Industrial Laser Applications (Laser Cutting, Engraving )

Until now, laser technology, for most people is something of a fiction, which in the minds of people connected with the cosmos rather than with the simple but necessary work that is being established on the basis of laser technologies. Only flush when confronted with this puzzling and inexplicable phenomena that people realize the full potential, which is concealed from the uninitiated laser technology. Moreover, that the scope of their ever expanding, as extended and developed for these applications laser equipment. One of the most famous areas of laser – a laser engraving equipment which allows for engraving on almost any material of any complexity from color to monochrome. The advantages of such an engraving is very important.

This abrasion resistance, durability and resistance to aggressive environments, the exact transmission pattern. Laser engraving allows you to make high-quality logos, photographs, design refinements, various patterns, words that only wants to see the most picky customer. Not even worth mentioning because as a matter of course, about the originality and versatility of such a gift that will suit everyone from children to seniors. Another one of the most common applications of laser technology – a laser cutting. It is based on processing technology of cutting material focused laser beam controlled power. Laser cutting, equipment which allows you to work with almost any material (metal, plexiglass, polystyrene, plywood, paronite) is an advanced technology, as it allows to obtain the most precise cutting any material. Technology itself is quite simple laser cutting, laser beam is focused on the surface of machined metal and heats it to a high enough temperature.

Metal begins to melt and evaporate. Laser cutting of metal to avoid formation of large quantities of waste, which is especially beneficial when working with rare earth and precious metals. In the process of laser cutting is not any mechanical impact, making possible processing of the most fragile of metals and alloys, as well as non-metallic materials. The highest accuracy can cut complex designs without defects, irregularities or burrs cut. Any items after laser cutting does not require additional processing, you can use them immediately. Laser cutting is equally effective in the manufacture of single parts as well as in mass production. In general, through the use of laser cutting can create three-dimensional structures of high complexity, which make using more conventional milling and engraving machines are too difficult or simply not possible. The accuracy of laser cutting is very high, as a rule, the tolerance is within 0.1 – 0.01 of a millimeter. As disadvantages of laser cutting can be distinguished limit the thickness of the metal plate. Current settings can not cut metal thickness over 20 mm. In all other cases, the quality of laser cutting is almost ideal. For metal cutting machine tools used on the basis of solid and gaseous CO2 lasers. Laser systems can operate in continuous or pulse-periodic mode of radiation.