Month: January 2014

SUE Company

Consider the example of a Russian company. Company “Prom” is created on the basis of “Laboratory of Industrial Electronics and Automation”, which since November 1992 is modernizing, repair and maintenance of automation based on Industrial Electronics. Her regular clients include industrial companies as OJSC “KAMAZ-Catering” (Naberezhnye Chelny), “Plant cellular concrete “(Naberezhnye Chelny), OOO” Samara Trading House “rotor” (Samara), Ltd. Factory “ROMS” (Kursk), SUE “FSPC device” (Moscow) and many other businesses. One of the priorities of the firm’s “Prom” is to develop, manufacture and supply of instrumentation and other means of automation. The company also offers a wide range of services for automation of asphalt, cement plants, stands the test pump. The company’s specialists are well trained technical projects for these companies. Based on these projects is assembling and manufacturing facilities Automation, worked out docking equipment.

For example, especially for the control concrete were established level sensors lobe series “control.” They are designed to achieve control and alarm given level of bulk materials in various capacities (where the material can be not only cement but also grain, fodder, plastic granules, wood shavings, sand, etc.). Developed three versions of the sensor: to Vertical installation on top of the tank lid (PS-03); for installing an angle of 35 on the lateral surface of the reservoir (DM-04); for horizontal installation on the side of the tank (DO-05) Thus, the sensor allows the most accurate dosage level of input, which sets itself a potential customer, depending on their needs. This is achieved due to the smooth adjustment of the length of the immersion sensor element of the device (sensor – a rotating blade). Given the need for customers to lower operational costs of equipment, specialists of the company, “Prom” made from a single-phase power sensor network AC at 50 Hz, 220 or 24 V. In this case there is no need for special power source.

The device is designed so that during operation does not require its special service. However, the company always ready to provide free technical and operational advice to the client. The sensor can be used direct and inverse signal. From this it follows that the client takes an active part in the assembly product and the likelihood of reaching full cost recovery of 85-95%. On example of LLC “Prom” We proved that Russian companies have the potential not only to succeed in business, but also to win over foreign competitors. In our country there are business tools that are not inferior to the technical and qualitative characteristics of the foreign counterparts, and their prices are much lower!

Earth Greenhouse

It Begins with a ray of light, shot-through space from the staggering inferno of Our sun. Sunbeam That Delivers energy to earth, Giving us light and warmth and life. As Some of this energy radiating back Toward space as heat, a portion is Absorbed by a delicate balance of heat-trapping (or "greenhouse") gases in the atmosphere create an INSULATING That layer. Without the temperature control of this greenhouse effect, the Earth's average surface temperature would be 0 F (-18 C), a temperature so low That the Earth would be frozen and Could not sustain human life as we know it. The most abundant of the greenhouse gases is water vapor.

In Addition, There Are Other Powerful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and nitrous oxide. Each of These is a natural part of the never-ending cycle of life, death, and decomposition on Earth. But Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution Humans Have Been pumping out more and more of These and Other greenhouse gases. Scientists are clear: Human Activities Contributing to global warming are by Adding Large Amounts of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. Our fossil fuel use is the main source of These gases. Every time we drive a car, use Electricity from coal-fired power plants, or heat Our homes with oil or natural gas, we release carbon dioxide and Other heat-trapping gases Into the air. The second most important greenhouse Addition of gases to the atmosphere is related to deforestation, Mainly in the tropics, as well as Other land-use changes.


In the 90 years of global industrial recession affected all sectors of the economy completely. However, some of them hit particularly hard. These belonged, of course, and the crane building. In the period 1990 to 1998 production For example, mobile cranes fell 14 times. However, later the situation has changed, and the rapid decline gave way to let the laid-back, but still growth. And today the production of cranes road course in Russia is engaged in two dozen companies.

Crane market in Russia today is increasing demand for cranes in the domestic market due to what is happening in recent years, output growth in industry, construction and agriculture. And the market needs are met, mainly due to the Russian manufacturers of truck cranes: selling imported truck cranes are only a few percent of the total sales. It is not hard to guess that this is due to the difference in prices. Imported cranes on average one and a half times more expensive than domestic ones. Truth and excellence as they have a significant. In principle, many note that the maintenance of our cranes have to invest so much money in the long run they are more expensive than imported counterparts. However, domestic consumers are not yet ready to spread round the amount for foreign special equipment that allows our producers to feel confident enough in the market. However, in order to compete with each other, many of them are moving towards the use of small amounts of imported components.