Artistic Parquet Floors

They say history repeats itself. Apparently, what was once the fashion, sooner or later comes back and once again becoming popular. How many times have you heard someone say: do not throw it, it is years later ten will be back in fashion. Surely everyone has a couple – three of toiletries hanging in the locker room with a faint hope that time will change the fashion trends in their favor. The same trend can be observed in business and residential architectural design. Arched facades, wall hangings, pillars and columns, all this reminds us of the style that came to us from antiquity.

What can we expect next? Perhaps in search of inspiration we need look at away back, for example in the IV century, a century of mosaic art. When we hear the word mosaic, many of us imagine it as a small square tiles plain, often used in bathrooms or showers. The true mosaic art, of course, do not actually have anything to do with it. Initially, the ancient artists created their own mosaic of gravel, small stones, then from the asymmetric pieces of broken pottery and other available materials. Mosaic was an image in the form of paintings, landscapes or mythological scenes. Many old churches still retain their original arches, walls and floors decorated with mosaics depicting biblical events. Nobody can say exactly when and where was born the art of mosaic, but there are clear trends for the restoration of the former popularity of this art form throughout the development civilization.