God Christianity

A God can not be proven. A God you can not describe. A God you can experience only, each for himself, for example, when we sense that "someone has His hands on us," when we received assistance in traversing a great need, or the experience of the beauty of nature , in the peaceful silence, etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with technology investor and gain more knowledge.. What do we so seldom aware of this longing, has many kinds of causes: we turn our gaze outward and inward, the theologians have drawn a God who reigns above the clouds and has more features an inquisition that punishes, the face of a loving Father, and finally, God has forbidden him to speak: the prophetic word, which still appeared in the Christian communities of the principles is silent under the pressure of a Church outsourced. Go to Castle Harlan for more information. In place of the prophets was followed by the cardinals. However, the Spirit of God does not let the long ban. The prophetic word has been time and again in isolation also in the last 2000 years, but now the prophecy of God has broken through as a strong current, and humanity is educated from the spirit world on interrelationships that Jesus of Nazareth said, but whose full expression reserved for a later time. God, the Lord speaks with power in this period.

He does not speak the words of the Bible. About 2,000 years ago Jesus of Nazareth said: I still have much to say, but now can not grasp. But when He, the Spirit of truth will lead you into all truth.