CDMA Years

Only in Brazil, they exist in So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Mato Grosso of the South, more cellular than inhabitants. This is increasing market! The technological virtuous cycle happens. The PLC that was a great promise for the capillarity of the existing net in all the countries, also in the countries poor, without infrastructure of telecommunication, was losing the competitiveness, did not enter in the virtuous cycle of the technology (market + investimntos in development). The quarrel in years 90 was between ' ' Wireless' ' the PLC. The technology of the cellular telephony that advanced exponentially knocked down the promising technology of PLC. They not age exculpatory, only competing, now one took account of the market and more space for the other will not exist. The fast history of the cellular telephony with true alphabet soup in the acronyms is summarized here.

Initiate in years 50, but accomplished commercially in scale with the first generation (1G), analogical of years 1980, migrou after that for systems NMT and AMPS, came second generation (2G), digital, of years 1990:GSM, CDMA and TDMA. Currently we use (2,5 G) with technologies GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, EVDO and still 3G, with infinite resources. The systems had evolved, the frequencies had also increased and the applicatory ones. The nets Wi-fi and Wimax are the new evolution no longer market with estratosfrico growth. The PLC tries to advance, capenga, with sparing resources, extreme conservadorismo and enormous doubts.The anacronismo starts for the evolution of the called technology ' ' Wireless' ' (communication without wire) in detriment of the other with excellent infrastructure, the electric net. One with market and scales knocking down prices of equipment and with investments weighed in P& D, to another one patinando in the promise and potential, but with few actions effective that could make possible the potential market all.By the way, all applicatory the used ones in the PLC for the CEMIG in 1995 are being used still today, improved, but using ' ' wireless' ' as transmission.