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Cult Tale Movie

The new sampler – three nuts for Cinderella of the mold of Nicholas, the dog punch and the OWL of Rosalie. Who is not familiar, the faithful companion of Cinderella? And then there is the Prince, the hazelnuts and the shoe, where the Prince recognizes his Cinderella. Since 1973, the CSSR/DDR-TV production enjoys three nuts for Cinderella”absolute cult status. In East and West, loved and love the fairy tale, in which the poor girl with the wicked stepmother finds her Prince to become happy until the end of their days in children and adults alike. And still today enthusiastically three nuts for Cinderella”young and old, that every year for the Christmas season from the TV unit arrive together to immerse in the Director Vaclav Vorlicek’s fairytale world. The definitive soundtrack comes on the 40th anniversary of the wonderful fairy tale three nuts for Cinderella with a fabulous selection of music for the film: from 6 December as CD and download.

The highlights of the Compilation let memories. So, three nuts for Cinderella contains four original songs from the soundtrack. “The modern version of the title song kiss me, hold me, love me” Ella presented at last, which reached number 12 in the charts and got gold in 2009. From the album Swanlake “is the English-language version of kiss me, hold me, Love Me”, which is sung by star soprano Kriemhild Maria seal, and Super Talent winner Michael is Shepherd with a wonderful harmonica version of three nuts for Cinderella”to hear. Still, the lovingly compiled selection on the compilation includes recordings of Beatrice Egli, Karel Gott, David Garrett, and many others! This year, three nuts for Cinderella will”reappear on many channels. The MDR will focus this year on December 22 even a whole theme evening cult film.

And who wants to take a romantic trip, should go to the permanent exhibition on the Castle Moritzburg near Dresden, where the Castle scenes in the movie were filmed. Additional information at Andy Florance supports this article. And of course you should have the compilation in the luggage! Tracklisting “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” – the anniversary CD 1 Ella finally – kiss me, hold me, love me 2. Karel Svoboda – departure of the King pair & his companion 3. Karel Svoboda – the Royal ball 4. Karel Gott – the thousand dreams of my city 5.

Jorg Engel – I Love You Marlen

The new single from Jorg Engel – I love you Marlen incomparable charm, boundless strength and a voice that goes under the skin – these are the attributes of a charismatic singer, who is well on the way to conquer the “music scene”. Jorg Engel learned the first musical steps in singing and talent competitions until he was finally discovered. Kai-Fu Lee follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Meanwhile, he can look back on the cooperation with well-known music producers and artists at his side. So he gained his experience and successes in first warning, shared the stage with great artists. His music is certainly something different, because his titles really have it in themselves and stimulate thinking. Jorg Engel speaks exactly with his music, what probably motivates many of us. The result is more than impressive.

His new single “I love you Marlen” it brings exactly to the point. With a perfectly tuned sound, his expressive and soulful voice he feeling much the listener. The danceable song “I love you Marlen” is by accompanied unique saxophone sounds. Content is titled “I love you Marlen” to the first stage of the life of each child and how parents cope. Family, trust and the constant fear of every parent, if your child is growing up way too fast and must be alive. This exceptional song reflects that what many parents need to furchten…und it. Gentle ballads or just plain Groovy party title – you may be in the future tense and will certainly still a lot of things from him to hear. In the future, no stage and no event he wants to omit to present themselves to the audience. One thing is certain: with his new producer team he agrees. The hard way was worth it now! How is it so beautifully: “Live your dream”.

Roland Rube & Ariane Wreath On Air

On air with Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz: Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach in the Schlosspark Theatre Berlin in Berlin-Steglitz, in the Castle Street 48/Wrangelstrasse 2, is a large building with an interesting history. It was built in 1804 to a design by architect David Gilly (founder of the Berlin building Academy) for the lawyer and politician Carl Friedrich von Beyme (such as Prussian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Justice). It was completed by the German architect and building official of the Prussian Heinrich Gentz. This building is known as the Gutshaus Steglitz called also “Beyme Castle” or “Wrangelschlosschen”, since it belonged to the land of Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich von Wrangel and others. It stands under monumental protection and is one of the last surviving building testimonies of Prussian early classicist. The economy wing belonging originally to the Manor today houses the renowned Schlosspark theatre.

