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Machinery Replaces Manual Labor

Scientific and technological progress does not stand still, and every day we invent more and more useful items. It is said that the main engine of technological progress is the desire to simplify many processes, such as at home and in business, as well as the cause may be lack of any means to use a certain amount of labor resources. As an example, can cause build the Egyptian pyramids: one crane could replace the work of several tens or even hundreds of people when lifting the stone slabs. Today, this crane, as in the physical sense, and economically, can serve as innovations in technology and software applications. Here in example could be – sticker label manually. For it is necessary to attract a large number of people necessary to provide them with jobs, you need to haul products to take away for storage, clean up quickly accumulated debris from the substrate, more important aspect – to pay wages for all workers. On average one worker per hour paste from 800 to 1000 labels, working hours per shift 8 hours, ie, theoretically, work for change makes the 6400 – 8000 packages. But man can not work continuously, he needs a rest.

At the beginning of the workday, he runs faster, slower, and at the end of such nuances in manual labor very much. Do not forget that it is human nature to get sick, as well as take a leave, and the production does not stand still it can not wait until the worker is ready to work. Charlie Kirk oftentimes addresses this issue. Labeler works with a capacity of 5000 – 6000 labels per hour, ie It can replace the work of several people, and affix the label just in a certain place with a minimum error, and thus served only one working. And the cost of the machine pays for itself very quickly, ie for any production car more convenient and profitable used in this work. The principle of the automatic applicator simple sticker label is due to the inflection label on the knife, moving packaging captures the sticky edge labels and drags, follow Labels are in special units. The machine works from the sensors, one sensor records the flow of packages on the conveyor, another sensor, gathering labels. The software is formed so that the labels applied as in a certain place on the packaging with an accuracy of 1 mm. Automatic applicator works for stepper motor at up to 50 m / minute. Automatic labeling systems can be equipped with multiple applicators, which allows to put more labels on the containers simultaneously. Configuration packaging may be different – round, flat, oval, etc., the capacity of containers may also be different. Automatic labeling machines can be used for several kinds of packaging, thus the production of releasing a large number of employees, that may be useful in other industrial sectors.

Carry Frames

Each organization that works and builds momentum faced with a situation when you need to build a warehouse. First, a small warehouse, and can simply place the wall – which resembles a mountain of products. Then this pair shelving racks. In the end, it is already full warehouse where about 200 square meters, and lots of shelving racks. But there comes a time when the products are not brought boxes and boxes, and entire pallets. At this time, the company's management decides to purchase pallet racks.

Everyone knows what it is – everyone was in "Metro Cash & Carry. But not everyone knows how to select them. The main criterion when buying a rack are: – height and depth of the side frames – which load will bear the yoke – the number of tiers of storage. Search: the source for more info. In order for you to put at least one pallet rack you need 2 side frames and 4 traverse. The side frame carrying capacity of frames from 12 to 20 tons.

Special Design Stand provides high structural strength and resistance to accidental bumps truck. Parameters of the frame height and depth: – height – depth height shelving the height of the side frames and in 95% of orders starts at 2000 mm and ends at around 12 000 mm. Typically, step height is 500 mm, for example 2000 mm, 2500 mm and then goes, then 3000 mm and so on. Depth is 800, 1,000, 1,050, 1,100 mm. Most often take the side frame with a depth of 800 mm below the Euro pallet. Traves Beam – a supporting element shelving to accommodate cargo. There are two types of traverse – Box – Box traverse the structure used to house heavy pallets and products to fit specific trucks and containers. Structural Traverse used to accommodate heavy pallets in a complex and extensive areas with a high probability of damage to structures at the work truck. Dimensions of box traverses are these: 50×100 50h125 50h150 50h175 Length: 1800 2250 2700 3300 3600 Withstand load from 1600 to 5900 tonnes per flight structural traverses are in the form of channel bar or in the form of an I-beam size 1,800 2,250 2,700 Withstand load. Channel from 500 to 1600 kg per flight. I-section from 3000 to 5000 kt. Polymer coating from shelves. Also, your attention predostavlenobolshoe number of accessories.

