Executive Enterprise

15. EXECUTORY ENTERPRISE to know the right enterprise one is due to know executory enterprise, which are not just as the enterprise jurisprudence because first they are isolate resolutions that are not obligatory for other processes, which does not happen with second, so that in the same if they are obligatory for other processes. 16. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF the RIGHT to know the right enterprise are due to know the principles general the right, which are the substratum of all the right, in conclusion it cannot not know these subjects within first, nevertheless, are very little know mainly in our means or jurdico atmosphere, thus we recommended its study to be to da with ltimas new features of the right. If a lawyer does not know east subject cannot know the right enterprise, in such sense few authors have written on this subject, which cause surprise in an atmosphere in which the jurdicos books abound or of right that sera the same. 17.

PRINCIPLES ESPECFICOS OF the ENTERPRISE RIGHT to know the right enterprise are due to know the principles especficos the enterprise right, between which we can mention the freedom of company, which has been picked up like legislative newness in the Peruvian positive right by the Peruvian poltica constitution of 1993. Tambin is due to consider the freedom of hiring, which tambin is consecrated in the same norm, we mentioned thus them to consider the same and this way to know but the right enterprise that is the branch of the studied right. 18. VALUES to know right enterprise must to know values, which are uniform or equal for all the branches of right, between which we can to mention to power, jusiticia, equality, freedom, security, among others, that is to say, these not is all the values, but we mentioned them so that they are but known and this form to have knowledge of subjects own of filosofa of right, like of introduction to the same, in such sense we can afimar that they are not the nicos, but they are known mainly in our means, but these are not spread within the enterprise right but in other scenes that are the indicated ones previously.

Avoiding Excessive Perspiration

Although the sweat is a natural mechanism that has the body to refresh when the temperature is high or when we make exercise, some people sweat profusely even though it is not warm and are calm. This phenomenon is called hiperhidrosis. The hiperhidrosis can be secondary to some pathology like for example hipertiroidismo, or be due to some drug, infections or episodes of hypoglucaemia, among others possible secondary causes. And when no of these reasons is cause of the hiperhidrosis, says that the same is primary. The people who undergo primary hiperhidrosis can avoid excessive perspiration by means of different measures, that we presented/displayed to you here. – First, to wash the zones of greater perspiration with water, soap and puffs up vegetable, to eliminate the bacteria that are accumulated thanks to the humidity of the sweat. – One says that the washings with solutions of boric acid and bicarbonate also help to prevent perspiration. – To dry the skin well, to avoid that the bacteria return.

– Then, one of the best advice exceeds how to avoid excessive perspiration is to apply to products antitranspirants. Specific products for each part of the body exist: for face and hairy leather, armpits, feet, etc. – Higieniza the sweaty zones and return to apply axillary antitranspirant and in the feet, several times to the day. – The USA natural articles of cotton and fibers, that avoid the accumulation of sweat on the skin. – If these measures are not sufficient, you can resort to the iontoforesis (application of electrical current) or to the application of Botox to avoid excessive perspiration. – For the most severe cases, a simple operation, that is called endoscopic transtorcica simpatectoma, in which is recommended is acceded to the ganglia that stimulate perspiration and its action by means of its split is blocked. Natural remedies for the excessive sweat exist. Thus it is, you can fight your excessive perspiration using very simple remedies that you can prepare in house. If you want to eliminate your then hiperhidrosis I suggest to you you click here to read my better recommendations for the excessive sweat. Original author and source of the article.

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