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Clic Entrepreneurs

First let me thank you for reading this article and lend me your attention that is valuable and when you say that I’m going to try something convenserte let me tell you that I’m going to say something important that is linked to your future to your success on the internet, and you say important because until now there is no anything like and go direct to the grain but promise to Clic the article until the end. Well say of this opportunity because it exists a community of entrepreneurs who will help each other to create internet business, to succeed on the internet, starting from scratch with the help of the founders of encouraging entrepreneurs and with support, inside there you will find those who are community and forums where there are people that can help you in everything you want because all interact together to help and exit forward, there is also what is the service of web hosting is free and with unlimited amounts of, in addition to a free blog to begin writing your articles or what you like, besides that this technical support here to help you with the configuration of your blog if you have a problem just have to report it in the support section, is also the system networker that this helps you to increase your sales and the creation of pages capture, all what you say is true I never you would say something that would lie or whatever bad product and what you say is important because still missing more tools and services that has driving entrepreneurs as they are 4 training per month this 1 every week that comprise it: training basics. Entrepreneurs success. Pete Cashmore has much to offer in this field. Questions and answers section. Advanced training. All this is here from scratch with few skills here you will find many people who can help and are also the founders of foregut and technical support where you will learn to create your business little by little but with strong and solid knowledge.


For example: you can buy an elephant in a shop “elephant”. Our elephants – Elephants are the best in the world. They were bought in the very hot and wild point of Africa and brought us into the city quite a long time Several paragraphs with key words will suffice. After you insert the picture. But do not forget to make every Alt text. After all, the picture also indexed by search engines.

But not necessarily to optimize each page. This You can do 1:5, where 5 – regular posts. In the early launch of your site try to add 3-5 news daily. Over time, leave on a news day. And do not forget to add.

After the visitors began to come, we can earn! To start earning on entertainment sites, there are several ways, chief among them – teaser ads. This block images and text advertising entertainment. You get money each time someone clicks on the ad. One such service When installing the teasers on the site try to place them in a conspicuous place, but so that they are not blisters visitors eyes. For example, in a single column menu, and under each account at the end of the page. Site under the headline teasers better not to put – in a place they are very distracting. When the income will go first, do not rush to remove them from the wallets and spend at your pleasure. It is better to spend it wisely, then the money will bring you new and will be repaid many times over! Buy a few links to the site. Kai-Fu Lee has compatible beliefs. And so every time you receive money. In this scenario, your life will start to rise significantly, and greatly increased attendance. Continue to actively buy new references to the time until your tic reaches 300-400. To purchase links have special services. For example, Exchange links or service promotion blogs After that, your site will be tens of thousands of visitors a day, and eventually hundreds. With such an attendance of your earnings start to grow before our eyes. But in any case, do not stop there. Just keep adding at least piece of news a day and buy some links on a monthly basis. Once your website is a great attendance, you can sell space for banners. And believe me, pay for them will not in the hundreds:). Just hang banners of their affiliate programs. On this you can earn. Well these are affiliate programs, like games for mobile phones, CDs, and books on weight loss and seduction, etc. Sell links on the exchange. For example, There you be able to get a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month. It all depends on how much promoted your resource. But never under any circumstances, earn popups and sites with pornography, which suddenly opened before the eyes of users. It is very discouraged visitors. Do not forget to subscribe to the rss (news feed). So you can constantly remind yourself. Those who signed it, and come letters with updates on your site.

Hosts Files

Almost all editions of Windows operating systems, there is one very interesting file whose name is hosts. And that's about it I'll tell you. This unremarkable-looking I've found operdelyaet ratio ip address and domain name. That is, dns is a mini system that works only on your computer and converts the IP-address to a domain name and vice versa. Accessing the file has priority before going to the dns server browser.

And I forgot to specify where he is file. The location of the hosts file on the system by default -% SystemRoot% system32driversect, where% SystemRoot% – System folder (usually C: Windows) and open it with notepad. Also, this way to the hosts file can be changed using the registry c Windows. The registry is a parameter responsible for the way him, DatabasePath, which is located in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001servicesTcpipParameters The syntax is very simple. Each association ip (there must be at least one space) domain name must be on a new line, the lines at the beginning of which is icon (#) are commented out and ignored by the interpreter. Well, now go directly to the practice. Add a file entry, for example,, and now enter into your browser The site loaded and This is because we specified ip, owned by google.

Now try this entry Well, now that you got instead of Google? Correctly, Yandex! Understand the essence? And also we can prevent a visit to our site computer, adding to the hosts file the line Naturally the browser will throw an error because the browser will look for sites not on the internet and the computer. Managing these files, you can restrict access to certain sites at all – parents, Take you on a note – also, using this file, you can speed up the loading site, enter IP-address of the site you want. This allows the browser to access the web-server directly, bypassing the dns. This file also needs to know every webmaster, so as they often have to deal with it, developing the site on a local web-server. Unfortunately, in recent years this feature of Windows are increasingly used by hackers to redirect the user to create fake site to obtain data on which your account or site, or extort money through sms. More often victims of scams are becoming users of such social networks as Vkontakte and Meyl.Ru. But now you're in the subject and know how to get rid from this kind of squeezing money. Sometimes it is enough to remove the lines in the hosts file and put it right just to read. Good luck)

Nicholas Nadeina

Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina. Built the very first in Yaroslavl tenements, it was later heavily rebuilt. In Soviet times it was surrounded by modern apartment buildings, among which is quite lost. Less frequently than the other temples Yaroslavl, suited to her visitors. But she still is beautiful! And that was in the xvii century! Then it was the first The first stone church, built not a prince or a king or a rich monastery.

Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina built a native of People just Yaroslavl merchant. Built on the bank of the Volga, it made a huge impression on his contemporaries. High, stone, five-domed, surrounded by open gallery, which gave her a very picturesque view. It proud. About her legends. The church was dedicated to the patron of merchants, Nicholas. But the name of the church soon began to add the name of the person who built – Nadei Sveteshnikova.

And still the name of the Yaroslavl merchant perpetuated in the name of the church. Probably worth it, this man! Rich, adventurous, bold. He wore a high title of tsar's guest, who could only welcome the king. And got it, very few merchants. In the xvii century in Russia sovereign's guests were only about 30. And the title is complained of Merit. Nadia Sveteshnikov mastered the new land, made bold trades, collecting taxes, bringing huge profits to the Treasury, has repeatedly lent money and the king. But was independent merchant. Built a magnificent church, and in it put jasper floor, what was not in a Moscow church. Ordered the emperor to take this floor for Moscow. A finished this amazing man is bad. Making another bold trade operation, he took a large sum of money, but was unable to return. And every day, beaten with a whip no longer young man. This was called . So on e he died. He has built the church of St. Nicholas Nadeina in Yaroslavl, still stands today and is named after its founder. Its one of the first in Russia was built in stone after the terrible period of the Time of Troubles, and she became the first jewel in a beautiful necklace of stone churches, constructed in Yaroslavl in the xvii century.

Sell Your Opinion

Many may remember that in stores, at subway stations, and just on the streets they approached by people asking them to answer a few questions about a particular product or event, instead of also offering some souvenir. This is one of types of sociological research (let’s call it a street or field). But it goes for them, and a more profitable and interesting surveys – focus groups. First, a little theory. Sots.oprosy conduct market research Centers commissioned by companies wishing to launch a new product, no matter what, it could be any product or service. Research topics can range from condoms to the car. Such surveys are usually in the format focus groups, with the participation of 7.8 respondents (that is the respondent) and lead (querist).

Respondents in the group are selected according to certain criteria, depending on the topic: sex, age, profession. From the respondent you only need to express their attitude to a particular product, no one to argue with you or would not say that you are wrong. In the focus groups, the principle – how many people so many opinions. Usually, such conversations usually last from 30 minutes Up to 3 hours, after which you will immediately receive a fee which ranges from 150-1500 rubles. True, there are exceptions, for example, if you are the owner of a new foreign cars, the amount of compensation could reach, and 5000 rubles, all again depends on theme. Apart from the focus groups including paid opinion poll are: 1.

