Month: August 2012

Regional Faculties

We are working with students who faced curricular changes in the training programs from the Secondary beginning of the Basic one as well as important changes in the paradigms of the Education in Cuba. They are the students who happened through the crisis of the educational personnel in the levels that the education of the Physics begins, receiving the subject in the best one of the cases by professors with some pedagogical experience but by means of televising classes. Professors that faced the difficult task on a par of distributing all the subjects, learning of the student and only knew what the text said, of but he is to say that not he teaches what is not known and in many occasions these students ours were being taken care of by educational emergent, which they present/display difficulties in the teaching of the subjects, commit errors or omissions that in the end we are facing today in our classrooms. The situation of the education in the Havanan Provinces essentially had stages of deep crisis from Course 2003-2004 and until the present time that begins to become stabilized a little the completamiento of the educational personnel with professors in Secondary majority emergent in Basic and qualified in Pre-university. We have in addition the aggravating one for our students to the Regional Faculties whose origin is the Polytechnical Institutes of Computer science (the IPI) created with the aim of collaborating in the computerization of the Cuban society that to the same did not distribute of systematic form this subject to them (in a 57% of the matriculation, in our center specifically), by different causes that go from the lack of professors to the consideration of which it was not important for the professional development of the withdrawn ones but a subject but of which serves to increase the Culture General and within the phantom of priorities it was places in the last during the investigation was possible to be detected that little pursuit occurs him to the development of the subject.

Social Pointers

It is evident that this situation has effect on the culture of the humanity, especially in the poor countries, where the social contrasts are still more perceivable. In function of the competitiveness requirement, each one is seen as adversary of the others and intends to fight for the maintenance of its place of work. The excluded ones are taxed of imcompetent people and the poor persons tend to be made responsible by its proper poverty. Parallel to this, a new form of right extremism appears in the industrialized countries, of form that the xenophobia and the violence appear interlaced with the fight for work spaces. It is clearly that the violence also appears as reaction of the excluded ones, and the logic of the system, based on the competition, develops increasing ' ' culture of violncia' ' in the society. Also we cannot forget that the proper organized crime offers to chances of work and security to the excluded ones. In relation to Brazil the country is very distant of the countries developed in relation to access to the medias. Currently, in Brazil it is evident that the technological exclusion reaches a great parcel of the population (You plough).

From this, podese to notice an extremely mutual relation between the digital and social exclusion. A small parcel of the population has access the computers and to the Internet and our country has much to walk in the direction to guarantee more equality enters its citizens (Synthesis of Social Pointers – IBGE 2006), ' ' therefore to enter in the digital world, it is necessary to be in the world alfabetizado' ' (GALVAO, 2003). Although the situation of Brazil to be critical, exists countries in worse conditions, as much in America how much in the continents African and Asian. Perhaps in other countries the digital exclusion could be boarded of separate form of the social exclusion, but it is impossible to speak of the digital exclusion without mentioning the other existing problems in the Brazilian society, as the social inaqualities, the illiteracy, unemployment, low income education.

Professional Development

New year arriving, 2011 already beating in our door. this always sends to the reflection and planejamentos. Therefore I decided to compile in this article 6 attitudes and habits that I consider essentials for one better professional and personal desevolvimento of each one. Other forms also exist many that could cite here, to put these believe that they are the essentials, where all excessively develop. Organizao.Esse are the basic one of any attitude that you will be to take.

Without it, you feel yourself lost and frustado, therefore the times want to find that material important that its professor gave to you in the college but he does not find. It wants to know how much you having of card to plan the budget do not find, ' ' pasta&#039 must you played in some; '. Who never met in a situation of these? The organization necessity is the primordial point you to obtain to keep the focus and to take better decisions. As today, almost everything is made in the computer, this is the first place where it must well be organized. It looks for to place documents in nominated folders correctly in accordance with the subject. If it is of Work, places in the work folder, if it is of the College, places in the folder of the college. For documents that you low, look for to save everything in an only folder (for standard she can be Download), and later reoganize.

Thus when you to be in doubt of where it is the document that you lowered, will know that he is in the folder download (this functions with me). Moreover, the Organization helps in the Management of our Knowledge, therefore always we will know where to find what it is each important material and that it can helping in them future. I say this for proper experience, therefore as taste to read very, costumo to lower many articles and books to read and to help in blog, then the volume of data is immense.