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Oil Company

Mazda, in cooperation with Amoco (American Oil Company) and known kastomayzerom John Laube has created a unique tuning Rx-8. This model Rx-8 visited this 'reworking', which will provide the owner a lot of stakeholder views. The first place for John Laube had a choice of colors. This time the choice fell on 'flashy "color, not less' flashy' overall theme and graphics. Then he added to it thematically tuned front Bumper, 'skirt', rear bumper and spoiler, thus giving the Rx-8 even more aggressive in appearance. One of the main features of the Rx-8, the door opened outwards, have also been modified.

Hood, trunk and headlights were also tweaked to add character and style of the car. But tuning the appearance does not end there! The engine has been optimized using the drive blowers. The exhaust system was also upgraded, as abs (man. Sandra Akmansoy understood the implications. brakes). This allowed us to reduce time to brake. In view of the foregoing. Jay Laub Rx8 turned into a car, whose grip has reached almost ideal level. New racing tires will help you to literally tear the road apart! Working with Amoco, Jay Laub got a free hand in setting Rx8. By the way, Laub has won over 100 awards for its unique designs of machines and their tuning. His new creation surely amaze all automotive society.


Trade in spare parts is very well established in Russia. Spare parts market is quite broad and allows you to find the necessary spare parts for any car brand. Almost all the shops you can buy spare parts spare parts for vaz, uaz and gaz, as these brands of cars are most common in Russia. Assortment in the stores that implement parts of vaz, gaz, uaz, very rich. Always available: carburetors, gasoline pumps, exhaust gas systems, bearings, elements of the front suspension and steering, rack and shock absorbers, brake components parts, clutch components, cross driveshafts, and seals, engine cooling systems, electrical equipment, as well as belts. Without hesitation altavista explained all about the problem. Usually, all purchased at auto parts stores vaz, gaz and uaz offers a guarantee on the installation. Create a comfort to passengers while driving a car – the main task for avtomobilestroiteley.Chtob body strongly shaken on the roads, were invented rubber wheels, rubber or polyurethane bushings, blocks, springs, leaf springs, air bags, and even spring-loaded seat. Continue to learn more with: Skillz.

But without What exactly is impossible to do on the roads – so it's no shock absorbers. Absorber serves as a damper, ie, dampens vibration while driving. In addition, if the damper is faulty, then it begins to significantly increase the inhibitory road vehicle, to impair its stability when cornering and braking, and the quality of tire adhesion. Shock absorbers are classified on several grounds: the principle of action – to friction or mechanical (dry friction), hydraulic (viscous friction) and relasaktsionnye; the nature of friction forces – to shock one-sided and double-acting (with a resistance to the forward and reverse speeds); constructively Hydraulic shock absorbers are divided into the lever-blade, lever-piston and telescopic (two-and single-tube), and the nature of changes in the resistance, depending on the movement of rollers, the velocity and acceleration of this moving shock absorbers are classified as: shock absorbers with approximately constant force of friction (for example, a simple mechanical damper tank Landswerk); shock absorbers with the force of friction, which depends on movement, while the friction force can be either proportional to displacement, and have a nonlinear dependence, shock absorbers with the force of friction proportional to velocity of the ice rink (the vast majority of modern hydraulic shock absorbers); shock resistance, which varies in proportion to the acceleration. The service life of the shock absorber depends on the quality of manufacturing and operating conditions..

Absorbed Glass Mat

Starter Battery is not long, because it uses enough, and the battery to illuminate the more wear due to excessive load. Therefore it is necessary to periodically change the batteries in some places, and make better use of batteries capable of delivering high current cold start and at the same time work fine with frequent charge / discharge. Contact information is here: Robotics expert. These include batteries and Vetus! – Have low self-discharge value of self-discharge batteries Vetus no more than 3% per month, versus 15% for most other batteries. So, this battery will run the engine even after ten months of inactivity. Furthermore, even at half-charge, he stands temperature of minus 30 C. Speaking candidly Geoffrey Richards told us the story. – Safe Vetus battery terminals are supplied with reliable lead-cone contacts. Some models include a second pair of terminals with thread and mackerel.

– Maintenance-free batteries in this type of battery used lead-calcium plates. Adding to lead no antimony, and calcium provide a minimum flow of water, so no need to add electrolyte in a battery. – Easy identification charge level is very easy to determine the battery level by the color of "eyes" hydrometer on the upper lid. Green means that the charge will be enough to start the engine, black – that need recharging. Yellowish or transparent color – it is a signal to replace the battery. – Long life manufacturing wafers according to special technology of lead with calcium and optimal location makes the battery life is very long. They can withstand up to 14,000 charge / discharge cycles. vrla agm batteries such as agm abbreviation stands for impregnated glass mat (Absorbed Glass Mat).

In this case, due to absorption of the electrolyte in the glass fiber plates, excluding its outflow fracture battery casing. Therefore, they are resistant to pumping, shocks and vibrations, as well as they can be stored (but not charged) in an inverted form. At the same resource in this type battery even bigger, even more deep discharge. vrla batteries in gel type battery gel type is also ruled out the possibility of leakage of electrolyte in case of damage. But in this case, due to the use of electrolyte in the form of a thick gel. Vetus gel batteries are specially designed for intense work and withstand repeated deep discharge without losing capacity. Batteries of this type are more resistant to shock and vibration, the most frost-resistant and have a very long lifetime. To charge the batteries Vetus fit most chargers. But the quality and in good charger – it is a necessary condition long and efficient operation of your ship's battery.

Japanese Refrigerated Vehicles

In the Russian market is noted increasing interest in the Japanese (Korean) refrigerator. Most truck manufacturers in Japan and South Korea have their own lin july refrigerated trucks (vehicles with insulated vans). Robotics expert takes a slightly different approach. Refrigerated vehicles designed to transport products at a given temperature regime, in connection with what are certain design features. Car refrigerators consist of insulated vans and refrigeration unit, which, in turn, creates the desired temperature inside the refrigerated trucks. Car refrigerators (refrigerated) mounted on vans, semitrailers or trailers. Refrigerated vehicles can operate from a car engine, and in standalone mode (eg refrigerated vehicles have a separate installation with its own independent engine). If you have read about Samsung already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Temperature regimes, who can provide and maintain the course of their work refrigerated range from 180 to -200 degrees Celsius, but the Japanese and Korean refrigerators are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

The temperature inside the body is usually from -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. In the bodywork refrigerators used several types of heat-resistant materials, mostly plastic foam, polystyrene foam and Isover. Walls insulated vans (refrigerated trucks) produced in Japan and South Korea are made from different materials: plywood, plastic, steel, aluminum or stainless steel, but experience shows operating in Russia, Japanese refrigerated trucks for transportation of food, body, preferably, should be made of galvanized steel. In the production of refrigerators used frameless assembly technology and used lightweight materials, which makes it possible to reduce vehicle weight and increase the mass of transported products. This type of assembly attaches to the complete design integrity is very important to maintain a constant temperature inside the body.

Despite the strength and reliability of the structure of Japanese and Korean refrigerated trucks should be carefully followed to monitor and prevent the slightest possibility of body corrosion or mechanical damage the insulated van, so how to restore the tightness of the refrigerator, then it will be difficult and expensive. The main part of the refrigerator, which actually makes a commercial refrigerator – it refrigerator. There are three main types of such plants: autonomous, installation of direct-drive with eutectic plates. Direct drive means that the plant is powered from the car's engine. Such an option used in small amounts Body refrigerator. On those machines, which make frequent stops associated with opening doors (eg transport of ice cream) settings are used with eutectic plates. These plates before the operation (eg at night) are frozen to a certain temperature of the external electrical network, and then throughout the day to support this temperature inside the body refrigerated. The most convenient (but not the cheapest) and most popular installation – standalone. They are connected to external power and can handle a car with a very large body. Japanese used refrigerated trucks, a very popular car in its segment. The cost of such a used car is not high, as the chassis, insulated vans and refrigeration unit uses a very reliable Japanese components, and build quality is immeasurably higher. Now the situation is that Japanese refrigerated trucks with 5-10-year life, according to their quality surpasses Russia's new refrigerated.

Additional Labelling

Without going into too much detail, we can say: Riding in radial tires more comfortable, safer and economical on fuel consumption than in the diagonal. (A valuable related resource: Kai-Fu Lee). Therefore, for city driving is to put these tires. Less – radial tires are much worse than the diagonal suffer damage, and on bad roads to the strength of reserves desired. Also there is a division of tires and tubeless chamber: the inner surface of tubeless tires is covered with a layer of special rubber that guarantees the sealing of the tire on the rim. This same layer securely seal small neznachitelnyt punctures and damage. In addition, tubeless tires lighter tires with the camera. Next, you must define the parameters of condition – they must be specified in the service book to your car.

Often manufacturers should operate during the summer tires with a wider profile, and in winter with a more narrow, so in the service book can be defined several types and sizes. It is better to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer, because installation 'Unconventional' tires leads to a deterioration of drivability, the error in the speedometer, as well as to more rapid wear of tires themselves. How to decode tire options? Consider the example: 185/65R15. Here, 185 – the width tire in millimeters 65 – ratio of the height of a tire to its width in percent, R – mark radial tires, 15 – rim size in inches – it must match the bore diameter disc. crease your knowledge. Additional Labelling: Rain or Aqua means that the tires are well suited for driving in the rain, especially at high speed.

