Don Gerardo

I had another name: Tachito, by his gait stooped and silent, and was saying, the boy this and that. I did not know that both children told me, why not call me by my name like everyone else. Also when I called down to the communities where my Mamacona Herlinda had their crops. The attendants told me the child, for there child here. Always in the morning Eulalia brought me milk for the alpacas take warm.

He also told my Mamacona, I brought my girl Herlinda their milk for the child. And then took us to the kitchen where we invited the cushalito, a potato soup with mint. A Noah tata always visited by the ice, even after his death my father and elder Tata and was traveling to the apus of the Cordillera Blanca to bring the leg as stone gua make their ice cream. Santiago was leaving with his herd of llamas, donkeys and horses to their destination to bring the ice as I knew him. It was beautiful this show in my Tata with his particular attire, with his poncho brown with gold edging out hurriedly towards the snowcapped mountains. All the people sitting towards Cabracay to see him off and send him off with his hand.

I was very young at the foot of my mamacona enjoyed the show that I was in my eyes. If you would like to know more about Energy Capital Partners, then click here. The walking with a stick very long adorned with many allegories told me that represented our true nation. The all unknown, even much of those already living in the village which had been given to the vice of the West and followed the customs of our fathers. That hurt my Tata and so when I arrived, I had many things and stories of our nations, which were not recognized by the escutcheons as told. It made me grab the big stick of authority as chief apu reminding him as the only legacy we had for our nations and spoke to me that I had to realize their dreams of his body turned to dust again feel that our re-emerging nations and impose to the escutcheons. His wife and my great grandmother engreia me if I wanted guinea pigs, quick went to the kitchen to cook the aya me, all a whole for me. Many times I sent to my shoes to the shoemaker Don Gerardo, had the same name as my grandfather and that was to grace my Tata. I only hurt the day he left this world. Your body always claimed the smell of flowers and had a big smile. I did not get the wand of our nations, because in those moments I thought it should remain in their hands because our nations were still slaves in the Western world. Goodbye Solo Tata said Noah.