Interview. The conversation between the respondent and the lead is a tete-a-tete. Payment for this poll is very worthy. I recently had a 20 minute paid 1300r. 2. Home visit (home visit). This when the lead comes to your guests. These are not held frequently. 3. Hall-test (Hall-test). Participated only once. A group of 7 people for 10 minutes gone in three different rooms and sniffed the smell of tobacco, then filled in the questionnaires. Generally, this test product, as I understand it. Go tell about negative of such earnings. Once you’ve visited in the survey research center, the next time you can come back only after 6 months. But the benefit of such centers a lot. If you’ve never participated in anything like that, but would like to try to earn extra money on this, then you might want to read the following. Step 1 st: We are looking in the internet ad recruiters (those who employ people in surveys). Choose those ad, where you are coming by sex and age. Step 2: nd. Calls and written. Recruiter, as a person financially interested (they receive money for each respondent), tells you about the research topic and provide recommendations as to fill out a questionnaire to get to the group. Step the third. We arrived at the appointed place on time, fill the form in accordance with the recommendations of the recruiter. We rent and wait until it will analyze. In the “worst” case, you fail in the focus group, but you still pay compensation equal to approximately 50% of the amount promised for the poll. Is it bad to get 500 rubles for 10 ticks in the questionnaire. Step 4: th. If you have a group, then sit back and enjoy the fellowship, wait a reward. I go to the polls for nearly 5 years and so I can give some useful advice from him. 1. Do not be afraid of the fact that you do not understand. I went to the poll on a platinum credit cards American Express, though in my life I have never was normal. Was on “credits”, which in life he took. The main thing to prepare, read on the Internet material on the desired topics. There is only one exception – polls on cigarettes, if you do not smoke, do not go better. 2. The questionnaire in paragraph “does not work if your relatives or friends in the following sectors: advertising, pr, marketing, media and others” always put a tick – any of this. Otherwise we will not pass. 3. If you are just starting to attend paid for in polls, in no case do not go in the “head” branch research centers. Since many research companies have a center, with whom they share information about respondents. And if you will, I’m alone times, once at home, then you will make to the base, and 6 months may not be able to visit any branch of the company. Ask recruiters about it, they should be aware of. 4. Always boldly go to the “no basis”. It’s the same focus group, but its members “Does not punch” on the basis of the respondents to participate in other surveys.

Advertising Readers

Unfortunately, the price for this type of advertising is very high, about 16,000 rubles for the smallest Module B5, in the most expensive area, and placing less than a month is not true, and the effect is only visible at a time until the advertising goes. A special category – it's glossy magazines, but with the advent of crisis, their numbers fell sharply, while each publication has its own specific audience, which remains unchanged. For example, the most popular glossy magazine in Ufa circulation 15000 copies and readers – 53,700 people (about 4 readers per copy), according to tns Russia. And according to one advertising message costs about 70 cents, to this audience is a very good price. When you select a glossy magazine you choose not to log, but its audience. Accordingly, the advertising message must be is strictly aimed at readers. The effect of such placement will occur from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the proposed goods / services. Advertising on tv is considered the most effective, unfortunately, not in our region.

The effect of such advertising certainly is and he's great, but it all depends on the advertised goods, in most cases, this type of advertising is used to maintain the image and announcements about promotions. Radio ads very similar to advertising in glossy magazines, a narrow audience for reasonable money. And to our delight a variety of forms and methods of delivery of advertising, and always go to a meeting, if you have any new ideas. Outdoor advertising – billboards, banners, etc.

The Buyer

We love someone without conditions and expectations, aware of his shortcomings. So we must love ourselves. Often hear the question – if I love myself, I will not I selfish? I will not confident in their indispensability, does not lose there ability and willingness to change? No! In fact, unconditional love is "open eyes" – we are perfectly visible and aware of our limitations and shortcomings. We just look at them as natural. This does not mean that we do not allow changes or avoid change. If we love children, we want them to have changed them to grow so they become better, more successful, loved and happy. When we love unconditionally, we are perfectly see all the flaws of the object of our love.

And we want to make it better and more perfect. When you love yourself, primesh yourself, you have a real opportunity to change. Our guilt complex just stop us, take away the huge forces time and attention. When we cease to "curse" itself, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for their lives. We include analysis of: what do you like in yourself, you do not like where you're going. chards. Wilt thou refuse, For example, the habit of always being late, or this feature is pursuing some other goals that are more important than punctuality? What is the relationship between self-love and love to those around you? Is it true that a man who loves themselves, like everyone else? Yes, it's true. True love is not to love another person, and to love yourself and give this love another person. Are you paying attention, that there are people who love to which seek to communicate with whom they want to spend time? These are people who are happy, successful, loving oneself and relating to him with respect. For more information see this site: Ali Partovi.

