DLP Projector

Advantages and disadvantages of projections on the face, the main advantage of Proctor – an opportunity to view movies in close to the cinema, with a higher resolution. In addition, the projector with an image of 300 inches will be occupy much less space than a 50-inch tv and it is a very important point. Disadvantages – it's not a very good contrast, ie black is not always entirely black, the availability of pixelation in the lcd and dlp projectors have iridescence. Also worth mentioning about the maintenance of projectors, it is somewhat harder than watching television, if the last set and forget, then the projector should be cleaned filters for ventilation and to monitor the lamp, which has limited resources. At the moment there are two main technologies lcd and dlp.

lcd projectors are relatively inexpensive and have good performance on color saturation. The disadvantages of this type of the projections include the visibility of individual points images, the so-called "pixelation", as well as a visible grid on the image associated with the presence of the distance between pixels on the sensor. dlp projectors are virtually devoid of the above deficiencies and also have more high contrast and brightness. The disadvantages of dlp assign their high cost and the visible rainbow halo when viewing. Opportunities projectors are becoming more and more, stop on the main. FullHD almost all projectors now support a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Next comes the opportunity to recreate the atmosphere of the cinema was at home, it is expensive, imagine sitting at home in slippers, sipping coffee, and everything else at the movies. Noise at work Projector markedly decreased compared with previous models, they are now almost inaudible.

Consumption of electricity producers also paid a lot of time and effort, now is your projector in standby mode may consume less than one watt. How do I choose a projector or a large lcd television. It depends on your preferences, if you're going to watch movies only, and for this purpose and intend to make a purchase, then the choice should be to the benefit of the projector, but if viewing news and television programs you have is a priority, it is best to stay on tv. The main issue – price. The average price projection is comparable to the price of 52-yl inch tv, but the projector gives much larger images (about 5 times! more). But apart from the projector you will need to purchase a set of acoustics and high-quality screen, the price of these complementary and necessary elements of home theater is about 15% -20% of the cost of the entire purchase. But the sound and picture quality will be incomparable with the tv.