Month: July 2013

The Relaxed

When too much stress is decided worse, they make mistakes, and you do not realize them, is overlooked and lost important information, among other things, the ability to concentrate. How to manage stress stress surveillance is nothing to pay attention to the way in which we respond to our lives. If you really want to change and solve the problem of stress, with the mere fact of being aware of it, we have focused most of the subject. Hence the great importance of our own self-knowledge, as well as proper recognition of our problem. For stress management work, we have regularly observed the body, how it is responding and how we are behaving. One of the ways to manage stress is to achieve an adequate state of relaxation. What are the changes that occur in our body when you relax? With the relaxation enhances mental focus, blood pressure drops or stabilizes, slows the heart rate, muscles pass to be less tense, moves into a feeling of calm and wellbeing. After a relaxation time to practice regularly, you get more emotional stability and physical, are achieving greater self-control over our lives with what disappears or very significantly reduces anxiety.

Admittedly, the relaxed state is one in which one can perform very demanding issues, for example, is difficult to write a symphony or writing an important letter in a deep state of relaxation. There are several reasons why we may want to relax. The first is that one feels great. If we look at a baby quite relaxed and you look at the rapt expression on his face, one gets a clear idea of what are the pleasures of relaxation.

Controlling Emotions

Among the qualities of human beings there is something called feelings, which are fundamental in making a decision and to build relationships with others, and that our actions or decisions are affected by our state of mind, all this comes to be part of emotional intelligence. Within the feelings of human beings there is what is called the anger, that if we can not control we can bring problems in the family, friends or health level as heart attacks, high blood pressure, stress, respiratory failure and chronic fatigue . Anger is a normal emotion and to some extent to get healthy, but when he loses control and turns destructive, it can cause serious problems and affect quality of life. Try to control anger and never end up damaging both physically and mentally, to achieve the following techniques apply to their daily lives: 1.-DEEP BREATHING: One of the most used methods to control physiological responses before, during and after of face situations demanding high-stress. To achieve this type of breathing, breath deeply while counting silently to four.

Hold your breath for a count of four, exhale for a count of eight and repeat the same process. The key to this technique is to relax with breathing exercises done slowly and a little more intense than normal without going to force it at any time. 2.-DETENTION OF THOUGHT: It is important to think about how cold and clear before things get carried away by any emotion. When you start getting uncomfortable, nervous or upset, listen to the kind of thoughts you are having and identify all the negatives and failure, anger and guilt. Replace any negative feelings as positive ones to avoid feeling controlled by the situation. 3 .- MENTAL TEST: This technique is intended to apply before reafrontar situations where you do not feel entirely safe. Imagine that in a given situation and making things right, this gives you peace of mind and security.

Mentally practice what you will say and do, repeat it several times, until you feel relaxed and safe. Take time to think about all possible situations and decide on the best not to fall into anxiety and anger problems. 4.-BECOME PARTNER OF HUMOR: This is also an effective strategy to learn to calm and avoid feeling too much anger, it helps to have a more balanced perspective. When he gets angry and insults someone or relates to that person with an imaginative phrase, stop and imagine how it would be literally the word. Each time you feel the urge to insult someone, imagine those adjectives literally as objects, as if the person poses to assaults, and take these comments lightly. Try to appeal to the sense of humor every time to submit a tense situation to put in between your emotions, thus you can see things more clearly. 5.-changing environment: Many times the environment in which it operates every day is the one that causes irritation and anger, so try to change their routines. The key is take a break from spending much time in the same place, eg a walk after work is good choice. Make sure you have a time set aside only for your personal needs and schedule it in the times of day that you know are particularly stressful. With this brief respite, you may feel better prepared to handle the demands of daily activities.

Effective Advertising Industries

Eben Ezer, effective advertising industries for difficult times in these difficult times is important to seek new models on the way to advertise your product to thus overcome the crisis plaguing our economy. Now more than ever we need ideas for an advertising and an effective advertisement for your company, for that way, that their products are widely known and desired by a large number of people. In industries Eben Ezer we made a great effort to make more affordable products and advertising to all kinds of business ideas. In order to achieve these objectives we put at your disposal a wide range of design possibilities and advertising that you can find on our website. We also invite you to visit us at our new facility and you will find great deals. We wish to convey our commitment and loyalty with principles and values which has indelibly defined this screen printing company since its inception. We consider it important to expose them because they will allow you to meet the most basic and important structure of Eben-Ezer: its human capital, which always works complying with the three principles in order to carry out an excellent job: quality care personalized advice offer a wide variety of services which include: Merchandising/gifts companies the importance of merchandising or advertising gift is something unquestionable.