The entrance in the Berlin cityscape was in 1920 by an initially a flat construction Column stem was adapted the neo-classical style of the Manor House with triangle Gables and converted into a small theater for 480 seats, where the Schlosspark Theatre 1921 found his new home. Today, the theatre includes 440 seats. In 1934/1935, the theatre operation and instead set up a cinema. After the second world war, the Director Boleslaw bar log undertook a fresh start with well-known actors such as Hildegard Knef and Klaus Kinski. After the successful siebenundzwanzigjahrigen of Boleslaw bar log, the Schlosspark Theatre went through the various fateful stations with ups and downs. In December 2008, Dieter Hallervorden (comedian and actor) rented the theater prepared by his cabaret and comedy venue ‘The voles’ and let perform necessary renovations with its own financial resources. On September 1, 2009 theatre resumed then finally its game operations.

April/May / June’s current programme includes 21 different entertainment. Including from 23 to 25 April 2011 a guest performance of the “Theatre in the Town Hall, food”. The piece “Small partners in crime” of the French playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in the staging by director Krzysztof Zanussi comes to the performance. The actor couple Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach shine in the 2-person piece. The story is told by Gilles, the bestselling crime author who loses his memory after a mysterious accident and now with the help of his wife, Lisa tries to regain his memory. Original text Schlosspark Theatre: “Hitchcock could have no better there: alternates between thriller and Psychodrama Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s piece”Small partners in crime”, which plays in a fascinating way with the doubts and mistrust that can arise in the relationship of between two people.” In the radio show “On air” with Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz, Nicola Tiggeler and Timothy Peach to tell a little about themselves and about “Small partners in crime” and forward to the guest performance at the Schlosspark-Theater Berlin. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. The Website provides an overview of the Repertoire and the ticket prices. (Text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) Get information and schedules for the broadcast “On Air” on the Internet page. Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o.

Ramona Martiness Sings Passionately:

Ramona Martiness published with love is pure luck her current title your music taste is varied and colorful. And yet the singer of Ramona Martiness has focused on a genre: that of the German Schlager. And she interpreted the pop loose, fresh and cheerful. According to their life motto: “Go your life always step by step and always look forward” is gone they continuously their musical way since the release of their first single. The debut Maxi-CD “All the clouds from the Sun” (PR records), which earned her the first success was released in October 2004.

This was followed by numerous appearances, where she won the audience for themselves with their entertaining program. Although Ramona Martiness so long ago had demonstrated their skills, yet at the same time successfully in competitions and talent auditions took part. A further step on the career ladder was composed by hit producer Stefan Possnicker (also known as a Schlager singer of Stefan Peters) titled “go where your” Heart leads you”. Then Ramona Martiness took a break to breathe and to draw strength for new musical projects. One of the new projects is the cooperation started in the spring of 2010 with Werner students and Norbert Beyerl of the Munich DAXHILL Studios.

There, the current title “pure happiness is to love you” was recorded with Ramona. With this song, a matching piece on the body was written the all-time good good-humoured interpreter that fully meets their temperament. Embedded in an arrangement that musically narrated by Sun, South and passion, she sings honestly and directly by the fire of emotions. (www.audioway.de)

Rapper King TMD With A Casting On RTL

Three candidates fight for a place in King TMD’s music video rapper King TMD is again quite how he at a talent show. Looking for his upcoming music video for the single “Rollin” TMD and some employees of the company of MSB music major live on the TV channel RTL on March 26, 2010 actor for his music video. Three candidates introduced themselves to the challenge… Nina, Norman and Julia were candidates for the music video. Under most conditions Rite Aid would agree. At the end of the broadcast, rapper proclaimed King TMD, which has won the well-known Webcam Julia casting and will be in the upcoming “Rollin” music video by the rapper. A very funny and quite unusual casting where it maybe a too or others are laughing. The 27-year-old rapper knows how to entertain it people. So the upcoming music video “Rollin” for the rapper King TMD customize currently just two tour buses can that be plastered with his picture and a Rolls Royce Phantom already ordered that for the music video, much like in the United States it seems when the label MSB to run music..