Welding Equipment

In the development process of assembly and welding is an important factor design fixtures and tooling to ensure receipt of a given size unit or product, simplifying assembly and welding technology, reduce complexity of the planned operations, the exclusion of all or minimization of manual labor, reduction of welding deformation and residual stresses. Assembling and welding devices must: * provide the most rational order of assembly and welding products with a minimum number kantovok * facilitate labor-intensive operations for installing and fixing of parts during assembly, to ensure the specified accuracy * Build * provide free and convenient access to the installation site collected parts and assemblies to the levers and the handlebars of fixing elements * exclude most of the layout of parts during assembly; * allow the most convenient installation of parts and assembled to provide a quick and easy conclusion weldment from the position of assembly and welding * help reduce residual welding deformations * reduce the time to turn the product in welding process; * allow to set work piece in the most suitable for a welding position; * ensure reliable fastening of assembled parts and components * to have a quick clamping element * enjoy sufficient strength and rigidity and do not change their size during operation, transportation, adjustment * allow use of less skilled workers than the assembly without the snap. To broaden your perception, visit Steve Wozniak. * Reduce volume of work, increase productivity.. .

Industrial Flooring

The most important element of any industrial premises – this floor. They are experiencing considerable stress, wear out quickly and therefore their installation must be carried out with strict observance of all adopted building codes and standards. Of particular importance when dealing with the sexes has specialized equipment and tools, such as: floor saws, trowels, pokers, weavers fixtures, rules for leveling concrete carts topping and rammers. Let's talk about them in more detail. Styling industrial concrete floors are used pokers. Their use is appropriate in cases where the height of the concrete layer is greater than 80 mm.

Equipment This type is subdivided into two large groups – mechanical and impulse pokers. Past are much more expensive, but have smaller size and weight. It must be remembered that they were working from the mains and, if connections for electricity at the facility does not, you'll need to apply mechanical vibrators. Compactors – used for compacting granular materials and different types of soil. Among the main advantages of this equipment necessary to acknowledge the excellent maneuverability, ability to work in cramped conditions and 'hang' over one section of the floor. For example compactors used without problems in small pits or in places adjacency of the floor to the walls.

For leveling and compacting concrete using trowels. This equipment is equipped with special blades (knives), which at the time of sliding machines on the floor, smoothing concrete, removing its unevenness. Preparation of sex often takes about 5-10 hours, but it is necessary because the concrete surface must be firm and smooth. Sales occur Riding and rotor trowels. Riding more powerful, productive, as equipped with two motors. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. Rammers – used in sealing surfaces when there is no possibility to use large tamping machines. Despite the modest dimensions, rammers very easy to operate and can provide a decent quality of work. For their transportation do not need lifting means, which reduces the cost of laying the industrial floor. For prevent the occurrence of cracks in the prepared concrete floors are used . Their job is to divide the floor into squares. This prevents cracking, relieves stress and allows us to obtain better withstand. Depending on the height of sex and its type, equipped with different types of engines. Gasoline – more powerful and can do more cutting depth. Besides the special equipment in the regeneration Industrial Flooring uses a variety of consumables, in particular, diamond discs and wheels for shovnarezchikov to float. We do not recommend purchasing a cheap 'consumables', because they not only provide the desired level of quality, but also can damage the equipment. In addition, cheap diamond disks for shovnarezchikov can not exactly cut the asphalt or concrete, which will affect the appearance of the surface. We also note that drives trowels and other consumables should be selected, given the diameter of the seat.