These people are confident in his charm, charm, and this confidence is passed others. If we love ourselves, willingly or unwillingly we love and accept others. After all, others have only our reflection. And love yourself and love your reflection is impossible. And if you love those around you to present them the most precious gift in their lives. Sometimes, to estimate the strength of the unconditional love we interfere stories about unhappy love: I have his (her) so loved (love), so many sacrificed, and he left me, betrayed, used. In this case it is necessary understand that if you make any claim to "pay" your love, then it is not disinterested, not unconditional. And such a relationship – a purely market-based, do not have anything to do with love. And in this case, the laws of the market – If your item and its price does not suit the buyer, he may refuse to purchase, require a discount, "steal" the item – eg, popolzovavshis and do not pay. Unconditional love does not impose restrictions on the "object" Love may not demand anything, especially to a man for you has changed. Also, I can not give another person something that I have not. I can not provide a roof over his head to a friend, if I have no home. I can not donate or borrow money, if I do not. I can not give love, if you do not like and do not know how it's done. I invite you to a free mini-seminar on "Love of self, where we learn to love and respect themselves, to hear his voice subconscious mind and to understand their true aspirations.

Choice Of Optimism

Sergei Sergeyevich walking down the street and pondering. He had long wanted to save money for a new car, but it does not work. Since work is often dismissed, and the funds were sufficient only for minimum material requirements. What to do? As get the right amount? Yes, and I wanted to find a place to work was nice Maybe it's impossible? What if it's such a fate, and nothing can be changed? Sergei Sergeyevich remembered for optimism, and smiled. For more specific information, check out Ali Partovi. What's on it proc? Believe it or not in the best, Hope is no hope – nothing changed. Apparently, he's just doomed to again and again to make malouspeshnye attempts. And the rich just the fate of another.

They simply destined to – to be rich and happy Everything is predetermined. (A valuable related resource: Pete Cashmore). And in the world dominated by relentless rock You can certainly try to change myself to learn, for example, a new profession pass any courses, search the appropriate announcements work Although – is it worth? All the same, because it will not work I guess it's better to resume the path of the usual rut. So reliable, safe or try to do something new? Sergei Sergeyevich thought. He feared new disappointments. But also live in the old is tired. So he's a pessimist? And best of all – to change ourselves, to turn into an optimist? I say to that optimists may do better No, it's better not to go any optimism either in pessimism, but simply take a sober look at things – to be realistic

The Greens

For the State, the CDU, however, demands minimum retention periods for connection data and more A video surveillance. When it comes to concrete Web problems, the CDU only ever checks the State jurisdiction. Overall, the CDU remains in its neo-liberal economic approach as far to state regulations and assumes a global threat, against Germany, its prosperity must – defend no basis for even baptized “digital growth land #1”. Also the FDP wants to help high-tech startups with a foreign trade offensive and innovation programs to encourage the middle class, and with improved fiscal conditions, as well as help raising capital. The FDP has in April about their Ministry ever stepped forward EUR 150 million and shown that it holds at least a part of the new economy for eligible. Otherwise, bureaucracy and better financing options to provide startups for more. An alternative for start ups are the SPD and Greens? Purely formal offers differ the SPD and Greens to start ups not be much Government coalition. Better framework conditions to facilitate the leap into self-employment more Germans, the research and development sector to benefit particularly, there are targeted investment in the micro-electronics also in the CDU and the tax relief, the reduction of bureaucracy and the shortening of the administrative ways seem almost loss-free to be taken with the FDP.

Start-ups is on SPD “Creative industry” and that future technologies received the title of “new lead markets”. This is actually a bit short at the huge scope that makes the political rival here. To read more click here: Pete Cashmore. The problem of the SPD is that she switched on the compatibility with the early chosen coalition partner “Greens” instead of start ups as your own situation to handle. This leads next to the parallels with the Government coalition to a kind of double front with the Greens, in which the SPD covers areas such as sustainability, energy and resource efficiency, or even the renewal of traditional industries. explanations. The comrades have too early on the Role of the wise Uncle decorated, which will launch the alternative attack of the Green nephews and nieces in the fairway best for the citizens of. There is, however, no profile to win with dark oracles. Unfortunately, the long adult Greens have made the same mistake.

