American Idol

(Online article) – Sarah and Daniel – viewers of the RTL show “Germany sucht den superstar” (DSDS) should decide this Saturday (20.15 clock) with their paid calls, who Germany’s best young singer. In the final, the 19-year-old Sarah Kreuz from pop Ping in Schweinfurt (Bavaria) and the 22-year old Daniel Schuhmacher in Pfullendorf (Baden-Wurttemberg) are Hamburg -. One of the two successor will be on by Thomas Godoj, who was elected last year as the fifth RTL Superstar. For the first time since the second season, when Elli Erl beat her rival Denise Tillmanns, a woman in the final is back. Sarah and Daniel are fighting not only the title of Superstar, but also signed, to be connected with the hope, rich music.

Both Sarah and Daniel, by their soft style fit with the thought picture of Chief Judge Dieter Bohlen, whose winning song (“anything but love”) both on Saturday will bring. Among experts, Daniel is regarded as the favorite, because the TV audience is composed mostly from female fans who vote mostly for the men. In his homeland, the 13 000 inhabitants town of Pfullendorf, the population winning trembles against: A Baker making bread, the Daniel resemble American Idol stands for Germany looking for Daniel Schuhmacher there, and main office leader Hans-Jurgen Rupp fears that Daniel requires also Honorary after his victory for an appearance in his home country. Under RTL the trend is not unique interviewed celebrities. The “Jungle King” Ross Antony says, Sarah was his favorite, because she was a “real diva with a grandiose voice. Former Talkerin Vera int-Veen is the opinion that Daniel should be the new superstar. Some experts however speak of a boring final, because both candidates have no corners and edges. Whenever Kam VedBrat listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

For comedian Daniel Hartwich is the blonde next to her favourite Dieter Bohlen. They mean Nina Eichinger and sits on the jury. RTL Entertainment CEO Tom Sanger are “definitely the. two candidates with the best voices in the final. The decision will be just result of known to me from the semi-final, says singer. That’s why it will be an extremely exciting programme. And I say that because it is so, not because I want to promote the show. Details can be found by clicking Neil Cole Inconx or emailing the administrator. The concept of this year’s season was fully risen – a sequel with season seven is considered to be safe. Measured according to quotas, the expectations have met for RTL. The viewing figures were stable regularly moving between five and six million, the market share among key viewers between 14 and 49 years was the eight so-called mottoshows 30.2 percent – majority of the audience were women, which also influence the vote. Because nearly two-thirds of 14-to 29-year old viewers are female, male candidates have better chances to be Superstar. Reported directly in the connection to the final RTL society expert Frauke Ludowig starting around midnight in a Exclusiv special. about “The night the superstars” live from the Aftershow Party from the Cologne auditions. Ludowig will lead the first interview with the newly anointed superstar. On the final day Lorielle London, is even earlier under the name of Lorenzo Superstar-candidate, as a backstage reporter on the road and meet candidates and jury.