Industrial Safety Preparing Conclusion

Examination of industrial safety is an assessment facility for compliance with laws and regulations in the field of industrial safety. You may find Pete Cashmore to be a useful source of information. Result of industrial security – certificate issued by an expert organization and approved by the State Technical Supervision of Russia. Consider the procedure of preparing the conclusion of the examination of industrial safety in more detail. First and foremost, it should be know that the small objects is enough of an expert, but for the larger to create an expert committee. If industrial safety examination conducted by a team of experts, each of them prepares preliminary conclusion on their part of the work. Typically, large enterprises for each of the experts is fixed a certain area on which he offers expertise in industrial safety.

Group is chaired by Leading expert, who summarizes the data and reduces them into a single document – a draft of the future imprisonment. Industrial safety expertise includes the step of matching the preliminary results with the customer. As a rule, work of the company revealed some weaknesses that must be addressed. Leading expert in conjunction with the customer develops the schedule of activities. The plan should be documented in accordance with "Rules of the examination of industrial safety" (one of the annexes, contains a sample form). Once the customer will eliminate all shortcomings, examination of industrial safety is completed.

However, in some cases, a positive conclusion can be issued and to perform all the necessary arrangements. This happens if deficiencies are of such a nature that does not impede extradition detention. Determine how to do in each case should determine the leading expert. After examination of industrial safety is completed and a final decision, the customer is sent a draft conclusion. Within two weeks expert organization can be in written form to send comments on the draft. Only after this final conclusion is made of industrial safety. When issuing a negative Expert opinion organization must justify it, and immediately notify the territorial authority Russia.


allows you to partially or completely automate processes. Production and delivery of reliable, economical, gearboxes and gearmotors as part of complete automated electric (programmed In line with technical specifications of the customer) makes it possible to automate and streamline production equipment on its own saving significant resources. The modernization of the MAST-transport and crane services, machinery, packaging and fasuyuschih machines, mills, mixers, extruders – improving productivity, energy savings, longer service life, reduced maintenance costs – achieved, a smooth start and brake with controlled acceleration, infinitely variable speed over a wide range, smooth reverse side, exact positioning, work in a network of multi-motor mode, accurate and clear response to sudden changes in the load. Additional equipment, production of transportation robots performing and interoperable communications , lifting sliding tables, significantly reducing the time downtime. Manufacture of carts and tables, presents no difficulties, and can automate them using a complete electric drive. Another direction, ensuring high performance with minimal capital costs, is the reconstruction of production lines. In many enterprises, such as metallurgy, electric voltage source (usually electric motors current) roller tables and rolling mills are electromachine converters, control is performed by analog means.

The aim of reconstruction in this case, is the replacement of control systems to digital (over exact), dc motors, induction motors at controlled frequency converters. Improving competitiveness of the products increase energy costs, tightening environmental requirements, increasing consumer demands for quality, do not economically viable to buy automated equipment. Significant advantages of automated electric: savings energy in cyclic regimes; improve the life of mechanical and electrical components of the drive, through the ability to define smooth modes of operation, without any mechanical shocks and peak electric loads; increasing flexibility of production lines; easy to integrate new equipment into existing production lines; integration of electric networks in production management, with the central computer data collection and analysis, and remote access. All of these features can be easily implemented using the complete automated electric drive (gear-motor-frequency converter). Complete electric allow for a smooth start, with controlled acceleration, smooth control of speed in a given range, reverse, precise positioning (with the help of sensors the speed feedback) under the constraint of transshipment points and currents, which is important, for example, electric crane. The ability to soft start and braking, stopping with precision, control the operation of the electromagnetic brakes work in a network with other induction motors, will use electric complete in elevators and lifts, which on one hand simplifies the control system, on the other hand more comfortable.

