Cisco Systems

The fund has a program called Global Salud which has been responsible for fighting diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. a Publication has a ranking of different countries, call: Report Global Competitiveness. The Forum has two figures: the members and partners, both committed to continuing the initiatives and projects that promote understanding and global development. The role of the partners is to elaborate the agenda and the members is to carry out the actions needed to achieve the goals set by the forum, benefit from the relationships among the members of the Forum. More info: Pete Cashmore. a Some strategic partners are: Audi, The Boeing Company, British Petroleum, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Compaq, DHL, Ernst & Young, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Company, Reuters, Price Water House Coopers, Vivendi Universal and Volkswagen. a The WEF is known for its annual meetings held in late January in the resort of Davos in the Grisons, where they engage in debates on economic and social problems that concern the whole world. These meetings bring together presidents and prime ministers of states, heads of major economic organizations, representatives of NGOs, intellectuals and even showbiz personalities. In addition to the annual meeting in Davos, the WEF organizes every year a series of regional meetings. It also conducts research on issues related to the contribution of the global economy to the overall development As leaders gather in Davos, a large number of security forces is used to protect the Congress and to prevent anti-globalization protesters to approach the place of meeting.