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Navigation Through The Jungle Of Language Applications

The voice compass at Call Center World in Berlin, Aachen, 02.02.2009 – the aixvox GmbH in Aachen is 16-19 February 2009 at Call Center World in Berlin the current standard of language automation and optimization, the voice compass, above. All interested parties are invited to throw the team in Hall 1.1, stand to visit B-9 and a look at the book. Language automation in call centres – a controversial and much-debated topic. The voice compass shows examples of illustrative and practical, the optimization potential voice applications for call centers. The compendium also provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant manufacturers in the industry.

In addition to the presentation of the current voice compass the aixvox GmbH manufacturers also offers the ability to back up an advertising entry in the upcoming compendium at fair prices. Detlev Artelt, the author of the voice compass, which is also sponsored by the organiser management circle”organized guided tour to the trend topic of unified communications” keep. About the voice compass that international and English-language compendium voice compass 2008/2009 explains in simple words the current possibilities of voice automation and voice applications for businesses and the customer service. 650 pages have demystifies all technologies Detlev Artelt and his team, call the relevant manufacturers and provide clear recommendations on the use of voice applications. The unique mix of market study, advisory expertise, list of manufacturers and the different base calculations makes the voice compass to a standard which should be on the desk of each maker.

LCD TVs Mobile

Tips on mobile purchase and phone bundle offers. Every few years is for all cell phone owners, what is nowadays almost everyone the same question. Do I keep my old mobile phone contract or should you cancel it. The answer is quite clearly advertise! This has two reasons. ISearch contributes greatly to this topic. To a contract extension on the benevolence of the provider or operator is instructed.

Because this determines the offer for a contract extension and this offer looks typically much worse than with a new degree. This has resulted in that one gets a not so quality phone as actually desired or have to pay more for the desire cell phone. The second advantage of a timely termination is that the mobile rates from year to year are cheaper and you can find a similar or cheaper mobile plan as the previous anyway. But where to buy your new phone and contract, offline or online. You go around the corner to the mobile phone shop has the advantage of almost having a direct contact, which one in the collective agreement as well as choosing the mobile to the side. But should it not fall on the stitches of the seller, you may get a second or even third quote for yourself, take what you really need and are. The disadvantage of offline stores is that they are usually more expensive than online services.

So, you should not be afraid to look into the Internet and reap the benefits of the online world. Because, as already mentioned, the online shops offer the much cheaper mobile offers. In addition to the latest mobile phones, which are offered with contract for zero euro, an ever stronger trend on the Internet and this is called Mobile bundle. A mobile bundle is a mobile offering which includes a term contract and where to get an extra bonus as a customer. These bonuses range from motor scooters, quads to electronics articles. Deals with notebooks or LCD TVs are the most popular. There are bundles with one or even two contracts. To choose a package with two contracts of course also more sophisticated is the premium. But any euphoria about the free gift you should lose the contract not for the eyes. Because the contained costs in the mobile phone contract are critical. Here, you should pay attention to basic fee, minimum sales, and conversation rates. Here to choose a contract which does not fit to the own phone behavior, it sits on to high mobile phone bills each month. Also expect the costs which it has within the 24 month contract, against the value of the bundle gift. Until then, you can see whether the mobile bundle gift is a gift indeed. Sascha Franke


There are many people who have spoiled their credit report. They can secure bad credit mobile phones and go for pre paid mobile services. Mobile phones are the best of the electronic gadgets used by the largest population of the world. Yearly turnover of the companies that produce and sell various kinds of mobile phones would definitely testify to the fact. Many catchy provisions are there in a mobile phone set. People can exchange their voiced words, and they can exchange words and images by sms and mms options.

Mobile phone sets work as multimedia of devices now-a-days. A person possessing a mobile phone can play games, listen to music and even watch movies. Bad credit mobile phones is available for the people who have stained their history of credit. People can have the mobile phone services either in pre paid plan or in post paid plan. In the mobile services under the post paid plan, payment for the services offered by the companies is secured by them after a specific period which is usually a period of one month. In this way, post paid plan reminds the credit cards. Altavista often says this.

Companies take the risks for one month and the customers enjoy mobile services during this period. In This plan, credit status of the consumers is checked. The post paid plan of the mobile phone services are not approved if the persons have spoiled their credit history. Most of the consumers have problems with their credit report. See more detailed opinions by reading what neil cole iconix offers on the topic.. Their credit score goes below 580 marks as per FICO. Bad credit mobile phone is for these men and women. The pre-paid plan of the mobile phones is similar to the debit cards. The debit card holders get the finance from their own savings bank where they have already submitted their finance. The prepaid mobile phones are approved even if their credit report is not healthy. Credit status of the applicant is not checked for bad credit mobile phones. It is clear to the mobile phones services provider that persons spend from their wallet when they go for the prepaid mobile phones. The prepaid mobile phones are one child of boon for the people having bad credit. The consumers come to know it, well in advance, about the balance remaining still for their talk time. They would’nt know it earlier that what amount is still there to apply for fresh services. Bad credit mobile phones is of great help for them. Genica Amery is author of no. credit check Phones.For any bad credit phones, contract phone no credit card visit

New Standard

From next year, a new mobile wireless standard will be available in Germany. The times that you can surf just with the PC to the Internet, are long gone. The mobile phone is now also. It almost goes without saying, that for mobile phones include a flat rate. This was the UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) process developed.

