Green Gas Market

Only ten percent of the offers come entirely from renewable energy sources; Analysis of Polaris, growing pressure on the Green gas market. More and more households want to conserve heating climate and environment. This underscores the number of eco gas providers. It is two years to the 3,5fache increased. * What does this development: less than 10 percent of nationwide offers based completely on renewable energy. Nearly half are so-called air fares.

They come from fossil fuels alone and compensate only CO2 emissions, for example by supporting rainforest conservation projects. Roughly one-third of the available eco gas tariffs are mixing products with a share of five-to-20 percent bio-gas. Here also, the rest comes from fossil sources. This is the result of the eco gas barometer initiated by the independent green energy company Polaris. * to advance the energy revolution in the gas market, experts advise in the choice of eco gas rates to ensure the contribution to the expansion of renewable energies. Only fossil energies are so renewable energy replaces. Based on waste and residual materials are the most sustainable for environmental groups such as Greenpeace and NABU. The first nationwide 100 percent eco gas supply from residues of eco energy suppliers has brought North Star on the market.

Compared to the fossil basic utilities rate it is priced similar to or often cheaper. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. And compared to other 100% it is eco gas rates to more than 40 percent cheaper. Sister product to the eco-electricity: 100 percent organic gas from independent green energy company Polaris residues provides since summer 2011 households nationwide the first competitive eco gas product completely based on residues. It makes possible a new trading system developed by Polaris with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology. It is an important step in the future of energy, because the sister product to the well-known green electricity makes a central contribution to the energy revolution.