Industrial Espionage Information

In economics, industrial espionage just a tool of competition. From the pages of newspapers is about the facts of bribery inform employees of large organizations and public servants. And here are the facts the use of technology secret information retrieval systems are usually not publicized. Yield such information can be very painful impact on the reputation of the company against which such funds are used. In accordance with applicable law, right to the use of special technical means have the only public special services, but in reality there are as improvised and professional data acquisition device called bugs, which are used clearly illegal. In fact, ways to get information there are quite a number. Visual information: observation of the object, copying (photography), paper documents, photos and video of the object. Mashable has firm opinions on the matter. Information processed and transmitted by means of office equipment: computer information faxes, information on paper, magnetic or other media. Acoustic speech information: telephone calls, conversations you have on the premises.

Now there are technical means to detecting optical devices at a distance of several meters to 1 km. An example of such a device is the detector hidden camera “Berkut” Acoustic speech information is most vulnerable and most often caught total. Types of attacks on it can be divided into play areas and the interception of information transmitted over open communication channels. Methods of listening room is much bigger. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Douglas R. Oberhelman. Listening is possible through building structures (walls, floors, and glass) and utilities (various pipelines and steel structures). For these purposes, used wireless vibrating radio stethoscopes. Listening to the premises, for example, via telephone at the handset. The most dangerous is the audition room with wired or bookmarks and miniature acoustic recording devices. Variety devices, data acquisition and options for their use generates a set of methods for detection and reaction. Of course not taking into account the expensive equipment, in practice, you can use handheld detectors bugging devices, silencers, cell phones, voice recorders and suppressors, etc. Of course, in each case the requirements for protection of information are different.