Security in the veterinary field thanks to precise balances not every species can weigh in on each x arbitrary scale. Single animal scales were developed for this reason can be tailored depending on the demand on certain species. Many different animal scales, which are suitable as a single animal scale, are for example the industrial scales by The company specializes in industrial scales not only for the veterinary field and produces since 2001 scales and weighing equipment in the industrial, agricultural and medical field. Just in animal feed and veterinary medicine, the weighing of animals is an important task and connected with various difficulties. The weight range is very wide in the animal world and ranging from a few grams to tons. There is also need of individual solutions and also the size of the animals that are quite different. Another important aspect is the transportability of the balances that need to be taken to an animal.

For pigs, for example, Bosche different single animal scales offered, made of stainless steel or aluminium are made and can be open depending on the need on the sides or even closed. There is a piglet weighing for young animals. All pig scales are of course mobile animal scales. Also for cattle, Bosche has special single animal scales on sale, which might be suitable up to the cops all cattle of the calf. In this way, you can determine the exact weight of the animals. An important prerequisite for the animal feed. The mobile horse scale, on which it is possible to have up to a weight of 1,500 kg weigh horses is very convenient. This may be important especially in a veterinary clinic for the dosage of medications.

Often mobile horse scales but also on the way and offer the way, once accurately weigh your horse horse owners at various locations temporarily. This will offer the feed for horses on equestrian events or at retailers, taken by many owners of horses very much in order. Other, very special animal scales, are the small animal scales for small pets up to 15 kg in weight or the bird scale with integrated seat tube. The use of such scales is a good thing, for example, in zoos or veterinary clinics and also veterinary practice. In smaller animals the wrong dosage of medication is often very risky, because the exact weight is not known. Bosche is also able to special customer wishes and tailored to make special animal scales to weigh specific Zoo animals or animals in veterinary clinics. This also applies to large animals such as giraffes, elephants, hippos and rhinos. But even for fish or turtles and many other species, it is possible to make special animal scales according to customer requirements. By staff advise you, if you have any more questions on this issue. MacEy