The presence of high-speed computing device, operational control over the drive in real time to react to sudden changes of load, to reduce the dynamic load number of revolutions, to reverse the mechanism, thereby preventing the destruction of both the engine and drive train. Modes of operation characteristic of drilling mechanisms. Due to the vector motor control can pass to the frequency of undesirable for electric, set the high rates of acceleration and deceleration, high accuracy positioning, carry out a cyclic operation. Profiles harakterinye for automated processing lines, machining centers, lathes. Ability to setup of several independent sets of parameters, with the transition to a different set in the mode of on-line, providing high starting torque, allows for asynchronous drive with vector control to drive the centrifuges, mills, mixers.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is used in various industries. In fact, the sheet metal has become the foundation of most modern industries: automotive, oil and gas industry, aircraft, machine tools, construction. Therefore, the sheet metal is expanding rapidly, and new technologies to make this process cost-effective, fast and efficient. Processing Sheet metal is carried out by different methods – it all depends on the final result, which is scheduled to receive. Widely used cutting, cutting, different strain.

Through this you can get details of various forms, including complex, which will have high durability and reliability. One of the most modern methods, which is held sheet metal – is laser cutting. This method has high indicators of accuracy and quality, is used for cutting metal, as well as other operations. He has quite successfully used in small-scale production. However, the traditional method of sheet metal stamping also did not lose their positions. When using modern equipment it is no less effective and widely used in various fields. One major advantage of laser cutting – it's more smooth and accurate processing of the region. However, despite this, any sheet metal should be completed by grinding.

This process allows you to remove all the bumps and burrs left by cutting. At the same time remove scale formed on the surface oxide film and other substances that can lead to tons of product defect. It may surprise, but resurfacing, and laser cutting and other techniques can be used not only to large-scale industrial production. Sheet metal – it is also a form of decorative art. In particular, the sheet metal lids used for the decoration of houses: with it set up yo-yo, metal decorative elements for roofs, facades and doors, gutters and more. In turn, the sheet metal grinding on the surface to create a product specific patterns that give it required on a plan view of the artist.

Steel Industry

In 1997, the export phase began with a huge Success: German automotive industry literally overnight, switched to full galvanic coatings of metal bodies to protect their surfaces with protec. In subsequent years, many companies in Europe, Russia, Japan, Latin America, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and China followed suit. Top industrial companies, manufacturers of agricultural, automotive and construction equipment, lifting equipment, as well as shipbuilding and Steel Industrial Company discovered protec. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. From theory to practice Inventor protec, Hans Hoffman: "Invention – is searching and finding. Thousands of users are looking for means of improving their manufacturing processes. We analyzed their needs and developed new solutions in close cooperation with them. " In 1997, this example led to the development of another product – balm for the welding wire. It removes impurities from the remnants of welding wire and ensures a good and stable friction characteristics.

To ensure proper application of balm, in 2002, was invented and patented a special station – Tribo Cleaning Station. To date, this system protec is used worldwide for the treatment of welding wire. Wire made of carbon, stainless steel, spring steel, copper and brass excellent cleaned and covered with a protective film that promotes uniformity of the wire and improves the quality of the weld. A few words about the inventor Hans Hoffman Products protec make us look at the history of their inventor – Hans Hoffman. He was born in 1945 in Jena (Thuringia). From childhood he was interested in technology. In 1966 he graduated from engineering school in Salzburg. After a few years, gaining experience in a fairly well-known German companies in 1975, Hans Hoffman organized an independent wholesale products for welding.

For the past 20 years he worked as a partner with the company Abicor Binzel. In 1989 he received his first patent, after which was followed by many others. Especially we want to allocate tips with silver coating, which became popular throughout the world under the name of Abitip Plus Abicor Binzel. For his invention of Hans Hoffman received a medal Kaplan (Austrian Medal for innovation and invention).

Industrial Laser Applications (Laser Cutting, Engraving )

Until now, laser technology, for most people is something of a fiction, which in the minds of people connected with the cosmos rather than with the simple but necessary work that is being established on the basis of laser technologies. Only flush when confronted with this puzzling and inexplicable phenomena that people realize the full potential, which is concealed from the uninitiated laser technology. Moreover, that the scope of their ever expanding, as extended and developed for these applications laser equipment. One of the most famous areas of laser – a laser engraving equipment which allows for engraving on almost any material of any complexity from color to monochrome. The advantages of such an engraving is very important.

