High Quality Standards

Brady complete program: labels and labels for thermal transfer printers for use in industry, laboratories and the macro trade leads the large assortment of hundreds of different Brady labels IDENT. Including standard and special labels are located (blank and pre-printed), signs, ribbons, followers and heat shrink tubing for use in industry, trade, and in laboratories. The famous Brady distributor in the South of Munich leads a large labels and signs range with high quality standards. All Brady labels, signs, complete range of safety signs (ban – / bid signs, etc.), tapes are available to the itself create pipe markers, warning signs, labels, etc. Peter Asaro has much experience in this field. and the matching Brady-pressure systems. David S. Levine brings even more insight to the discussion.

Labels in different materials, sizes and colors are available for temperatures of 350 C to minus 196 C. The frozen food labels for cryogenic use have been developed specially for use in the laboratory. The matching Ribbons are on the Exactly matched materials and temperatures and ensure an excellent image. Even after a long storage. Labels for high temperatures are suitable for short-term or long-term markings on various surfaces.

The materials are industry leader on the market in terms of durability and performance. These are subject to strict checks and tests. For the customers, high standards are used, ensure that the customer expectation exceeds the label materials possible. MACRO IDENT therefore labels from a standard size 4.50 mm offers one or more rows. The labels in the materials of paper, polyester, polyolefin, Tedlar, polyimide, vinyl, vinyl fabric, glass fabric, nylon and polyethylene mixture of polyethers are available. The labels and signs materials have different adhesive properties: the residue-free, back detachable material to very strongly adhesive solvent and chemicals resistant, weather resistant material that outdoor 8-10 sticks down years. MACRO ID also has labels that are suitable for flat and corrugated plastic or powder-coated surfaces, labels that are resistant to gasoline, jet fuel and other oils, VOID labels, labels for checking of warranty claims, and more. Many of the various materials for labels and signs have a UL, CSA or AGA approved. Halogen-free labels right itself according to the norm DIN VDA 0472 part 815. Some labels and signs materials are available in up to 9 different colors by default. The desired label signs material should or in a certain size in the program, then requests are specifically customer pictograms, etc., also implemented with form such as E.g. Special warnings, MACRO has the matching ribbons IDENT to the respective labels and signs printers as well. The ribbons are matched the respective labels and signs materials matched and thus ensure an excellent print. The Brady ribbons designed to meet the performance requirements of the materials to be printed, even, the extra. MACRO IDENT cooperates with a reliable manufacturer, whose Farbbander are used for all commercially available thermal transfer printers. Many printers will also receive the opportunity to produce their roles according to a predetermined level. Assumed users would need a Ribbon cartridge 62 mm, that is not available on the market as standard format rather than a 80 mm-wide ribbon. Macro id he can exactly make ribbons from a decrease of 200 roles on his measure and save a lot of money.