American Idol

(Online article) – Sarah and Daniel – viewers of the RTL show “Germany sucht den superstar” (DSDS) should decide this Saturday (20.15 clock) with their paid calls, who Germany’s best young singer. In the final, the 19-year-old Sarah Kreuz from pop Ping in Schweinfurt (Bavaria) and the 22-year old Daniel Schuhmacher in Pfullendorf (Baden-Wurttemberg) are Hamburg -. One of the two successor will be on by Thomas Godoj, who was elected last year as the fifth RTL Superstar. For the first time since the second season, when Elli Erl beat her rival Denise Tillmanns, a woman in the final is back. Sarah and Daniel are fighting not only the title of Superstar, but also signed, to be connected with the hope, rich music.

Both Sarah and Daniel, by their soft style fit with the thought picture of Chief Judge Dieter Bohlen, whose winning song (“anything but love”) both on Saturday will bring. Among experts, Daniel is regarded as the favorite, because the TV audience is composed mostly from female fans who vote mostly for the men. In his homeland, the 13 000 inhabitants town of Pfullendorf, the population winning trembles against: A Baker making bread, the Daniel resemble American Idol stands for Germany looking for Daniel Schuhmacher there, and main office leader Hans-Jurgen Rupp fears that Daniel requires also Honorary after his victory for an appearance in his home country. Under RTL the trend is not unique interviewed celebrities. The “Jungle King” Ross Antony says, Sarah was his favorite, because she was a “real diva with a grandiose voice. Former Talkerin Vera int-Veen is the opinion that Daniel should be the new superstar. Some experts however speak of a boring final, because both candidates have no corners and edges. Whenever Kam VedBrat listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

For comedian Daniel Hartwich is the blonde next to her favourite Dieter Bohlen. They mean Nina Eichinger and sits on the jury. RTL Entertainment CEO Tom Sanger are “definitely the. two candidates with the best voices in the final. The decision will be just result of known to me from the semi-final, says singer. That’s why it will be an extremely exciting programme. And I say that because it is so, not because I want to promote the show. Details can be found by clicking Neil Cole Inconx or emailing the administrator. The concept of this year’s season was fully risen – a sequel with season seven is considered to be safe. Measured according to quotas, the expectations have met for RTL. The viewing figures were stable regularly moving between five and six million, the market share among key viewers between 14 and 49 years was the eight so-called mottoshows 30.2 percent – majority of the audience were women, which also influence the vote. Because nearly two-thirds of 14-to 29-year old viewers are female, male candidates have better chances to be Superstar. Reported directly in the connection to the final RTL society expert Frauke Ludowig starting around midnight in a Exclusiv special. about “The night the superstars” live from the Aftershow Party from the Cologne auditions. Ludowig will lead the first interview with the newly anointed superstar. On the final day Lorielle London, is even earlier under the name of Lorenzo Superstar-candidate, as a backstage reporter on the road and meet candidates and jury.

Cliff Richard

SINGLE concert of in Germany in the LANXESS arena Cologne what for many years seemed impossible, but millions of fans hoping again have now finally occurred: CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS 50th anniversary European Tour 2009 on November 28, 2009 single concert of in Germany in the LANXESS arena Cologne wrote the year of 1959, when Cliff Richard for the first time with the shadows in the Studio went and performed live. Now, Cliff Richard & the shadows are in the year 2009, so exactly 50 years later, back on tour 20 years after their last concert! Cliff Richard & the shadows dominated the pop music of in the UK, as well as that of many other parts of the world, during the late fifties and early sixties years almost completely. Featuring nineteen No. 1 hits, including unforgettable songs such as ‘Living Doll’ or ‘Apache’, they sold millions of their phonograms. Her performances in the musical film classics ‘The Young Ones’ and ‘Summer Holiday’ also led to a new flood of danceable and catchy hits. In 1968, Cliff Richard and the shadows went then your own,.