This abrasion resistance, durability and resistance to aggressive environments, the exact transmission pattern. Laser engraving allows you to make high-quality logos, photographs, design refinements, various patterns, words that only wants to see the most picky customer. Not even worth mentioning because as a matter of course, about the originality and versatility of such a gift that will suit everyone from children to seniors. Another one of the most common applications of laser technology – a laser cutting. It is based on processing technology of cutting material focused laser beam controlled power. Laser cutting, equipment which allows you to work with almost any material (metal, plexiglass, polystyrene, plywood, paronite) is an advanced technology, as it allows to obtain the most precise cutting any material. Technology itself is quite simple laser cutting, laser beam is focused on the surface of machined metal and heats it to a high enough temperature.

Metal begins to melt and evaporate. Laser cutting of metal to avoid formation of large quantities of waste, which is especially beneficial when working with rare earth and precious metals. In the process of laser cutting is not any mechanical impact, making possible processing of the most fragile of metals and alloys, as well as non-metallic materials. The highest accuracy can cut complex designs without defects, irregularities or burrs cut. Any items after laser cutting does not require additional processing, you can use them immediately. Laser cutting is equally effective in the manufacture of single parts as well as in mass production. In general, through the use of laser cutting can create three-dimensional structures of high complexity, which make using more conventional milling and engraving machines are too difficult or simply not possible. The accuracy of laser cutting is very high, as a rule, the tolerance is within 0.1 – 0.01 of a millimeter. As disadvantages of laser cutting can be distinguished limit the thickness of the metal plate. Current settings can not cut metal thickness over 20 mm. In all other cases, the quality of laser cutting is almost ideal. For metal cutting machine tools used on the basis of solid and gaseous CO2 lasers. Laser systems can operate in continuous or pulse-periodic mode of radiation.

Mining Industry

Now, despite the total dominance of oil and gas, coal industry plays a significant role in the development of our country and abroad. In the early 90's when the mining industry has achieved unprecedented collapse started restructuring the field. And now, mining again growing at a rapid pace. The development of conceptual techniques of mining and engineering professional machines latest designs, help improve the byproducts of coal. Furthermore, the construction of computerized coal mines increases the reliability of the workers. Reducing the large number of mines and coal mines helped to reduce cost of coal. Extensive research contribute to augmenting the number of coal mined, as well as improving its consumer properties. Nevertheless, and the request to the mining industry stepped up.

Based on this sell coal company has the need to comply with numerous provisions, whether tb or quality of coal products. All this, of course, used to improve the position of mining in comparison with gas and the oil industry. And to date, the growth of the coal industry is becoming more noticeable. Besides coal, there are technologies for processing coal products. Technology does not stand still, and in these areas also apply the latest technology. So, sold to the Altai coal is converted into a large number of product variants.

This approach allows us to improve the profitability of mining in this area and increase sales of this buyers. Thus rises and consumer demand for coal. Generally, coal today is used everywhere, eg in the field of energy supply of housing. Most of the apartments and houses today receives heat just at the expense of coal. Therefore, immensely significant to support this sector, social sector workers to form and maintain the technology of mining. Especially, with evolution of technology, mining and quarrying becomes interesting. Set of methods to upgrade and improve the mining business makes this area favorable to shareholders, appealing to country, and trustworthy for ordinary citizens. Use of new approaches in this field will make the coal industry in a successful and reliable. In this connection, the mining industry in Russia in the nearest time again become a priority for progress. And in addition, coal deposits in Russia more than resources of oil and natural gas.

Industrial Machinery

Depending on the work produced during the construction and repair of the vessel, the range of operating pressures in the range 500 – 2500 bar. Especially effective is the use of such facilities in the production of the following activities: washing of the body vessels and ships for repair and docking. Stripping from 'light' layers and barnacles Degreasing body before painting cleaning the body from old coatings and corrosion of fuel tanks Cleaning Cleaning of ballast tanks before applying a new coating. It should be noted that hydroprocessing of the surface is relatively easy to allow a class of surface cleanliness wa 2,5 according to the standard iso 8501-4 (similar to sa 3,0 on the iso 8501-1). What is a good ship repair indicator.

