Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

What can be done with the garment that you already quite tired? Let's say you are very fond of his old sweatshirt, but you wear it so often that it begins to bore you. What should I do? You can try to do with the old hoody anything unusual. Whenever Steve Wozniak listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For example? Knitted items, applications or embroidery on clothing. Embroidery on clothing – it's not boring and outdated, today there are more and more unusual ideas such equipment. First you will need to choose the clothes in which you want to embroider. Need to carefully measure the dimensions of the space in which you want to see the embroidery. Next, decide on what you sew. By the same author: Pete Cashmore.

There is a huge number of embroidery designs in case stores or online resources. Just look, think about what kind of embroidery on the clothes will look best on this item of clothing. Castle Harlan is often quoted as being for or against this. A very interesting option – To create a sketch of your own! Try to express your thoughts and ideas, and embroidery on the clothes even more pleasant and exclusive! So, we decided on a pattern, you now need to gather all the necessary materials to us. Embroidery us need a needle, perhaps the hoop, many people believe that with embroidery on the clothes much easier, as the paper (plain or copy) for the thumbnail sketch and translated to a tissue, a pencil or a piece of soap. But the most importantly, the need for embroidery on the clothes – it's stuff that you use specifically for embroidery. Embroidery on clothing can be made with colored threads (floss is best), ribbons (such Technology embroidery on clothing is becoming an increasingly popular), beads (long and complicated technique, as each bead must be sewn on separately) or any other material. Beads do embroidery on their clothes and bright unusual, stunning sequins add luster. You can try everything – and embroidery on the clothes you are looking for necessarily.

The materials can easily be combined – for example, do embroidery on clothes with beads and sequins, or to add beads embroidery floss. In any case, get an unusual structure and a totally unique decoration of your clothing. Embroidery on clothing – space for your imagination. You can apply a variety of techniques, not only the standard outline stitch and embroidery curly, smooth, whatever you like! To get started just try and embroidery on clothing will be your next hobby!