When it comes to the expansion of a business must be taken into account, since its profitability is manifest. You have on hand a gift with advertising makes the possibilities that customer will return to seek their services. Sports have sports equipment of various kinds such as sports equipment, accessories, balls, machines for gymnastics, rackets, balls, nets, etc and also give printing service both in screen printing and vinyl and also at laser. Related sports also we have trophies, medals and plaques of homage for all disciplines and we recorded both in wood and metal laser. Companies Serigrafia-taller screen printing have a printing workshop where we draw clothing, purses, pens, and a myriad of articles.

All this for a better service to our customers, so that we can serve a totally finished product. Labelling our products are organized into different categories: calendars, textile, labor, sports, gift, caps, scarves, balloons, paper bags, plaques more information: phone: 958 57 05 19 E-mail: Web: about Eben – Ezer are one of advertisers with more tradition in Andalusia. We are dedicated to advertising gift, sports, trophies, work clothes, signage, banners and everything that has to do with the world of advertising. Visit our website and you will find everything you need to advertise your business, since we also mark all kinds of material and design image. Magazine Fusion Blog Archive Tamaulipas with the highest number of people addicted Stock Prices Industrias Penoles, JBS, MPX energy Tecnisa: Latin America Stock Preview comments on neoliberalism: unemployment, work and employment Quilombo Evil Ebenezer Take Me With You Video Spanish Hepatologos are calling for greater State aid for controlling the foreseeable growth of hepatitis Hepatitis A, B, C


There are containers everywhere, in our bathroom, our room, in the kitchen, etc. Containers and bottles always around us, but it is something so common that we no longer realize that they are there, we only see the product from the packaging and we do not think that all products are in a container. Either a glass or plastic container containers pass through different processes which make them able to contain products. Perhaps the most important process in the packaging industry is stamping. It is necessary that to introduce a product in a container, it is sealed properly in order to prevent the growth of microorganisms that affect the quality of the product. What is mentioned above is extremely important in the packaging of foodstuffs, imagine if you open a container of vegetables and find animals! I assure you that you never wanted to consume canned vegetables. The packaging must be extremely hygienic, to prevent the growth of microorganisms but also to make sure the product is perfect when it reaches your hands. The company that performs a product waiting that it arrives at the hands of the consumer as they did. Not only containers for maintaining hygienic products that also are designed to be intact product reaches the consumer, so that the packaging must be of high quality to keep alive at the product. From now on everytime you see a container thinks that it was designed with high-tech and very carefully, is not only a container where you put things. Thank you the packaging industry!

Hongxing Mining Equipment Co

Advanced crusher helps transform coal Coal industry Governor a major position in China s energy structure; It determines the building ideas toward the development of large coal mines, so construct large opencast coal mine will be the focus of China s energy construction projects. The state s supporting to mining resources bring a good market opportunity for the major mining machinery enterprises, so many domestic crusher equipment manufacturers are striving to get a cake in the mine construction, Hongxing Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. and come to the fore with the salts relying on its excellent products, such as mobile crushing station. The level of mechanization of coal mining enterprises in the southern region is relatively low, but from the overall point of view, the large-scale mechanized mining equipment mining machinery will be more widely used. Enhance the level of technical equipment of mining machinery will promote China s coal mine enterprises to continuously improve the level of modernization, merger and reorganization, as well as continue to strengthen production safety. The crusher equipment re-take the peak will make China s coal resources be more market-oriented, rather than confined in the provinces, which is more conducive to the merger and reorganization of coal enterprises to achieve greater development. as the leader in the mining equipment industry, Hongixng through technological innovation first complete the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction, provide high performance and low power consumption crusher equipment to promote the production and environmental protection of the coal enterprises. Expert analysis, not only the international financial market vicissitudes, the domestic market is also facing pressure on monetary tightening, the economic situation at home and abroad directamente impact on the import and export of goods.

In accordance with the trend of the traditional market, the construction machinery industry market sales for November and December will decline, but the rate will not be too large, it still continues to push up overall sales for 10 years. Hongxing Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. believe, if we fully applied high technology to our own machinery manufacturing and upgrading, we will catch up with the pace of merger and reorganization of coal enterprises and provide solid backing for mining machinery industry and mine construction transformation.

Sand Making Industry

We network Star produces network card machine which is named China famous brand. The sand maker is a high-performance equipment for sand making and shaping and it is researched and produced by our corporation through absorbing the advanced technology from Germany, and has achieved advanced world standards. This equipment has two types: rock-on-rock and rock-on-iron. Sand yield of rock-on-iron type is higher by 10-20% than that of rock-on-rock type. The production of artificial sand is that the materials enter the crusher through feeder hopper, which is divided into two parts by distributor, one through the middle part of distributor entering into the rotating impeller at high speed, then accelerated in impeller, whose speed can reach hundreds of acceleration of gravity, then the material is cast through the internal flow path around the impeller speed by the speed of 60-75 meter / second. In addition, some metal and nonmetal mines in the mining process will produce a lot of dam, it can take advantage of these dam to realize energy conservation and emissions reduction We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises. Hammer crusher: