Zygmunt Barman

In 1908, the world marveled at the beginning of an extraordinary period of economic relief. The serial production of the first cars available to employees of Henry Ford put the possibility of being the first consumers of the mass society. To read more click here: Peter Asaro. The American dream became more real than ever. A century later and in full financial crisis, workers and not have that security that allowed them to think long term and fitting chains have stopped working. Experts are busy by define a novel as dysfunctional reality and look for explanations that achieve convincing in the middle of the descanto widespread. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore. The end of utopias and the renunciation of the idea of progress, this is how presents itself new postmodernist stage. A historic moment that starts from the fall of the Berlin wall and which continues until today. A cycle in which a change occurs in the capitalist economic order with the emergence of consumerism as a mainstay of the system and that a new global paradigm is crystallized: Globalization.

The fragmented society to which the Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Barman, added the adjective of liquid because he has no preset continents. Institutional structures adhered to which workers have become invisible and slippery. The individual is constrained unable to baste a coherent account of his life. Work for life and peace of mind not only paid in fair measure but also valued for daily work and effort are circumstances of a past that many are still longing for the desconhort and the absence of expectations resulting in the constant search of the immediate. In a world without brackets that forgets history and casts doubt on the future is difficult to speak of existing content. In postmodern times the only thing important is to live the moment, and that Yes, never stop consuming even though there is no money to do so.

Industry Drums

To enumerate all types of packaging or containers for liquids, drums, plastic drums in particular, stand out because they represent a very reliable option. These containers designed for storing, protecting and transporting liquids of any viscosity, are manufactured in different dimensions and capacities. Designed for airtight storage, they collaborate with security and the handling of substances that require special care. Some of the features that make it the preferred industry are the storage capacity of the drums and the little space they occupy, as well as the economy of cost and easy transport. The market offers drums of various materials, such as: metal, wood or plastic.

In the case of drums of metal alloys, they are used for transport of dangerous substances, as safety drums. One of the important features of security containers is the hermetic closure, designed to prevent contamination of the substance that transports, but also to provide security every time that it is open and avoid spills or splashes. The type of container that we commonly see to use household is plastic. Plastic drums are generally rectangular or cylindrical, made in PVC material and airtight. They are commonly used to store water. This type of packaging began to popularize the growing concern in households by the quality of the water. Lubricating oils industry adopted plastic drums by the big advantages in relation to metal drums. For example, if a dent, metal contaminates its contents, change the plastic does not.

The cost of producing a metal drums that do not contaminate the contents is a little higher, since it requires special varnishes. Another not minor issue is that recycling materials can be used for the manufacture of plastic drums. The sale of plastic drums to the wholesale has expanded in recent years, since the quality of these containers has been improving. Both for industrial use as domestic, plastic drums represent a practical, reliable and economical option. Plastic drums were popularized in the sports industry and then opened for consumption in households. The bottled water industry takes advantage of this container and offers services of returnable containers. In general, consumers prefer them because they are healthy since supplier companies guarantee high standards of safety and hygiene.

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