They also invaded all parties with their statements in the Middle, because is here generally believed to have the largest pool of votes. The Greens voters but no Cunnings of tax or freshly conceived economic competence want, but concrete proposals, as the company environmentally and socially continue to evolve. After the Bayern defeat the alternatives row back on turn of the energy and food health. It is indeed unfortunate that this interesting claims, such as the discharge of small businesses are being urged by larger or micro-loans for start-ups in the background. Conclusion: Sad but true: for start ups little will change after the election, no matter who governs. When any party is a special commitment for young IT investors to recognize, even if related words are used more than once in the electoral programs. Voters can count high at most from the economic approaches of the parties, which each could mean the General summoned “SME promotion” for young companies in the IT sector. They have the best chance to land a hit, even with the Greens. Thinking in decentralised structures, bring a socially relevant result, discards some by-products which are interesting for start ups. The only party with the startups on a much improved situation could hope probably won’t make the indentation in the Bundestag. Image source:

The Zigzag

For start-ups should However critical the new approaches of the party to be, not the missing balance of the programme. Because of course, the Party sees itself as a start-up and only to the dominant role of IT and Web in future settled political weight – in intimate togetherness by party and industry. But perhaps it is also a specifically German obstacles that even the younger generations too much of the “smallest denominator thinking” is infected. This includes then unfortunately rather established parties to choose and wrecked the boarding of the Bundestag by the pirates at the 5-percent hurdle. Laptop and Lederhosen nationwide? The exact opposite image provides the CDU if also with the CSU is an IT experienced site party to the page. With a strengthened Seehofer things may hope start up on a flat at least wave of innovation via Germany, which may come from the successful IT-Bayern.

However – who wants to introduce the toll for cars, not shying certainly even before controlling the information superhighway. The manifesto of the CDU, already extensively as the longest Christmas wishlist gift recognized the Republic, everything speaks to everyone and will usually limit the distribution then again on the traditional sinecure. Except “Let’s…” and one not closer defined middle class and start-up support anything that could be young entrepreneurs listen up there. The older among them is perhaps more common that the Government coalition 2011 impeded access to the Foundation grant, has reduced its height. The pension and pension model of the CDU is still by a lifetime rising professional straight out, not by the zigzag course of the economy, and certainly not by low wages, as they are normal workers to self exploiters in start-ups. For this you may sit up to 67 before the PC. After all, the expansion of fast Internet to be realized until 2018, as well as the right to delete personal data and data protection.

Axanta AG: Smaller Medium-sized Opts For Valuation Method Mix

Oldenburg November 2013 Udo Goetz, CEO of axanta AG, focuses in a guest article for Entrepreneur magazine on the topic of business valuation. A combination of common methods prevailed at small and medium-sized enterprises. The enterprise value is determined in the course of a sale of the company. He is one of the factors on the basis of the selling price is set. In Germany, there are three common methods groups to business valuation: the substance method, the profit-oriented procedures and the multiplier process.

Smaller medium-sized companies they can be however not always fully carried, because often lack the necessary information. Therefore a method mix has proved here close to the market. axanta AG Executive Board member Udo Goetz arrives in his guest post for the Entrepreneur magazine on the different methods and explains why a mix is often the best solution. More information on the subject are under… provided. Lead fair reviews Not infrequently, to fair prices unrealistic price expectations both buyer and seller page cause problems upon the completion of the transaction.

The buyer thinks primarily of its available resources and the seller has his later private financial needs in mind. Detailed valuations are essential to calculate the purchase price fair. axanta AG Executive Board member Udo Goetz points out, however, that the selling price is composed of many different components. Supply and demand are important but many more irrational factors also play a role. The axanta AG supports its clients in determining the company’s value, as well as in the calculation of sale price. Under the following link you will find the guest post by Udo Goetz for the Entrepreneur Magazine: 2013-FlippingBooks/UMAG-3-4-2013/#/32/about axanta AG the founded in 2006 axanta AG belongs in Germany the market leader among the independent consulting companies in the M & A business. Her focus is on consulting and support small and medium-sized companies in the purchase and sale of companies, succession and quiet and active participations. In the focus are small and medium-sized companies of all sectors of the economy, which across comprehensive support the axanta AG through all phases. In addition to the headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany, the company operates branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. As one of the first companies in the M & A industry, the axanta AG has been certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV Nord. Press contact: axanta AG, Dietmar Muller Howard 12 D 26135 Oldenburg phone 0173-6733538 E-Mail Internet:

Nuremberg Brodos

After the finale of the Roadshow ‘Retail & friends’ in Hamburg, Brodos reports positive outcome of the successful autumn tour. With a total of over 1,000 visitors and an again increased number of exhibitors the trade road show of Frankish TK distributor ended on Wednesday in Hamburg. Focused this year on the newly developed Marketplace”and the additional services for retailers. According to Dermot McCormack, who has experience with these questions. “According to the motto …einfach more in the package” Brodos wants to provide its merchants with more than the usual distribution standards. The dealers should be made more competitive with services such as training on site, Commission goods, and a collection system for used appliances.