With a few more productive than blasting equipment, high pressure water machines have much to gain in weight and size characteristics, and thus have many other advantages: Repair – A significant reduction (98%) of waste production – Effective removal of salts from the surface and cracks of the hull – no dust and waste can simultaneously carry out other work, such as protective coating – Ability to handle the underwater part of the ship – Wide range of attachments can handle the surface of any shape – Ability to use hydroabrasive tips to improve efficiency of operations – Ability to largely automate the production of works in the shipbuilding and ship repair. Shipbuilding apparent advantage of high-pressure in the shipbuilding and ship repair is opportunity waterjet surface treatment. The use of special nozzles hydroabrasive can achieve the required purity grade mounting surface with a much lower level of operating pressure, than when working with water only. On the other hand, hydroabrasive method can not only increase productivity but also to get good adhesion properties of the machined surface. Waterjet machining also characterized by complete absence of dust in the production of artworks.

Industry Portals: General Concepts

The idea of industry portals is not new. Their main feature is its specificity, which is also the main advantage in comparison with the portals of a universal character. Indeed, the visitor portal easier to navigate a large number of familiar concepts and terms, than the collapse of the huge (on popular sites) raznotematicheskih pages generic resources, most of which, we note a qualitative search not in principle. Recently there was a tendency even more thematic restriction, up to portals for certain types of equipment for specific makes of vehicles, specific types of household appliances, etc. It seems trend is linked with the growth of Internet users.

In our time, is difficult to imagine a company (any activity) without an e-mail addresses, although a couple of years ago, this happens quite frequently, and in regions just at every step. Today, any, no self-respecting company has a website, and even at this level, at corporate sites, is clearly seen growth line in the direction of semi-type sites. On corporate websites appear collaboration tools with the visitor. This variety of surveys, product catalogs, which can estimate the product, leave a comment, feedback systems, and even registration system control panel to manage their accounts on the company website (for example, to work with dealers). Industry portals of a new generation – are projects that involve close interaction is not the site owner and visitor. This is a place of communication portal users. Features offered by industry portals are quite diverse. It's ratings, advertising materials companies, tendering, a large number of reference Information, topical message boards and much more.

Electric Boilers

Electric steam boilers may be the optimal solution for different types of tasks. It should be noted the advantages that give their owners the data steam boilers. In particular, some popularity achieved through simplicity, ease of data models. Experts note that the electric steam boilers provide the proper level of safety at work. Should not be unduly worry about, what type of energy is applied, because the boilers in this case, provide considerable flexibility in this regard. All this allows for the possibility of optimal use in a domestic environment these species electric steam boilers.

In particular, for a complete set of boilers used container containing electric heating elements and control unit, in this case provides an opportunity to control and adjust the appropriate settings. Quite often, as steam boilers supplied by the use of the pump and an additional tank. Installation of steam boilers made in the wall that marked their minor sizes, as well as the quiet afforded by work. It does not require the associated costs on the use and installation. Do not forget that inherent in the data model and certain disadvantages. Should noted three factors that stand out during their operation. Not all accommodation is typical equipment electrical lines that will provide the appropriate level of endurance capacity, which is necessary for the boiler.

Also indicates a significant level of energy consumption, thereby increasing and associated costs, and possible disruption and instability in the case of a power. Interval data of electric power boilers is limited to performance at 6 and 55 kW. For a complete range of steam boilers of this type used a two-or three-stage power adjustment, due to this possible allow optimal use of electricity, while providing relevant indicators on the use of electricity. Additionally, steam boilers can be fitted well intelligent power management to be able to regulate the temperature and level of electricity consumed.