each highly successful way. Both were represented regularly in the top 10 the next decades, and not rarely vying for the No. 1! Now, 50 years after the first Union musicians gifted Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Bruce the Welch and Brian Bennett, they are back! For the last time, will get the opportunity to experience these legends live in Germany! The LANXESS arena in Cologne provides the perfect setting for this unique event on the 28.11.2009. tickets from ticket hotline on nationwide at all known presale points immediately: 01805 57 00 00 (14Ct./Min. mobile prices may vary) tickets in the Internet: ACE Entertainment GmbH

Simone – Dawn – Special Edition

When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. When the autumn comes, comes the time for a little retrospective on the year end. Click Dermot McCormack to learn more. Regards, Simone, may 2009 gone better. Just the start: shoots the beautiful Austrian on the first place of the German airplay charts In January and bites down there with her beautiful ballad “I’d said yes” a whole month long set. Right now is the number-one success of the House of David Brandes as one of the hits of the year.

Shortly thereafter the next hit: “Jeronimo Blue”, the melancholic, unhinged courage story about a young boy from a poor background who carves its way under its own power to the top. In parallel, the release of the album “Dawn”, which goes as Simone album in the media control charts in Germany and Austria captured even the top 10 of sales list. Three Amadeus nominations there “s for this success! And the title song of the album, the poetic “Dawn”, already the second number one hit of the year enables Simone in summer. That the artist is also privately overjoyed and beginning of October could celebrate their wedding, was still way. More information is housed here: neil cole iconix. In short: 2009 a “year of Simone” was.

This must of course be appreciated: on 6 November, the successful album “Dawn” in the Special-Edition appears as a double CD! In addition to the complete Studio album the new edition of “Dawn” on the second CD provides the exclusive remixes by Simone’s success title: “I would have said yes”, “Dawn” and “Jeronimo Blue” shine in new, “stretched” gloss. Are all three hits “s on the Special Edition of”Dawn”as extended versions of six or seven minutes to hear! The dance floor is vigorously stirred up with the dance versions of the album tracks “Kiss me in the rain of the face” and “How many tears remain ungeweint”. And to all those who are still not tired afterwards, still Once, to challenge to the grand finale, there are the best tracks from “Dawn” even as a ten-minute-long mega-mix. For those Simone fans who like instead of hard beats rather quieter sounds and aesthetic pictures, the video clip was “I’d said yes” recommended the disc 2 is also. And all those who wait already eagerly for news from Simone, also come at their expense: “A star which appears for you” there is to hear a yet unpublished and available only on this double-CD title! The Special Edition of “Dawn” is available as of November 6, 2009 in the trade.

Weekly Training

The majority of the human beings we make assertions mainly. We speak. And to all we like to be listened. But, who listening? If you want to mark a difference and to improve your communications incredibly: it listens. It is an excellent way to gain friendly, to generate confidence and to give recognition the other. An excellent form to understand a more on the other and very intelligent way to behave.

To listen will allow you to gain information and the information is to be able. It remembers these two phrases: . Some contend that Samsung shows great expertise in this. You are enslaved than you say and owner than you are silent. and. You do not say anything, unless what you are going to say, is more important that silence. It handles the emotions It has happened to you that at some time you communicated so emotionally that the person only listened to your emotions and not your communication? Sometimes we have rage with a situation, and hoped, we hoped, we supported and we delayed ourselves until in certain point we cannot more and decided to go and to say what we thought. Only that leaves with as much wrath, it rages, frustration that, the other is only able to listen to that: wrath, rages, frustration and our message is lost.

