, beyond the article. Especially it is cannot be ruled out that the additive mixture “of swine flu vaccination an accumulation of rare threatening damage” cause (such as nerve damage).

Thank God there are alternatives! A strong immune system is very important. Continue to learn more with: Sony. If you have a strong immune system, which will develop no symptoms of swine flu. Strengthen the defense forces include not only much fresh air to be and a healthy diet, but also subliminals. This is specially selected, pleasant music, which include over 100 positive information stored under music – around the topic of swine flu / flu influenza H1 N1 I’m immune to swine flu! “Are subliminals what? Subliminals (Latin sub “under” and liminis “threshold”) to German subliminal”, based on a technique whereby you can bring information directly and bypassing the intellect in the subconscious. There are positive information (affirmations), which are fused in a way with the music of the mind does not see, but the subconscious and is therefore very effective.

Listening to subliminals which is currently most famous and strongest technique to incidentally “goals to be reached or to implement. This method is the redesign of your subconscious mind and helps you to transform negative experiences and doubts of any kind in positive attitudes to life. The subliminal I’m immune to swine flu! “can any number of times, no matter whether loud or quiet, be heard. More often it is subliminal belongs, the better it works!

KU64 Goes South Africa

the dental specialists of KU64 in Berlin have teamed up Foundation with the non-profit Laureate to help the weakest in our world community. Specifically: are four handler teams from KU64 in the period from the 18th until 28 January 2009 about three hundred children in South Africa provide dental and teach them playful effective methods for oral hygiene. The name of the project, which funded Foundation and is initiated by the laureate: . Four dentists and six assistants of KU64 would create a place Foundation and the Westcoast-kids team in Paternoster on the West coast of South Africa together with the laureate, where disadvantaged children can grow up healthy and safe. This common concern is one of many child aid projects, which concretely and effectively to improve the lives of needy children in South Africa.

These include comprehensive projects in the fields of education, the improvement of living conditions and of course health in this case dental health, which can prevent many infections. The KU64 team and the Foundation take care of the lost and forgotten children, through the cracks of the large aid agencies must fall and growing up in a dreary misery in the long term and are trapped in wretched circumstances.


When you are emotionally weak probably will have more anxiety to food. Many times our negative emotions to calm anxiety present give us more willing to eat, these are like the tension, anger, tension, sadness, loneliness, these symptoms can sabotage your efforts to lose weight. The anxiety often leads to overeating and out of control, especially high-calorie foods such as sweet, salty and fatty The good news is that if you are prone to anxiety, you can keep and regain self-control measures your eating habits and achieve your goal weight loss The connection between mood and food The major life events such as unemployment, divorce, the breakup of a long, exhausting work, changes in routine normal may trigger emotions that lead to overeating. But why do negative emotions lead to anxiety? Often associated with eating foods that are tasty and appetizing, just the pleasure of eating outweighs the negative emotions. The food can be a distraction. If you are worried about an upcoming event, eating food can keep distracted. But the distraction is just temporal.Meanwhile, you are eating your thoughts feeling how nice it can be food. Unfortunately when you are able to realize that eating too much this can lead to pay attention to the food ingested way too may feel guilty and this brings an additional burden by overeating.

How to regain control over eating habits Although strong emotions can trigger their anxiety to food, you can take steps to control the anxiety. try these tips: Learn to recognize when you really when you are hungry. Do you feel physical or emotional hunger? If you just ate a few hours ago and we probably really feel satisfied hunger Make a list where few intake record made during the day, write down everything you eat, how much you eat and how it feels to eat and how hungry es.En Over time you may realize how much you eat that food is not were necessary and that negative factors can be avoided. When you are done and eager for some candy to eat instead of eating take a walk, or watch a movie, call a friend, listen to music. If you stay active and busy avoid the anxiety of eating. Realize in your refrigerator cleaning remove or dispose of high-calorie foods and that he just does not add fat and vitamins and proteins. If you have the urge to eat between meals make healthy food choices low in fat and calories as fresh fruit, popcorn or goats that help digestion, drink water, this will give the feeling of satisfaction. Try to eat within the regular hours, include foods from the food chain, nuts are a good source of calories and are healthy, cereal grains, fruits, drink minimum 8 glasses of water, try not to mix carbs with meat, if consume dairy opt for the low-fat or skim.

Do exercises that will help counteract the anxiety and that exercise keeps your mind occupied and gives a sense of well being in addition to burning calories and unwind . If you have anxiety to be forgiving and start a plan the next day. Internet learn from experience you can avoid the future.Focus in positive changes you made in your eating habits and take credit yourself achieve changes that would ensure better health.

Osteoporosis – More Life Quality Through Information

The bone health consultation available all registered users free of charge as a discussion forum. In a multinational survey of patients (844; = n Women 55 + with postmenopausal osteoporosis) and physicians (n = 837; General practitioners and specialists, the osteoporosis patients treat) the International Osteoporosis Foundation found that patients more fear from the effects of osteoporosis on their quality of life (for example through a bone fracture and decreased activity) when doctors take this part. The results also show that appropriate information and opportunities are missing the patients to express these concerns and to optimize their treatment of osteoporosis. The survey, which was conducted in 13 countries in Europe and Australia, reveals new challenges in the treatment of osteoporosis, one must take into account through improved self management strategies for patients and communication networks in the health system. The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V.

is oldest patient organisation in Germany, which committed to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of bone health, and patients with an osteoporosis, 25 years of tireless work. It is a point of contact for stakeholders and interested parties. “” Under the motto a heart for patients ‘ cares about current scientific medical knowledge in patient-friendly language in flyers, brochures and the magazine MobilesLEBEN, “to introduce a broad audience. With the consultation of bone health, we now start an Internet forum for the exchange of thoughts, opinions, and experiences for patients and all those interested. We discuss with each other about current topics of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and other bone diseases. This discussion will take place with a time delay; It can be any questions asked and answers given. The bone health consultation available all registered users free of charge as a discussion forum. A disorderly guest access is off privacy reasons not possible.

Please ask your login – data at the Head Office of the Board of Trustees of bone health e.V.: Board of Trustees bone health e.V.: the Board of Trustees of bone health, is the oldest non-profit patient organization that cares for osteoporosis bone health and the clinical picture. Since its inception in 1986 that engaged Trustees bone health e.V. to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation far beyond the osteoporosis for all bone health problems. The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V. is committed it aimed to feed more patients of better and adequate medical treatment and to strengthen the economic value and the image of the self-help movement to motivate people as empowered patients with your doctor in the long term to cooperate.

New Stone

Kidney disease in conjunction with PolyScope flexible Endoscope System round seven million Germans have kidney stones. Many of those affected don’t even notice it, because the stones frequently cause no complaints up to a certain size or spontaneously are excreted via the urine from the body. A certain size and complications but the stones must be removed to avoid any build-up of urine and kidney damage. In these cases, the stone fragmentation by extracorporeal shock wave has established itself as the therapy of urinary stone disease, however there may be this residual fragments. Flexible endoscopes, like the PolyScope system, allow, however, usually a complete removal of the stone and offer additional advantages for patients and hospitals. The urolithiasis, the urinary stone formation in the jargon is said, is not a new disease, but as long as mankind exists. Urinary stones were already found in Egyptian mummies and written traditions from the 3rd millennium BC confirm that also Occurrence of bladder and kidney stones at the time. But only in modern times that suffering became a disease of civilization, as a result of our affluent society.

Urinary stones are formed namely from mineral salts, if the content in the urine is too high. A fat – and protein-rich diet with high meat and sausage consumption also promotes the formation of stone like salty food, small amounts of drinking and lack of exercise. These factors led to a huge health problem, because today about seven million of the German population suffering kidney stones and rising. Medical technology recognized this trend early on and revolutionized the treatment standards in the 1980s with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL). This produced shock waves shatter the stone in spontaneous departure enabled fragments. This method can be considered a milestone in the treatment of kidney stones, she however not always worked perfectly in practice, so that stone pieces remain and cause problems can. Another kind of treatment represents the flexible Ureterorenoskopie system, with the chances of a residue-free removal of the stone still continue to rise. Especially in patients with stones in the renal calyces, the flexible endoscopes have proven themselves.