Luttjohann draws positive conclusion in Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Berlin and Hamburg could find out the dealer at approximately 40 booths from leading manufacturers, equipment suppliers and operators about the entire range of services, as well as about current industry trends and new distribution ideas. Frank Luttjohann, Executive sales trade of Brodos AG, indents positive conclusion of the House fair of Baiersdorfer distributors: the extremely positive response of visitors encouraged us to continue to focus on our value-added services and to expand it even more. Learn more on the subject from Samsung. Just with the Marketplace we our dealers would support more in the competition against the Internet.” “Shopping platform Marketplace” because currently the difficulty stationary trade faces, that reigns on the Internet complete price transparency and there present themselves to a far wider range than in the store can be. This Brodos comes with the new development Marketplace”on. A free procurement platform in the stationary trade a virtually unlimited number of products represent allows and that behind at a price that can compete with the Internet price.

Thus, the Brodos dealer from a much larger portfolio than previously can select and buy at attractive prices. Innovations in ContentCard and StoreShip sister company ContentCard the presented at the road show newly developed kiosk”content. The touch terminal can be represented completely just over 4000 digital products and print out directly on-site. Also a prepaid insurance product was introduced with the mobile letter of BNP Paribas for mobile, Smartphone and Tablet PC exclusively. A further service offers for trading Brodos partners and multichannel provider StoreShip which actively draws customers from the manufacturer websites in the stationary store. So the dealer a receives a greater visibility on the Internet and on the other hand, customer frequency in the store increased by the stationary pickup of online ordered products. The latest customer of click & collect service provider is Rokform, a manufacturer of extremely robust protection cases for Apple and Samsung devices.

Verband Deutscher Maschinen

Here the proceeds of KSB AG 3.2 percent reached 615,6 million. In Asia, sales of the resident companies of KSB remained nearly at the same level. At the key figures for incoming orders and sales companies newly consolidated at the beginning of the year to take into account that are recorded from January until September an order intake of 20.1 million and a turnover of 19.1 million. Change of employment has increased the number of KSB employees to September 30, 2013, compared to vergleichbaren last year when 2.9 percent on 16.605. This development reflects only on, with the first-time consolidations at the beginning of the year 2013 and with the Smedegaard group at the end of the year 2012 integrated 472 persons newly coming into the group. Earnings and financial position KSB has achieved a positive result before income taxes within the group in the first nine months. This is due to the difficult market environment with reduced margins in the project business and the currency-related losses slightly under that of the previous year. The net financial position, however, exceeds the corresponding reference value because of the groupwide restrained investment activity.

Also at the end of the year the net financial position will be expected to be better than 2012. views of the Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA) reported a so far disappointing year 2013 and goes only by an increase of worldwide machine sales, including pumps and valves, by real 1 percent. For the year as a whole is to be expected than in the previous year in the group with a stagnant or slightly higher volume of business. Pending orders can contribute to an increase in new orders. In the project business, margins will fall but lower than in the two previous years.

Restrained sales growth, pressure on margins in the project business, as well as the changes of in exchange rates weigh on the profitability of the group. In this respect is today a lower earnings before taxes as a 2012 possible (132.8 million). For 2014 is according to the expectations of the VDMA again with a real growth of worldwide sales by 5 percent to machines count. He is of a business recovery in China, America and some European countries participate also KSB in the order intake. To secure profitability, is planned to reinforce the already ongoing measures to improve efficiency in the coming year. For more information you can find here. Contact: KSB Aktiengesellschaft Johann-small-Strasse 9 67227 Frankenthal Ullrich of Bala daily and business press Tel.: + 49 6233 86-2138 E-mail: Web:

High Quality Standards

Brady complete program: labels and labels for thermal transfer printers for use in industry, laboratories and the macro trade leads the large assortment of hundreds of different Brady labels IDENT. Including standard and special labels are located (blank and pre-printed), signs, ribbons, followers and heat shrink tubing for use in industry, trade, and in laboratories. The famous Brady distributor in the South of Munich leads a large labels and signs range with high quality standards. All Brady labels, signs, complete range of safety signs (ban – / bid signs, etc.), tapes are available to the itself create pipe markers, warning signs, labels, etc. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. and the matching Brady-pressure systems. David S. Levine brings even more insight to the discussion.

