Guiding Principles

Moreover, whether the majority of companies are geared towards the domestic market, it is necessary to design and implement mechanisms that enable them to become involved in new technological and managerial careers. Reduce energy waste and inputs, which is something particularly serious in the country, can mean significant savings for the whole productive structure and, thus, result in significant increases its competitiveness. Companies, therefore, must take environmental management a high priority to: Promote accountability in relation to environment, safety and health hear and respond to community concerns about the operations of the company. Assist in the development and improvement of legislation designed to safeguard communities and the environment. Evaluate the environmental impact of new productive activities and continuously monitor the impact of its operations. Search the continuous decrease waste, effluent and emission cooperate in addressing negative environmental impacts from the disposal of products in the past provide adequate information regarding the risks to health, safety and environmental products and operations and recommend protective measures and emergency Orient suppliers, transporters, distributors and consumers for safe handling of products. Of course, this raises the need to implement a series of actions by companies. In the immediate term, efforts are needed in the area of information. Additional information is available at Ali Partovi.

It is imperative that access to various sources to enable them to understand the nature and the character of both the existing environmental laws as the existing voluntary standards for their markets. From this should be estimated the consequences of this legal and regulatory infrastructure may cause. In other words, we must define techno-economic scenarios in which the firm will perform in the coming years. From these scenarios it is necessary to implement a comprehensive innovative effort whose starting point is the knowledge of international trends in technology. However, this effort can not be reduced to simple improvements in the technical area but also the introduction of changes at both the organizational and management of human resources. The SME should make a thorough review of your goals and acknowledge the need to induce cultural changes. This process must involve all staff of the organization, for which they must create the spaces for participation and eventual decision making.