Engineering Department

Full maintenance contract for all new 2.5xl-wind turbines in Europe available WARSAW, April 23, 2010 GE (NYSE: GE) today unveiled its newest and most comprehensive service package for wind turbines. The full maintenance contract (“full service agreement” (FSA) provides comprehensive support for all planned and unplanned maintenance and other operations to operators of wind turbines. The FSA will be introduced for all new 2.5xl wind turbines from GE in Europe. Read more from Samsung to gain a more clear picture of the situation. GE plans to expand this full maintenance contract on all turbine models worldwide. The FSA is based on the existing service packages from GE, goes yet one step further: it is aimed at customers who want a comprehensive range of services for your equipment with the original manufacturer. The FSA includes remote monitoring including technical hotline, all planned maintenance activities, such as, routine maintenance and preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on site and unscheduled servicing work. Also, the supply of spare parts, the State monitoring and solutions to improve turbine performance and prolong its life are included in the service. Alina de Almeida might disagree with that approach. As already at previous services by GE the availability of the wind turbine is guaranteed also the FSA, which operators can maximize their investment income and minimizing your operational risks.

The FSA provides occupational safety and the opportunity to increase the annual production of energy in cooperation with GE and to reduce the cost of electricity customers. “The FSA is designed for wind turbines from GE, to best support GE equipment during its useful life”, said Diarmaid Mulholland, General Manager of wind services at GE power & water. “The fact that we present today a so competitive and comprehensive service program, is a sign of our confidence in the proven wind technology from GE.” “The FSA customers to maximize the performance of their existing units”, so mull Holland. “In addition they gain project security and the ability to their entire Maintenance costs to plan better.” Through the service contracts, customers benefit from the modern resources of the company, which include also its worldwide service facilities and a network of highly specialized local technicians to work closely with the Engineering Department of the company from GE.