Agriculture Minister

Thinking progressively – choose ‘Hatzenbichler’ Russian agricultural producers bet on optimizing costs, increase profitability of products grown, applying new technologies on the basis of Austrian engineering company ‘Hatzenbichler’, the losers did not go. To date, technology ‘Hatzenbichler’ works in many regions of Russia – Rostov, , Volgograd, Novosibirsk Region, the Krasnodar region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and the Altai region. During his recent visit to Volgograd region Agriculture Minister av Gordeev read with interest the experience of farmers in Volgograd. Application of new technologies on Technology-based companies ‘Hatzenbichler’ allowed them to get a good harvest, despite the difficult weather conditions this year. Praised the Russian agrarians and the representative of the company ‘Hatzenbichler’ in Russia, V. Schreiner. According to him, many Farmers have a progressive mindset and are ready for innovation, and hence the results of their work.

Little about the company Austrian company ‘Hatzenbichler’ (Hattsenbihler) manufactures and supplies the world market of agricultural technique since 1946. Main line of action – the introduction of resource-saving technologies in agricultural production. The company specializes in conventional and wide- multifunctional tools for tillage (Subsoiler, harrow-, harrows, mechanical or pneumatic drills, row crops, stubble cultivators and seed bed), as well as universal complexes for planting crops and cultivated crops. Modern, high-performance complex machines are selected taking into account the characteristics of crop and soil and climatic characteristics of specific farms. Management of the company carries out family Hattsenbihlerov in the third generation. At the conclusion of contracts for the supply of large quantities of selhozagregatov, the company ‘Hatzenbichler’ according to tradition she personally provides delivery, installation, commissioning and training of machine operators in any country in the world.