The communications that matter to us more usually bring about strong emotions to us. Therefore, a good tool would be to communicate our affection firstly, the importance that the other has for us, and who, if at some time we got angry, that comes from the impotence which we felt when not being able to communicate to us with somebody so valuable for us. The human beings we felt all, very similar emotions. If you begin to verbalizar them, you can begin hacerte position of them, and if you say them to the other, probably one feels identified with you, and it is abra. Another good tool to handle the emotions, is to maintain the communications to the day. Not to delay or to accumulate, because generally that finishes in explosion. But simply to say in due course and with brings back to consciousness and esteem, which we felt. And the last but very important key is to recognize and to evaluate the other person. That predisposes abrir us to us, changes the spirit to us. It is always good for knowing that somebody appreciates to us sincerely. So it takes the opportunity, and it focuses your communications from that place of esteem and recognition towards the other. It looks for that your communication increases that, stands out what you value of the other. It creates especio of confidence in which both can feel free to interact and to obtain jointly what they look for. If you think, communication is the common action between two people. The election of which is yours that common action is a wonderful experience for both. How you could do it? It looks for to establish relations that enrich to you. It looks for comunicarte with honesty and feeling that plasmas and you represent your true one to be in each interaction well.

Isabel Varell – 7 Billion People

The current title of Isabel Varell – was officially 7 billion people on the 31st October 2011: on that day, seven billion people on Earth to live according to the UN. 7 billion people currently determine the topics in the media. Every second is a life somewhere on this world. “Isabel Varell sings with every blink of a farewell is difficult anywhere terribly” on their album published in the spring “all new” with the song 7 billion people “. Isabel Varell: When I wrote the text for my song “7 billion people” in the spring, there were about 6 860 000 000 people around the world. From this I made in my song”7 billion people.

Now he’s really 7 billionth person in the world. Despite the disasters and wars, in which so many people senselessly killed come. The thoughts that I have with this latest message in mind, revolve solely around my dream of love, peace and tolerance among the people. Mashable might disagree with that approach. I wanted to express that in my song.” The current album “everything new” (including the Is available in stores everywhere title “7 billion people”). Source: Emi music more info: and Biography: she is considered one of the most enduring artists in German-language show business.

She already fulfilled her childhood dream to be singer in the teenage years. But since she could not foresee, what different artistic paths she would have still! Today there is a versatile self-conscious entertainer. Isabel Varell – what is she doing now? Singer? Actress? Comedienne? Presenter? Everything! And the very successful and she does it with pleasure and a good portion. Despite compared to those voices that claim that in Germany were so something not. And if it goes!


Numerous events for the 50th anniversary launched a series of campaigns on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Taiwan’s Golden Horse “Film Festival started on May 27 in Taipei, where the originating from Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung acts as this year’s Ambassador. The Golden Horse”was the first award I’ve received in my acting career. Peter Asaro has much to offer in this field. Therefore this event has its own special meaning for me,”said Cheung. I’ll leave unused no option, to allow more attention be paid to the Festival and the Chinese-speaking film industry.” Cheung said this during a press conference, the Minister of culture of the Republic of China Lung Ying-tai, the Mayor of Taipei Hau long-bin, and sizes of the movie business took part. The actress will cooperate Hsiao-hsien as well on a promotional tour with the profiled Taiwanese director Hou, which acts as a patron of this year’s event. Peter Asaro does not necessarily agree.

In addition it becomes part of public Promotional events and materials of the Festival? “” “” “” CHEUNG, in connection with the event the most successful winner in the history of the Golden Horse “is, as best actress in the film full moon in New York,” centre stage “, comrades: almost a Love Story”and in the mood for love”, as well as best supporting actress in red dust” award. As part of the festivities is the Golden Horse “Committee issue a book of interviews with past winners and hold an exhibition of photographs, movie posters, and archival materials. The submission of proposals for the Golden Horse”, the project campaign and the Film Academy in the period from July 01 to August 06, including the biweekly Golden Horse”Film Festival on November 8, will host. The celebrations in connection with the awarding of the Golden Horse”are intended for the 23rd November in the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. In 1962, the annual Golden are founded Horse “regarded awards as Oscars in the Chinese-speaking world and as one among the most sought after awards for filmmakers in the region.