How Convenient That I Bought A Plastic Box

I recently bought new windows in Omsk, in the company, which also sells wardrobes, they put me into the bedroom, kitchen and hall, so I want to tell you what I know about them. You know, I really I udachnokupila these windows! Remember the old wooden windows, which had to be constantly washed, dyed, heat insulation? And this happens regularly, at least twice a year, before the cold weather and after winter. It was awful! And now at last glance at the windows plastic, with little need of care. Other leaders such as altavista offer similar insights. These new windows need a little care of them, and then they will bring you pleasure for decades. I want to share with you the following experiment to monitor windows. New windows plus have a huge advantage – they spend almost no time to care. Plastic profile, you can simply wash with a soft cloth (microfiber cloths suppose).

Just do not use cleaning powders and other hard money, or you can simply damage the surface of plastic. You can clean the windows with ordinary soap and water, or by appropriate means to take care of the plastic windows. From time Clean the opening time window to avoid it is not clogged, as very often get there very often accumulates water, dust, and, consequently, there is accumulated filth. Also you have to sometimes look for rubber seals. They can lose elasticity, or perhaps split. To avoid this, first remove the dirt and dust, and then apply a drop of silicone grease (or something else based on glycerol) and cloth smudge on the rubber gasket. Puncture this procedure twice a year. Many will be quite enough, and your window honors you excellent protection from drafts.

Plastic windows can be tinted, they require the same care as wood. That is, take the usual soapy water. For example, you use dishwashing liquid) and go for washing, toning can not hurt, since it is usually glued to the inside of the window. Not forget about the mobile elements of the window, it is desirable to lubricate them by appropriate means, such as engine oil. Then you will not be distressed because of the poor opening and closing windows. And in any case, do not hang on casement windows fabrics, curtains or anything! If you follow these simple tips, you'll not only enjoy the windows, and they will last you a long time! So go ahead and set your own plastic windows!