Microsoft Word 2007: How To Achieve A Preview ?

Form convensional the preview: I can not tell you the easy way to get UNAA preview assuming you know how to do it by the way convensional. For this I will first explain how it is done the preliminary hearing by common and normal steps allows you. Here we show the steps we must take once we open the document you are working. 1.a you must first click the Start button word. 2.A The next step is to select the print option. 3.

After you have selected to print, select the third menu option is a preview. 4. Already have the preview you can increase, decrease or configured according to your preference. Fast way to the preview: We know how to perform the preview, and whether they are easy to do there is another much simpler method not only to enter the preview session, where even we can tinker around with the margins, but we can also work out into the light Preliminary and move to the normal view of the document. When we drafted a document usually do not have to focus both the design and appearance of the document as Word 2007 developers have focused on pre-established formats bring very elegant, so we should invest more time writing our documents and reports and less time on issues of formatos.a At the end of the printing-writing both on screen and using the printer-is vital for the final presentation of the document. Then I'll show you a simple way on how we can configure the preview, which traditionally met, or preview often used for: displaying the document before printing, would determine how the time of being printed on paper or just as part of quality control of our document editing.

To that end we will: 1. You have a document open, the current working document-2. Then you press the key combination CTRL + F2 3. Already everything is ready for your preview The main advantage of doing it this way is that when you press the CTRL + F2 go directly to the preview session and when you press it again conbinacion come back again to normal. Another thing is that you will notice that the size of the document tends to decrease-in preview, in approximately 45% or pudieses configure it to display in the size you want. , Webmarketer, Webmaster and Web Content Developer

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