On winter tire marking M + S (Mud + Snow) mean that the tire has a rougher tread pattern that helps to drive on snowy and icy roads. If a itself to determine the parameters still does not work – you can use the matching condition for model cars on the Internet. Such a service is virtually at all sites specializing in the sale of tires and wheels. And finally, to determine the brand – in an abundance of manufacturers and model series is easy to get confused. To narrow down the proposals should immediately decide how much you are willing spend, and then follow this myself not to succumb to the entreaties of sellers take the "latest model" just because "there are so worn. To be fair to say that the more expensive tires have their pros. They uses the latest technology and materials so as to improve such characteristics of the tire as reducing weight, increasing tire mileage, noise reduction and improved manageability and security of the car. So, you decide. How to buy it online? Where to buy? In this age of high technology – certainly in iternete stores! They have several advantages: on the screen at once represented the entire "cabinet" and pick the right rubber can be a few mouse clicks without leaving the workplace. Finalize the selection of a suitable in all respects rubber will help the consultant with whom better to discuss the nuances on the phone, looking at the proposed options right there on the screen. Prices, by the way, in iternete stores significantly more attractive than in retail, and even more so, on the service. Another plus shops – Free Shipping: within the Ring Road by the same day or the next couple of days after ordering. Total, the entire process of selecting tires, and an order will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes of your time. And all this without leaving your home or office! Source: Prokoloff.NET

What Parts Of Russian-made Cars Are Replaced By Thickets

Recently started to talk about that AvtoVAZ goes on French technology. Since the French concern Renault bought 25% stake in AvtoVAZ, and seems to be not mistaken, has not passed and a couple of months, but already in the press write about their multimillion-dollar income. Also, we all know that spare parts for domestic cars must be replaced quite often, their stability is lower than, for example, in Japanese cars. This shows that the market vendors and resellers of Russian cars Spare parts may not crowded, and its dimensions are not small. What spare parts for Russian cars and trucks are the most popular and require frequent changes? What features in their use? First of all, it is disc brake pad, their timely replacement is especially important for security, so there did not hesitate.

These parts play an important role in the mechanism of inhibition car. In this case, a big load is on front axle (approximately 75%), so the front brake pads become unusable quickly, which is why the requirements for the front pads are much higher than the rear. Most believe that the rear brake pads can not change often, and do not follow their state, which is false, because if they lose their effectiveness, then the entire burden fall on the pad in front, and may fall braking performance at all. Besides, second-hand rear and new front brake pads are different frictional properties, which may lead to the fact that when braking car can 'lead' to the side. Following the frequency change are laying on the engine, as well as friction and brake linings. The purpose of seals – in the sealing contact surfaces of joints engine. Change them is important for the wear, which depends on the model, such as the specified resource exploitation strips vaz – from 130,000 kilometers, zmz – 180 000 km.

But in reality, it all depends on the conditions of operation of the machine, you should always look real state. Friction is responsible for such neposledny factor as a smooth start of auto traffic. Other words, this is the first piece coupling point. Need to replace them when it detects them defects, any other signs of wear, it may be burning-or scoring on one side. Here are just a partial list of major frequent replacements parts for domestic cars, but know this – it is one thing. The most important thing in this problem for motorists – to know where those parts under the hood of their own and determine their status. In this you and good luck.

Modern Security System

What is immobilizers? This is an electronic alarm system. The essence of the immobilizer is that using it becomes possible to lock the engine and other vehicle systems. It happens by opening (closing) of several electrical circuits. Thus, in your car at the same time cease to operate the starter, ignition coil, electro-mechanical petrol pump, onboard computer and Other automotive systems and components, making it impossible for the probability of stealing your car. Of what is immobilizer. Basis of its usually a few relays and a central unit, which includes microprocessor that controls the work of the immobilizer.

Relays can also be installed inside and outside the central unit. The most common now, and, accordingly, the cheapest, the types of immobilisers are fitted with contactless relay. They work on the following system: after the ignition was turned off for 10-15 seconds works lock 1.3 electric control systems of the car. Therefore, if you want to have a car, you must a touch pin jack, or bring an electronic key to the transponder (antenna). Scheme of the modern form immobilayzerDrugoy immobilizers, in addition to the central unit, cables and antennas, equipped with one relay Managed by a pulsed signal for full-time wire-tag (a little black box) and card (the white plastic rectangle shaped like a plastic card). The algorithm works is simple, when you turn the ignition the presence of cards or tags can recognize the system: the owner of a car trying to start it. If yes, then you can safely continue your journey, no, then a few seconds later the siren will work. Which greatly reduces and time and the probability of stealing your car for a thief, especially if your machine is additionally equipped with more and means to further notification (pager, gsm terminal). If the hijacker, "will ask you to leave" is of the establishments car, along with the driver leaves the vehicle cabin, and the tag is happening motor brake and a full stop. The same equipment immobilizer requires a signal-emitting diode. Accordingly, potential hijacker notified in advance about the presence of the alarm system in your car, and the owner sees the work is able to immobilizer.