Labels in different materials, sizes and colors are available for temperatures of 350 C to minus 196 C. The frozen food labels for cryogenic use have been developed specially for use in the laboratory. The matching Ribbons are on the Exactly matched materials and temperatures and ensure an excellent image. Even after a long storage. Labels for high temperatures are suitable for short-term or long-term markings on various surfaces.

The materials are industry leader on the market in terms of durability and performance. These are subject to strict checks and tests. For the customers, high standards are used, ensure that the customer expectation exceeds the label materials possible. MACRO IDENT therefore labels from a standard size 4.50 mm offers one or more rows. The labels in the materials of paper, polyester, polyolefin, Tedlar, polyimide, vinyl, vinyl fabric, glass fabric, nylon and polyethylene mixture of polyethers are available. The labels and signs materials have different adhesive properties: the residue-free, back detachable material to very strongly adhesive solvent and chemicals resistant, weather resistant material that outdoor 8-10 sticks down years. MACRO ID also has labels that are suitable for flat and corrugated plastic or powder-coated surfaces, labels that are resistant to gasoline, jet fuel and other oils, VOID labels, labels for checking of warranty claims, and more. Many of the various materials for labels and signs have a UL, CSA or AGA approved. Halogen-free labels right itself according to the norm DIN VDA 0472 part 815. Some labels and signs materials are available in up to 9 different colors by default. The desired label signs material should or in a certain size in the program, then requests are specifically customer pictograms, etc., also implemented with form such as E.g. Special warnings, MACRO has the matching ribbons IDENT to the respective labels and signs printers as well. The ribbons are matched the respective labels and signs materials matched and thus ensure an excellent print. The Brady ribbons designed to meet the performance requirements of the materials to be printed, even, the extra. MACRO IDENT cooperates with a reliable manufacturer, whose Farbbander are used for all commercially available thermal transfer printers. Many printers will also receive the opportunity to produce their roles according to a predetermined level. Assumed users would need a Ribbon cartridge 62 mm, that is not available on the market as standard format rather than a 80 mm-wide ribbon. Macro id he can exactly make ribbons from a decrease of 200 roles on his measure and save a lot of money.

Offshore Company Formation

Start-ups in China / Hong Kong Hong Kong the economy of Hong Kong with more than 7 million people among the most powerful economic and financial locations throughout of the world. Defying the sovereignty transfer to the People’s Republic of China in 1997 is official language of Hong Kong’s continue English in addition to Chinese. For founder of international companies usually a significant consideration. Also the level of education, as one of the key points of the safety of Hong Kong as a financial and economic centre of Government chosen, should be considered to be excellent. Hong Kong has 9 universities, as well as more academies, where degrees can be purchased.

A shortage of skilled local should be so to avoid. The connection to the Chinese mainland is easy via the Hong Kong International Airport. In addition, there are also a rail connection to Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities. The offshore company formation in Hong Kong the common Form of the offshore company is the Hong Kong limited company. Company law goes back to a large extent on the British common law system.

The limited company can be set up with only a business guide. The name of the Managing Director, or the name of the Managing Director will be published in the company register. Possibility of trustee is deemed medium however, to prevent the publication of the actual name of the Managing Director. It can be thus achieved a high degree of privacy and anonymity. The CEO must be established not in Hong Kong. Please note however, is that a legal person not to the sole Managing Director may be appointed. There is also an obligation to keep records for Hong Kong Limited, with the annual reports and balance sheets are not publicly accessible. This should meet sufficiently the need for anonymity. In comparison to the strict regulations regarding the German GmbH positive regulation exists also with regard to the required a minimum capital: A high minimum amount of capital is not required. It is a minimum root deposit extent 1.00 HKD. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. In addition, Hong Kong Limited must order a delivery authorized Secretary (Secretary”) and have a registered office in Hong Kong. Outlook for your company in Hong Kong taxation, which is offshore foundations, one of the main motivation points at the most, is designed in Hong Kong very business-friendly. There is extensive tax exemption and are taxed only profits generated within the State’s borders of Hong Kong and earns. Just in terms of the fiscal and legal details should be from the outset expertly to assist in your planning. For more information see and the blog at