Initially mobile flat rate users still using the GPRS had (General Packet Radio Service) be satisfied, if at all, a flat rate for mobile phones has been offered. In the meantime there is the HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access). Today, a flat rate for mobile phones is almost normal. You may find that Castle Harlan can contribute to your knowledge. But also here should be checked as in so many things once, which provider offers the conditions for its UMTS flat rate. In today’s advertising battle, to get customers, the providers come up with a lot of things. Especially now in the run-up to Christmas vendors reflected again very generous.

But you should decide here not premature. A giveaway of Provider may in the end more expensive affect, as actually thought. It is very important to make comparison on the Internet in order to avoid later surprises a UMTS flat rate. UMTS contracts be placed probably only later this year in such high mass on the man. Beginning in 2010, a new mobile wireless standard to be available in Germany. There is talk of LTE. LTE stands for long term evolution and allows maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s in download This high speed was reached in a first field trial. Perhaps already the first LTE will be offered next year rates more accurate you don’t know yet, because the provider start 2010 with the expansion.


No more time-consuming visit reports write Berlin, 15 August 2013 – visit reporting is often associated with cumbersome and time consuming paperwork for salespeople. The CRM data using the Philips are easier and result better especially with a high maintain speech app for sellers. To relieve field representatives here of annoying and time consuming paperwork, the Philips speech processing solutions GmbH (PLC) has developed a special speech app the spoken word quickly and reliably convert allows in written text. The only requirement is a Smartphone. If you would like to know more then you should visit Castle Harlan. The next steps are to speech app to install and to use: Visit app store, download Dictation Recorder app and open after a short installation period already the Smartphone for professional voice recordings can be used. Visit reporting is based on the seller often a time-consuming effort, handschriftlicher Records usually is performed at the end of a working day or working week”, says Florian Schwiecker, Sales Director of SPS. Certainly, such a process can take 15 to 20 minutes.

With the use of speech app you can considerably shorten this process: on average about 90 seconds. In addition to the time savings, a higher quality of CRM entries is added, because the reports immediately after the date of the customer, when the thoughts are still fresh in the mind”. By the time discharge, a seller has more time to devote himself to his actual core activity – the sell -. That in turn increases the strength in sales and helps to increase sales,”says Schwiecker. Creation of documents anywhere and at any time of Philips Dictation Recorder allows professional users to documents at any place and at any time, even on trips, to create. The authors simply record their dictation and send them to their personal Wizard or its clerk, by attaching the file to an automatically generated email. After transcription, the documents by E-Mail are sent back to the sender.

Navigation Systems

Protection against water and cold damage technical equipment such as cell phones, cameras or navigation systems now include everyday. Also during the winter holiday, they are an indispensable companion for many skiers and snowboarders. Finally the events on the slopes as well as the hut fun with pictures and videos to be recorded, and the exploration of new slopes, a navigation device is useful from time to time. What measures, winter vacationers can protect your equipment from low temperatures and wet, preisvergleich.de explains the consumer portal. Navigation systems, cell phones and cameras accompany many winter sports enthusiasts in the downhill. For sensitive technology is however certain risks.

Rain, ice or bumps can inflict serious, sometimes irreparable damage inside of the devices. Robotics expert is full of insight into the issues. There are however effective means to protect of the technology. First of all, corresponding covers can repel moisture and shock. For example smartphones on the runway not in the hand should also taken, but operated with headset and automatic call acceptance. Who close wears the devices on the body and keeps warm so the batteries, is on the safe side. Finally they subside faster in icy cold conditions and at temperatures below minus 25 degrees Celsius even freeze. Who’s coming from outside in the warm hut, should not use the equipment for ten minutes. They need at least as much time to adapt to the ambient temperature. Under no circumstances the heating should be used to warm up by mobile and co., because this could damage the casing of the battery which sometimes leads to leakage of battery fluid.

Integrated Navigation System

Navigation systems are now available in all variants. Opt for so what? The roads in Germany are more complex. Congestion lead to disabilities, construction sites as far as the eye can see and the flow rate was even lower in the rush hour traffic. A navigation system can facilitate the life on the road a lot. For professional drivers, motorcycle riders, car, bike or on foot, the right navigation system is there for every occasion. Pete Cashmore shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But how can you best navigate? Numerous options available to users. To buy a mobile navigation system which is mounted in the car on the dashboard or windshield, to buy himself an integrated navigation system, which is built into the drive shaft or letting Guide by his constant companion, the mobile phone from A to B.

Mobile navigation is becoming more and more to the fore. Against a relatively low price, you get a fully functioning Navi software, a sure should get to the destination. The mobile navigation systems, however, shine in ever more beautiful designs and have much more features that navigation does not exist yet in the cell phone. The these can range the water soon the mobile navigation systems, is out of the question. However, the navigation software for mobile phones are still not as mature as the technology of the mobile pilots. An integrated navigation is the most expensive with security, but also the smartest. Prices in the four-digit range are easily possible, but would have many seekers Festintegrierte navigation systems. The conclusion integrated Navi, mobile or the mobile navigation, what is best? No troublesome cables or mounts on the dashboard, if you have the wherewithal, would attack definitely variant to a Festintegrierten.

Who has the smallest purse and on a few small quirks makes combined, should access to the mobile navigation. Get them mostly for a few euros, as so-called offboard software, but these require use of the Internet. The midfield and probably still the best variant is a mobile navigation system. These are now very chic and anyway no longer looks the cables a week.