A major disadvantage of this method of therapy but has been time-consuming and costly sterilization of instruments used. This should gas be sterilized namely, achieving an adequate sterility. And because gas sterilizers nowadays hardly used in clinics, the operation must be carried externally, resulting in delays. Yet every time a sterile endoscope is available, hospitals in this case are instructed several endoscopes to acquire. This results in high investment costs, which many hospitals waive the use of Ureterorenoskopie systems. Now, PolyScope another turning point in treating urinary stone was recently achieved with the flexible one time catheter system. The sterile endoscopes are at any time ready to use, because they require after a treatment of any extensive decontamination, but disposed of easily and with them possible pathogens. Thus, patients, doctors and hospitals benefit from the single time catheters secure and cost-efficient.

Stress Prevention Strategies

Health is the Supreme good. Knows also Helmut Tietz, healer and coach for people with stress levels. On his blog, gives Mr. If you have read about Kai-Fu Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Tietz not only valuable tips and provides free downloads, but is also personally involved and answered all the questions. After 17 years of seminar, the emerging personality coach had a dramatic personal experience, which contributed decisively to its change. “After he just again a very successful year” had concluded, he was diagnosed with a severe viral infection.

When the doctor predicted him even an impending heart attack, this gave him the crucial occasion to reconsider its previous philosophy of life and question. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. From the ground up, Helmut Tietz changed his life to escape the stress and the death trap that is associated. Helmut Tietz did it and would like to help others now, who’s stuck in a similar situation, as he even then. So he presents in his stress tips blog prevention strategies, which already first thought to trigger. These are for example the success diary and the comparison barometer. Topics such as the assessment of proportionality, the eternal problem of time and stress-producing beliefs were written down thoroughly and clearly.

Often too high benchmarks for the own services will be set, which then to failure and stress. “Helmut Tietz has in his eBook helpful strategies and practical tips with concrete step for step instructions: avoid the Burnout Syndrome”, put together. Thus, he could achieve initial success and reap positive resonances. The trained practitioner and coach offers professional individual consultations for in-depth help. Conclusion: blog-a successful blog for all stress and burnout syndrome vulnerable people. Here are not only food for thought given, but detailed strategies and practical tools for coping with stress and burnout prevention offered.

Anton Hotels

If you going to happen a few d? as in the city condal first thing is find accommodation in hotels in Barcelona. Today we are going to propose a modernist route through the city. We can find the modernist style throughout the city but mainly focuses on the area of the Eixample. Do architects Dise? aron his works to the length and breadth of the paseo de Gracia, also? n rebuilt some old buildings, to the city of Barcelona join the grace Villa. It is not necessary to this hosted in the same area as there are very good means of communication? n from any of the hotels in Barcelona until the modernist neighbourhood. You are going to propose a route through the main modernist buildings of the city these are: to)? Does Palau of the M? sica Catalan: can reach to? l in underground from one of the hotels in Barcelona until Urquinaona metro station.

Entry costs: pensioners, students /adultos 7/8 euros. Work of Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner of 1905. b)????? Cases Cabot: the work of the architect Josep Vilaseca to Joaquin Cabot in 1905. c)?????? Casa Calvet: is a work of Anton? Gaud? for the a? or Do do 1,900 today is a restaurant of the m? s elegant of the city, where may? n eat without having to go back to one of the hotels in Barcelona where est? hosted n. d)????? Casa Pia Batll?: is the work that best represents the style of Josep Vilaseca and was built between 1891 and 1896. e)????? House Lle? Do do morera: is one of the m works? important s of Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner of on a? or 1902. f)?????? Casa Amatller: works of Josep Puig and Cadalfach’s the a? or 1898. g)????? Do do Batll House?: is a work character? Anton stretch? Gaudi. The entry costs to students and retired persons/adults 13/16, 50.