Best Strategists

In the West you can few people know him. However, it is one of the most famous and respected Eastern history men. It is recognized as a military strategist and inventor. The Romance of the three kingdoms book has detail his brilliant strategies in battles and in politics. His meteorological and astronomical knowledge makes him invincible. Zhuge Liang, the Sleeping Dragon, left a book of art of war in which explains the best ways to lead an army. (The art of war-Zhuge Liang) In general, this book is a companion book by Sun Tzu. In addition, include their inventions as Kong Ming, wood ox lantern, crossbow of repetition, and Ba Zhen Tu lantern of Kong Ming is a type of floating lamps that was invented to convey messages in battles at night.

Now it is a way to ask for luck and part of the holidays from some sites in China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. ox and wooden horse was an invention to facilitate the transport of food although its features were not very clear. In recent years, many fans have tried to recover its design according to the ancient texts that described him. The ox or horse were only built with wood and bamboo. It is a kind of car that can hold between 70 kg and 350 kg of weight. In addition, it is very easy to turn on the mountain roads. When is more weight easier to carry. So far, the best recovery was featured on a television program in 2009.

Tourist attractions: Wu Hou Ci He Nan province. It is the site to memorize to Zhuge Liang. It has now become a tourist place. If you want to travel to china and are passionate about Chinese history, surely it is a place that you can’t miss. Related things: Romance of the three kingdoms, one of the most spectacular works of literature in China. Apparently, there is still not an edition published in Castilian. Series Romance of the three kingdoms and the three kingdoms were released in the years 90 and 2009. The two they are based on the novel. Movie game Romance of Three Kingdoms Red Cliff.