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This year supports the software vendor HYPE Softwaretechnik GmbH,, the BerlinExpertDays, short BED-con 2012, a technically-oriented Conference in Berlin, 21.03.2012 – also this year supports the software provider HYPE Softwaretechnik GmbH, the BerlinExpertDays short BED-con 2012, a technically-oriented Conference for the exchange of experience around the latest developments from the Java world. On the 29th and 30th March 2012 the BED-con on the campus takes place of the free University of Berlin for the second time. Of course the constant evolution and adaptation to current trends and issues among the success secrets of a software company like HYPE. As a provider of HypeIMT software platform, HYPE offers an end-to-end solution of software solutions for the entire spectrum of ideas and innovation management. These include solutions for the management of innovation, open innovation, frontend-portfolio management and innovations for more productivity, process improvements and cost savings. We are very pleased “that HYPE the” Berlin expert days 2012 “and so the developer community again supported in the town also in this year with advice and assistance,” says Michael Schutz, organizer and member of the Board of the organizing BerlinExpertDays e.V.. At our first Conference in 2011 HYPE has contributed through material assistance and technical contributions in the program Committee contribution to the success of the event.” The event is organized by the Berlin expert days business association, which was founded with the aim to provide a platform for the exchange of information. As a non-profit organization, the Berlin expert days e.V.

guarantees the independence of manufacturers and service providers and each year brings together interested people on different topics related to Java. In more than 30 presentations Java-related topics such as cloud computing, Java and Java EE, NoSQL databases, spring and usability and numerous other handled by experts. For more information about the event, see below. Gerald Brose, head of product development Berlin HYPE, has already last year “participated actively in the program Committee of the BED-con and contributed once again to the design of the event: through our support we want to help with, to bring the developer community in the town by a modern and relatively inexpensive event with good speakers-new technology trends”, so Brose. HYPE INNOVATION HYPE, for over ten years a renowned provider of innovation, provides enterprise software and business solutions in over 17 languages to its worldwide customers. Companies opt for HYPE due to the flexible, scalable software, because of the customer-oriented teams of experts and the experience in the successful delivery of solutions across the innovation spectrum. Clients around the world include leading innovators such as General Motors, GE, P & G, Bombardier, DHL, Roche, Nokia-Siemens, Daimler, Airbus, General Mills, Bechtel, Clorox, Deutsche Telekom and many others. On, you will learn how HYPE allows companies, their strongest assets employees, customers, partners and suppliers – into dynamic and dedicated innovation communities. Press contact: Jennifer van Lent HYPE Softwaretechnik GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 228 2276 0 email: