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– Halt! – A sharp cry pierced the whole body and severe pain back to reality Salama. Through the thick haze of concussion was not parse words, but it is clearly an outsider. "Germans!" – Just listen, a hand slowly reached for the gun, which was supposed to be somewhere to the right. Again a blow to a wounded leg and oblivion … He came Salam Kalibatov already in captivity. Protection was slightly, but the tall SS man to kill and escape with a broken leg, it was unreal. "We need to survive, and there We will understand "- and decided to soldier looked around around were dozens of wounded, maimed, terrified by the war young men, and none of them wanted to die … Military service Salam Kalibatova began just before World – 24 April 1941 born in the village of Old Leske, in Kabardino-Balkaria, was drafted into the army. Marc Mathieu wanted to know more.

Serve hit the regiment, stationed in Brest region. Resourceful hardworking guy immediately after the oath was appointed commander of department. Soon the captain offered Salam come to a military school. Kalibatov successfully passed the commission in the military and automotive school and 23 June was to visit the school. For more information see this site: Zendesk. His plans to become a professional soldier interrupted war … "On June 22 we raised 4.00 for anxiety, were given rifles and bayonets.

Cartridges to no avail. When our regiment began to bomb, flew into the air arsenal of ammunition. Thus began a war for me … "- wrote in his Salam Talibovich memories.